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Cynthia Shepp Book Reviews & Editing

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Alessa is a college freshman whose parents died in a car crash when she was 18. She pushes past her depression, or tries to, by attending college and living in a sorority house, even though she does not fit in. Alessa has one friend that she can count on in the house, Janie, who is also a freshman. Alessa starts seeing flashed of something out of the corner of her eye, and it evolves into seeing a ghost, a boy that looks to be her age, maybe a little younger. Alessa is drawn to the ghost with a magnetic pull that she does not understand. Terrified by the sightings, even though they only last a few seconds, Alessa is also strangely bereft and depressed after she sees him, longing to catch a glimpse of him again. Then, she starts having strange dreams, dreams where she is locked in a prison, or fighting in a type of war, and the boy is with her. When she starts researching the house in hopes of finding out who the boy is, she discovers that his whole family dies because of a fire. Alessa starts off on a quest to try to change the past and try to save him and his family.

Only Alessa discovers something sinister along the way…she is not truly a college student…the boy is not a ghost…and both their lives…and the lives of thousands of other people…are on the line. They have all been STITCHED! This is reality TV like you would never have thought possible! (Caught your attention yet lol?)

Let me just say OMG! I remember reading the back cover when I first received this book for review, but by the time I started reading the book, I only vaguely remembered that it had a girl and a ghost in it. I thought it would be like so many countless other books I have read about a girl falling in love with a ghost. I WAS WRONG! This story is not what you expect at all. I was floored when I hit the twists and turns that finally explained what was going on. I never expected it at all. This book was so intense that I literally read it in 1 day and could not put it down. The main characters are well thought out and you instantly connect with them. The storyline was complex, and I love books that keep me guessing to the very end, and this one did. Besides, I love dystopian books and this one was one of the best I have ever read. This book is a must read. I give it 5 stars and I cannot wait for the next one. I want it BAD! Oh, and I have to mention the cover of the book because it is awesome. It is one of those books that you know just by looking at it, that you HAVE to read it!

Once again, if I have talked you into reading this book, please leave a review where you bought it, or on Goodreads! Every review helps the author!

Stitch Purchase Links

Amazon (print $9.99 & Kindle $2.99):

Smashwords (multiple e-book formats $2.99):

Barnes & Noble (Nook $2.99):

Also available in the iTunes store ($2.99 e-book)

Other Stitch Info

Genre/Keywords: Paranormal Romance, Ghost, Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic, Young Adult, New Adult
Length: 75,000 words (314 pages)
Release date: August 1st, 2012
Blog tour dates: August 15th – October 31st, 2012

Amazon Synopsis: (Since this is a blog tour I am going to put this even though I usually do not!)

Her heart races, her muscles coil, and every impulse in Alessa’s body screams at her to run… but yet she’s powerless to move.

Still struggling to find her footing after the sudden death of her parents, the last thing college freshman Alessa has the strength to deal with is the inexplicable visceral pull drawing her to a handsome ghostly presence. In between grappling with exams and sorority soirees – and disturbing recurring dreams of being captive in a futuristic prison hell – Alessa is determined to unravel the mystery of the apparition who leaves her breathless. But the terrifying secret she uncovers will find her groping desperately through her nightmares for answers.

Because what Alessa hasn’t figured out yet is that she’s not really a student, the object of her obsession is no ghost, and her sneaking suspicions that something sinister is lurking behind the walls of her university’s idyllic campus are only just scratching the surface…

The opening installment in a twist-laden trilogy, Stitch spans the genres of paranormal romance and dystopian sci-fi to explore the challenges of a society in transition, where morality, vision, and pragmatism collide leaving the average citizen to suffer the results.



Samantha Durante lives in New York City with her fiancé, Sudeep, and her cat, Gio. Formerly an engineer at Microsoft, Samantha left the world of software in 2010 to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams and a lifelong love of writing. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology, Samantha is currently working full time for her company Medley Media Associates as a freelance business writer and communications consultant. Stitch is her first novel. Learn more about Samantha at

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Review/Giveaway of Amber Sweetapple’s The Houri Legends Series

(Giveaway details at bottom. Please read review first!)

