Interview with Jason Brant, author of Gehenna and Echoes, coming Monday! (6/18)

I have been lucky enough to procure an interview with Jason Brant! He is the self-published author of two great books, Echoes and Gehenna. I have reviewed Echoes here on my site and will have the review of Gehenna posted on Wednesday at the latest. This will be the first interview that Jason Brant has ever done, (I am so lucky!). This will also be my first author interview, (Yikes!) so I am a little nervous. I hope everyone comes by Monday to check out what Jason has to say, and I am sure, rate me on my interview skills.

If you have never read anything by Jason Brant, you are missing out. His books are fresh, funny and have a paranormal twist. If you like zombie books, you will love Gehenna. He is an original. You can check out Jason’s blog at:

You will not be sorry that you did. He is just as funny in real life as he is in his books.

If you have not read anything by Jason Brant, this would be the time to give a new author a chance. I guarantee you that by the end of the interview, you will be lining up to read his books. Echoes has 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon, and Gehenna has 4.9 out of 5 stars. Can’t beat those odds!

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Looking forward to hearing your comments! Thanks =)
Links to his books below…



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  1. Shared on Facebook! Loved Echoes , like Jason’s style of writing. Gahanna’s on my list to read.

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