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Releasing the Inner Writer

We as writers when beginning a book look at an empty page and start to panic. Where am I going to get an idea for a story? What is it going to be about? We start to sweat a little, start biting our nails; we might even pick up some paper off of our desk and play trash basketball trying to come up with an idea. Of course, we have heard, read, and even maybe attended seminars and courses about writing as they tell us to write what you know or look at life and the people around you. Yes, we might start putting some words down on the page trying to get a sense of where do we want to go with our stories. But most of our writing and creativity comes from within all of us. We sometimes have to dig deep to find the inner writer within or sometimes, the creativity within us just comes bursting out of us just like that particular scene from the Alien movie that once it comes out, there is no stopping the creativity and we just want to write and write and let the day get by us. We go on creating awesome novels that we want everyone to read and hope in turn we can create new writers. But as new writers ask, where does one find the inspiration and creativity to write a good novel?

I will tell you how I got my inspiration thanks to my sixth grade English teacher. Yes, my inner writer and creativity got started many years ago for me when I was in the sixth grade. Our English teacher assigned the whole class a writing project to come up with a story and make pictures and turn it into a book. Well, I guess being the typical student that I was; I thought to myself this project was stupid. I even told the English teacher that and I did not want to do the project. Well, let’s just say, she called my mom and we soon had a parent, teacher conference after school one day and the English teacher explaining to my mom what the project entailed, let’s just say the looks I got from my mom during the conference, especially after the teacher told my mom how I did not want to do the project because I thought it was stupid, I think the virtual daggers are still in my body somewhere to this day. As soon as we got home, my mom sat me down and in her mom voice, said in no certain terms that I was going to do the project and I was not going to get an F for it. Being the stubborn headed kid that I was, I just stormed off to my room and thought about what I was going to do for the project since I was forced into this so called, ‘stupid project’. Well, after thinking about it and realizing that the teacher did not put any kind of restrictions on the project, I thought to myself, I am going to do a science fiction story with an alien monster that was going to rip people’s heads and arms off of their torsos.

So I sat down the next night and crafted my first science fiction story that only a sixth grade kid can do.  I quickly wrote out how a passenger space ship came upon a dead alien spaceship as the captain went aboard and came across the big scaly alien monster with claws for hands that decapitated him. The ship took off and went back to earth to get help. The sent help did not last long against the alien monster either as it killed off all of the crew. Finally one man suggested using a laser canon to destroy the floating dead ship and the alien monster within it. BOOOM, went the ship and the alien monster was destroyed. Next I had to actually draw out pictures from my story depicting certain scenes to make it into a book to turn back in for the project. After two nights of writing and drawing, I turned my first novel in to my English teacher thinking she will still give me an F for all of the violence and blood depicted in the drawings.  After a couple of days, the turned in assignments were given back to us. There in all of its glory, right on the front page of my novel as my mouth hit the desk, for I could not believe it was a big A for my novel. My teacher had given me an A for the project and wrote on the side, job well done. The pride with in me swelled as I rushed home and showed my mom the A. She said congratulations and said I did a job well done. From that moment on, the inner writer was released within me thanks to my sixth grade teacher.  

After that, I started looking around, looking for more ideas for my next story idea. Soon after, I found it when I was reading a National Geographic article about what would have happened if the dinosaurs had evolved and became bipedal. The spark for my next story came out from that to become, Alien Tears. Unfortunately, I originally wrote the first half of the story in seventh grade but it was just two years ago that I finally picked up the story and decided since the characters were still milling about in the back of my crawlspace and that it ballooned to this great epic novel. The push for me to finally finish it was thanks to the National Novel Writing Month website to write a novel in a month. Talk about a kick in the pants to actually sit down every night and write to come up with 50,000 words for a complete novel. Let’s just say, I still have not won the contest but it was enough for me to kick start the inner writer within me again for writing and finishing my novel, Alien Tears.

No matter if one is forced into something creative or just observing life around oneself, there is always an inner writer within each of us that we just have to tune into, even if it is just listening to music, reading an article or reading a great novel that makes us release the inner writer in all of us.

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  1. Awesome back ground info …reminds me of my school days and doing “stupid projects”my parents always pushed me to do them aswell. In the end when I got my grade I was glad they pushed me. Your novel sounds kick love to read it.

  2. oh yes, it is amazing where we as writers get our ideas and creativity from……I hope you will enjoy it, because I consider my novel a twist of sci-fi and romance(think of Nora Roberts kind of romance heheh)

  3. Awesome information. Novel sounds like a must read.

  4. I had an English teacher that gave us an assignment that turned me on to writing also!

    • I think that is awesome how teachers even to this day still inspire us as kids to pursue our dreams and goals and let us try to achieve our full potential in creativity:)

  5. I am trying to do the writing thing now, and I am finding myself like you said sitting, trying to make something come and it’s not. I’m taking it as if it’s not meant to be at this moment, and when it happens it will happen. Hopefully when it does that “alien from the movie” will pop out and I wont be able to stop writing. Thank you for the incite.

    • Everyone is different when forced with that blank page staring them in the face:)….me, personally, I don’t fight it, some people do, they sit there and force themselve to come up with an idea…
      blah….me, I get up..walk away….go for a walk outside….see some scenery, observe life and people around you….also at the same time, this might help, but whilest walking, maybe listen to some awesome epic music that will get the creative juices flowing for you…..
      Wink, it just might work….
      or who knows…sometimes, bouncing ideas off of another writer might lead you down a creative path that you might have never thought of…:)
      I hope these ideas help you…
      right now..I could use some creative mojo myself since I just started working on a new album..:)

    • Congratulations Cassie! You are one of the winners!

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