Today I am going to do something a little different. I was asked to review the second book of Amber Sweetapple’s series, but I had never read the first, so I had to do that of course. But I did not want to just do the second review in case some of you had not read the first book. So, I am going to do a mini review of book one and a more detailed one of book 2. Y’all are lucky though because I have 3 copies of book 1, 2 ebooks and 1 signed paperback, to giveaway away, so you can get started on the series.

Book 1- Jack and Djinn

This story revolves around Jack, an mechanic and artist, and Miriam, a woman just realizing that she is more than she ever imagined. Miriam is in an abusive relationship with Ben, a former Marine that served two tours in Afghanistan. The clever part about this book is that it goes back and forth between the past and the present. The present revolves around a homicide detective, Carson, who is investigating the death of a man that was burned to a crisp in a very unusual way, and the past describes Jack and Miriam’s history and what led to the death.

Miriam falls for Jack while in a relationship with Ben, after he saves her one night after Ben beats her up, though she continues to see Ben. She comes off as slightly weak at first, but as her story unfolds you see that she has had a very hard life. As she gets more deeply involved with Jack, Miriam realizes that something is awakening in her, some kind of power she never knew existed, much less had. She eventually realizes that she is half Djinn, a mystical creature that has an element as a power.

This story grabbed me in from the first. I loved watching Miriam come into herself and the romance between Jack and Miriam. It is sweet, sexy, and packed with adventure as Miriam realizes the scope of her powers and comes to terms with the bully Ben. You are also introduced to many other characters that are prominent in the next book, such as Nadira, a water elemental. Ok, I do not think I am even capable of a mini review, lol, so I will make myself stop right here and just tell you that Jack and Djinn is a magical ride full of romance, and adventure. I give it 5 stars for originality and for how smoothly the story flowed.

Book 2- Djinn and Tonic

Book 2 starts off with Detective Carson Hale, from the previous book. He is a slightly alcoholic man that is sitting at a bar, contemplating the case of Miriam and Ben. The waitress, Leila, entices him into conversation. She seems to understand the strange undercurrents of the case. They get cozy in thw bar as Carson admits that he is interested in her. This is where things take a turn into weird. During their kiss, Carson gets knocked out, and wakes up to the impossible.

Carson was knocked out by Hassan, a horrible man, that feels he has a right to Leila because they are betrothed, against her will I might add. This is when you realize that Leila has powers as well, and her powers are air. Hassan destroys the bar where she works, as does she fighting him back. The unexplained destruction of the bar from fire and hurricane force winds stumps Carson. He knows that something is not right and that there is something different about Leila.

The story follows Carson and Leila as they fall in love, but their love seems like it is not meant to be. Leila is a kick butt chick, but she knows more than anyone that if she does not marry Hassan, there will be dire consequences for her people. She is an Ifriti, which is similar to a Djinn, and her culture is way different from normal human culture. Her people are capable of living for centuries, and a human marrriage is frowned upon. If she does not marry Hassan, a war could start between the Djinn and the Ifriti.

This story is full of magic as well, and full of conflict and will have you rooting for the characters to the very last page. I hated Hassan. I just wanted to go through the book and use his own magic against him. Carson goes through hell for Leila, a mere human against a whole Ifriti clan. Leila’s father, who she believes does not even love her, and Nadira, the water elemental, play pivotal roles in the culmination of this book. Jack and his grandfather also make appearences. The characters are so well thought out and you instantly connect with them. There are so many open-ended storylines that you just know that the next book in the installment is going to be just as great as these two. Plus, (and this is always a plus in my book lol), the books are HOT. Imagine almost making love inside of a tornado…hmmmmm 😉 I give this book 5 stars as well, and I cannot wait for the next book in The Houri Legends. I so hope it is Nadira’s story!

Quotes from the Book:

“My opinion does matter. I will not marry you. Never.”

“Do you like me, check yes or no.”

“It’s a scary thought, but it’s happening. You don’t belong on the ifrit side, Leila.”

Once again, if I have talked you into reading these books, please leave a review where you bought it. Every review helps the author. I will put links for the books under the covers.

Amazon Kindle:
Jack & Djinn (The Houri Legends: Book 1)
Djinn & Tonic (The Houri Legends: Book 2)

Amazon Paperback:
Jack & Djinn: The Houri Legends (Volume 1)
Djinn & Tonic: The Houri Legends: Book 2


This giveaway will be like all the others. A comment about the review or a question for the author is MANDATORY! Extra entries can be earned by showing some love! I have 2 ebooks and 1 signed paperback of Jack and Djinn up for grabs. Make sure you tell me what you did so that I can count your extra entries.

