Updates! (Jason Brant and Elle Casey)

Hi All,

I am loving all my new followers! Thank you for liking my site enough to want to hear from me all the time.

I know I said I would have the review of Jason Brant’s Gehenna posted today, and I am still going to try, but it might be tomorrow when it is up. I had some technical difficulties last night and was not able to finish the book until today. (The book by the way, WAS AWESOME!). Technical difficulties being that my Kindle Fire refused to turn on or charge. Lucky me that I purchased the extra warranty, so I can get another one today. It seems like nobody but me has problems with the Fire, lol. I think there is something magnetically wrong with me that ruins all my electronics. I seem to go through them faster than anyone else! I will try to get the review posted today, but I have a lot to do, mainly school work and the baby has a Dr. app, so if I cannot get to it today, I will post it tomorrow.


I did a review on The War of the Fae series by Elle Casey a while back. If you have not read it, you should. Elle Casey Rocks and the books are awesome. A little incentive to start the series…The Changelings: War of the Fae book 1 is FREE on Kindle today and tomorrow (6/13 and 6/14). I am going to include a link. You should get it while it is free. You will not be able to help devouring the other 3 books in the series.

The Changelings (War of the Fae: Book 1)


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  1. How many books are in the changeling series?

  2. I’m reading the first one now, and really liking it.

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