Review/Giveaway of Dhampyr Heritage by E.G. Gaddess (CONTEST CLOSED)


Dhampyr Heritage is a old-school vampire book. These vampires are not the sexy and sweet ones that you find in novels these days. They are evil. This is also a YA book. It is set in the early 1900’s. It starts with Christian and Gideon as young boys of around 12. Christian has a secret to share with Gideon, a secret that he is not supposed to tell anyone. He tells Gideon because they are best friends and share everything, and tells him to meet him out by the pear tree. This is no juvenile secret though, as it has dire consequences. Gideon witnesses Christian being turned into vampire. In an effort to keep Gideon safe and twart the rumors that Gideon had something to do with Christians death, his family sends him away to his grandmothers.

Fast forward four years and the vampires have found Gideon. Gideon realizes that his family has known all along that vampires exist. His family is actually a family of vampire hunters! Deciding to journey home, Gideon meets a girl, Zola, on the boat that takes him home. Zola has many secrets of her own. (I know something you don’t know!) 🙂 Once home, Gideon realizes that Christian is indeed a vampire, and that he still looks twelve years old. Christian is trying to fight his vampire nature and it is an eternal struggle.

The book centers around a variety of secrets, lies and danger. Gideon is on a journey that no teenage boy should ever have to go through. At times funny and sweet, with a clean YA budding romance, it also has the added edge of page-turning anticpation to know what is going to happen next.. This is a new twist on vampires and is very well-written. I really enjoyed this book even though it is not my usual type of book. I prefer more modern books but this made me think I should give more books like this a chance. I give this book 4 stars!

Quotes from the Book:

“A man. A powerful man. He is going to share his power with me, and then I will share it with you.”

“Never be ashamed of those tears. To feel sorrow at another’s pain or death is not a weakness. What is weak is to let it pull you into your own despair. There is always hope. Remember that.”

“Because, yes, being with Zola made him feel like he could toss a pear core clear across the meadow and beyond.”

Once again, if I have talked you into reading this book, please leave a review where you bought it. Every review helps the author. I am inserting a link for the book below.

Dhampyr Heritage  (Kindle E-Book)
Dhampyr Heritage  (Paperback)


THE GIVEAWAY! (1 Signed Paperback of Dhampyr Heritage)

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  1. That sounds like a great story! I like the idea of vampires actually being the evil, bloodthirsty demonic beings that they’re supposed to be … although I guess that does make them a little less romantic, lol. When reading your review, the summary actually reminded me of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Although I’d have to read the book to be sure, so please enter me in the giveaway 😀

  2. This book sounds very interesting and good. I love vampire books..usually the ones where the vampire is good…but this book sounds refreshing..I’m gonna have to put it on my list to read!

  3. Your review makes this sound very interesting! I would like to read it as it seems very different as most of the books are the romantic kind now a days (nothing wrong with that tho). I also like E.G Gaddess and yourself on FB.

  4. Sounds like an interesting book. At first I saw it was about vampires and was like NOPE! lol But as I read on and realized they wouldnt be a bunch of douche bags running around playing baseball and looking like they were bedazzled I think I would give it a chance!

    • Hi,
      Did you like my facebook page and E.G. Gaddess? I just was not sure because I got a like from a Dave and I saw that he liked us both, and I am not sure if it is you or not.

  5. I like the quote: “Never be ashamed of those tears. To feel sorrow at another’s pain or death is not a weakness. What is weak is to let it pull you into your own despair. There is always hope. Remember that.”

    The books sounds interesting. Thanks Cynthia for bringing it to our attention. The setting makes me think of Vampire Diaries when the Salvatore brothers have “flashbacks” of their life with Catherine…and if these vamps are sexy evil, like Damon, then I’ll devour the book.

  6. Shared the link on my facebook page. I’m excited to see the return of the badass vampire!! Can’t wait to read it!

  7. Terri Kinckner

    I LOVE that the vampires are scary! I’m so tired of the “Twilight-type” vampires that are everywhere in novels these days. I also love that it takes place at the turn of the century. I just bought an 1880 colonial with a huge, creepy attic that I intend to turn into my library. I am looking forward to sitting in that old attic and reading this book. I can’t wait to scare myself silly!

  8. Both pages liked 😀 This sounds like an interesting book even if it is YA! I love reading all books and this sounds right up my street from your review!!

  9. wow! this books sounds like somthing I’d be really interested in reading! I like the idea of the old school vampires and the vampire hunters! I’m curious to find out what happens with Christian! btw I liked both pages! thanks for this review and giveaway!

  10. Anne Nelson (Angel Anne Reviews)

    #1 The best part that I like is (bessides the whole review is) when you gave quotes from the book, especially the one of never being afraid to show your tears, tears of feeling the pain you feel, also the pain of others!!!
    #2 liked
    #3 liked
    I also shared
    thx so much for your giveaway!!

  11. Cheryl Sanders

    Very interesting! I will definitely be reading this book. Thank you for the review and introducing me to E.G. Gaddess’ book. Also, thank you for the giveaway 🙂

  12. I’m glad to see readers interested in the “bad” vampire. Wish I’d been able to interact earlier – but a family emergency took precedence. To the winner – I hope you enjoy. Feel free to post your thoughts on my Facebook page. For those of you who would like to purchase a “hard” copy, you can purchase through my web site,, and use code W9BLQZDS for $2.00 off.

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