Review of “Echoes” by Jason Brant

This book is simplicity at its best. I love how it is written. There are no over descriptions and the story line is smooth. The main character, Ash, is just the kind of man I like, regardless of his penchant for big boobies and dumb girls. He is smart, as well as smart mouthed. The things he came up with and said had me laughing from the very beginning. I would pay to see a picture of what Ash looked like in Jason’s mind when he was in his “police uniform”!

(“Holy F*** Balls!”) my favorite line of the book, lol!

The telepathy angle was actually down played, which made it seem all the more real. It was kind of freaky imagining that there were people out there that could do things like that. (If you want to know what those things are, you have to read the book! No spoilers here! =) Though I have to say I will never quite look at nursery rhymes the same way again.

The story starts off action packed and it never slows down. Every page has something new to draw you in. His characters are unique and filled with quirks. Nami, whose name Ash never seemed to get right, was one of my favorite characters. She might be small, but she is mighty, and she has a foul mouth that I enjoyed. I believe at one time she said, “We’re about to get kicked in the fart box.” I had to laugh at that because I have never heard that phrase before. I actually wrote that phrase down so I would not forget to mention it.

I have to say that I was not all that fond of the character Samantha (Sammy) at first. I like girls that kick ass but the way she was described at first was more like pretty with big boobs and “fairly dumb”. Her boobs are mentioned a lot lol, and even referred to as “fun bags”. Jason, you crack me up! I have to say that Sammy did redeem herself a few times though. She was very loyal and did everything she could to help out. She did not just curl into a ball and freak out which is what most dumb girls would do. By the middle of the book I was rooting for her and Ash because she is just so ditzy that she is extremely likable. She is also remarkably courageous. Go Sammy!

The fight scenes in this book actually had me cringing in sympathy. I could feel every kick, punch, and jab because Jason described them in chilling detail. I think you must have some experience in that category, Jason! 😉

The plot was insane! In a good way, I mean. I am not usually that fond of government type action thrillers, but this was well thought out and very attention-grabbing. It has a believable edge to it. It also has edge-of-your-seat, can’t wait to turn the page, action. I actually think I will have to check out more books in this genre to see if they live up to Echoes.

The ending was OMG no! There has to be a sequel to this book. I have read some reviews of this book that says it would make a good movie or TV series and I have to agree. I would vote for TV series though because that way the suspense could be drawn out longer.

I highly recommend that you read this book. I have had the pleasure of speaking a few words with the author and he is just as funny in real life. I am inserting a link to this book on Amazon. If I have talked you into reading this book, once again let me say, please leave a review of the book where you bought it. Every review helps the author. He will probably even comment back, which is always cool.

Jason, I loved the book. I am looking forward to the sequel. (Please let there be a sequel!) =)

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  1. Thanks for the great review! I’m really glad you liked it. It’s very likely there is going to be a sequel.

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