The Best Laid Plans

Have you ever noticed that when you plan out the next day that nothing ever goes as planned? I went to sleep last night telling myself that I was going to get up early and clean the house. Then I was going to finish my school work today even though it is not due till Sunday. After that I planned to take a swim with the kids to spend some time with them before they left for the weekend. (Jake to his nana’s and Colee to her moms: we are a blended family). While the baby napped I planned on working for a hour or two on that thing I have in the works that I am not going to talk about yet and then I planned to finish Ethereal by Addison Moore so that I could get the review posted. Of course though, I woke up to an entirely different day. Colee is complaining about her eyes hurting and burning again, so it is off to the doctor. So instead of letting the kids run around in pajamas while I cleaned, I have to get three kids ready to go out. The doctor will take forever. You might think that I could read there but nope…not with a one year old (well he will be one tomorrow). The doctor will probably say that her eyes are fine or that there is nothing they can do, (as always). By the time we get home it will be lunch time and the morning will be gone. That means everything that I had to do this morning will have to be done this afternoon. The swim will probably fall by the wayside as Colee’s mom will be here after lunch. My kids are going to leave for the weekend glad to get out of the house.

But hey that’s life and that is life with kids and I would not trade it for anything. Plans are made to be broken and days are meant to change. Just because I did not get to do what I wanted to do today does not mean I cannot do most of it tomorrow…or the next day.  But now my 15 minutes that I managed to snatch before we have to rush out the door is over so I have to go.

Remember that change is good and that without change life would not be much fun!


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  1. Cynthia, oh yeah–and suddenly your day is so much shorter…

  2. Btw, thanks for stopping by my writing blog.

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