A Review of Elle Casey’s Apocalypsis Book 1: Kahayatle

Apocalypsis Book 1: Kahayatle

Elle Casey has done it again. Created a world that drags you in and won’t let you go. I think I am a little bit in love with her brain lol, at least the imagination part of it. I love books that make me root for the characters, and this one has you rooting from the very first page. This is a 3 book YA series.

Just imagine a world where there are no adults and no children, nothing but hormonal teenagers left alive. This is the world that 17 year-old Bryn lives in. All of the adults and children, including her beloved father, have died of a mysterious disease. Bryn is all alone in an unforgiving world, where danger lurks just outside her front door, and starvation is only a tin can away. But Bryn is no helpless little girl. Her father taught her to survive, taught her Krav Maga and taught her how to “Go American White Girl All Over Your Ass”. (I hear more than a hint of Jason Brant in that statement lol!)

Bryn thinks she needs nothing and no one until the day she almost runs out of food and decides to explore the house behind her. Despite the gangs raging through the streets, taking whatever they want, Bryn decides it is worth investigating. She gets more than she bargains for in this decision.

Cue Peter into the story. A small, skinny boy that holds up Bryn with a .357 magnum and instead of killing her, worms his way into her heart. Peter may be weak, but he knows who he is, which is a smart and able…even in a pair of too big red high heels. Bryn decides to take him in and realizes that Peter has a hell of a story to tell, one that changes their lives forever.

They decide that they have to leave where they are because the danger is too great to stay. There are “Canners” running the streets (I’m not going to spoil it by telling you what Canners are!), and after a confrontation that leaves one dead, Bryn, Peter and a naked pink poodle named Buster, hit the road on mountain bikes; hoping to find a new place to start a life.

There they meet the third member of their newly formed family, Bodo. He is a German exchange student that lost his family. He is cute, has an accent and a happy disposition. They take him in and continue on their journey. They are headed to a place they think that they can survive in and maybe that others won’t find them. A place to get lost in…and a place to start a new life in.

The journey they take to get there is often times hilarious, filled with raunchy teenage humor. “Peter has to go do a doodle. No poodles allowed during doodle time!” I will never hear the word doodle again without dying laughing. Bryn is loyal, hilarious and a bad ass. Peter is sweet, and strong despite his small stature. He is often funny at times as well. Bodo, well, he is just a big puppy dog. Always happy, always willing to help out, and would do anything for his new family…especially Bryn! “Dat’s not a problem.”

Their journey also has plenty of heartbreak. I found myself with tears in my eyes quite a few times. They meet many new characters along the way, some good, some bad, and some just so sad that you feel it in the bottom of your heart.

They do make it to their goal, but this is where my review stops. I refuse to tell you anymore because that would just ruin the story. Just know that they have many adventures waiting for them in their new home, and if you want to know what happens to Bryn, Peter, Bodo and Buster, well, you need to read the book! Also, if you are curious what “Kahayatle” means, as I was, go grab the book and give it a chance. You will not regret it. Once I started this book, I was hard pressed to put it down. I kept snickering and laughing out loud at the book and my husband kept telling me “You are so weird”.

Once again, if I have talked you into reading this book, please leave a review where you bought it. Every review helps the author. I am inserting a link below for the book. I hope you give it a chance!
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Apocalypsis: Book 1 (Kahayatle)

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  1. Love, love, love it. Thank you so much! You are the FIRST. 🙂

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