Interview Opinions and a Chance to…

I am sitting here trying to work on interview questions for when I interview author Jason Brant. This is the first time I have ever done anything like this. I am a little nervous so I would love some reader and author responses. Let me ask everyone a few questions. If you could interview Jason Brant, what would you ask him? I will pick my favorite to include in the interview! Please have questions in by Wed at 9:00 am Central Time to be included in this chance.

Authors, when you are being interviewed what are some questions you would want to be asked? What are your least favorite questions to be asked? I am curious to know!

Please let me know your opinions and questions! Comment and Share =)

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  1. Ask him where he gets his inspration?

  2. What a great blog site. I found you because you had liked my posting on the Confessions of a Publisher blog site maintained by my lovely publisher, Louise Wallace of Playfort Publishing. (I confess I don’t fully understand all of this stuff.). Anyway, I wanted to respond to your question regarding author interviews. I’ve done dozens of interviews over the years, both professional journalists and reviewers and with young readers. I find that young adults are particularly interested in whether the characters are “real” or not. It’s an interesting question that can lead to a discussion of “writing what you know” and how all writers draw on the stories and people that have populated their lives.

    Anyway, here are a few questions l like as they allow me to expand and give a listeners/readers a better sense of who I am, what I write, and why I do it.

    Tell us about your latest book, which is coming out very soon, I believe.
    Describe your ideal writing environment.
    What was your first publication?
    What are some of the personal experiences you’ve had that influence your writing?
    What’s the best advice you’ve ever received as a writer?
    What advice do you have for writers who are trying to get published?
    Writing a book isn’t easy. Why do you write and what keeps you going?
    Who are some of your favourite writers? Why do you like them?

    Anyway, that’s a few that might prove helpful. Good luck!

  3. i know it is one lots of people ask including me but I love to know about their writing enviroment and what their must have to hand items are..usually turns out to be coffee lol

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