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Review and Giveaway of Katherine Rochholz’s Truth and Lies Past and Present: Katy Lily BK 1

Truth and Lies Past and Present: Katy Lily Book 1

Katy Lily is a very young girl that lost her mother 3 years before and lives on the streets. Walking down the road one day she finds a letter on the ground. The letter is addressed to her. It tells her that she has been accepted to a school of magic, Bridgett’s School for the Magical Arts. It told her to remain in New York and that someone would be by to pick her up to take her to get school supplies. Mystified, Katy put it out of her mind, hoping it was real, but believing it was not.

Lo and Behold, someone does find her, Antonio, and  he took her from New York and introduced her to the world she should have lived in since birth. Not wanting to leave her on the streets, he took her home to his family. His mother and father instantly sort of adopted her, and there she stayed until school started.

Katy had found out that she was magical born, a fire element, and she had the scar to prove it. The school was based on the elements, Fire, Air, Earth, Water, and Spirit. It also introduces you to pagan holidays, as that is what the school calendar goes by. She learns so much, and yet so little about the new life she is leading. Once at school she instantly made a best friend, Gaivan. Shunned by the girls in her dorm (Fire), Gaivan was all she had.

The book follows Katy through her first year at school. Katy Lily realizes that she is proficient at all types of magic, and can even control other elements besides her own.  She joins the school’s sport team, even though they usually do not let 1st years play, and she has adventures that will blow your mind. She finds out that she has a brother and a father, and instant controversy stems from this, as there was a prophecy about Katy. I do not want to go into much more detail, because I do not want to ruin the book, but it a magical story that is so worth picking up.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  As an avid Harry Potter fan, it instantly brought the magic back. It is similar to Harry Potter in some aspects, but besides that, it holds its own as an original work. If you loved the world of Harry Potter though, and cried when the series ended (as I did!), you will love to open this book and feel like you have found another world filled with magic and adventure. Even though I compare it to Harry Potter, let me stress, besides the similarities between the two, Katy Lily and her world are as original. It is a story worth reading and a new world to discover. I hope you take the leap into the pages and lose yourself in this world. Katy has many more years of school left, and I cannot wait to read about them all.

The only issues I had with the book were that the children acted and talked way older than they were, but I guess that could just stem from the responsibilities put on them at such a young age by having to learn and control magic and the secrecy that comes with it. I give this book 4 stars!

Once again, if I have talked you into reading this book, please leave a review where you bought it. Every review helps the author. I will put links for the book under the cover.

“True Magic Lies Within” (School Motto)

Amazon Kindle:

Truth and Lies Past and Present (Katy Lily Series)

Amazon Paperback:

Truth And Lies Past And Present



I have two copies of Truth and Lies Past and Present (winners choice epub, mobi, or pdf) to giveaway! To enter this contest, simply comment on this post something about the review (why you want to read it or a question for the author). The comment is MANDATORY to enter.

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A Review/Giveaway of Katherine Polillo’s ‘Destine’ (The Watcher’s Trilogy Book 1) *Contest Closed*


What would you do if one morning you woke up and you realized that your life would never be the same as it was the day before? Your only friend has turned against you. You have been told you’re the only person who can save humanity, that it is your destiny. The Antichrist is in your school running for student president, and you have a fallen angel as your guardian, to help you, guide you in your role to defend humanity. Well, that is what seventeen year old Michelle Cross is facing in Destine.

Michelle Cross is a seventeen year old girl who is starting her senior year of high school, in the small town of Shady Lane, NJ. Michelle doesn’t have the “normal” family. Her mother has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia since she was twelve years old and her father works as a construction worker. Michelle takes care of her family, cooking dinner, cleaning, and helping with her mentally ill mother. She isn’t like other girls her age. She isn’t popular and doesn’t care to be, she has always felt different from others, like something else was meant to be for her. She is her own person and only has one friend who she has known since Kindergarten and has been inseparable with since and that is Cami.

When Michelle enters senior year, everything changes. Cami decides she wants to do something different and wants to be on the student council. She also has eyes for Alex Chase. There is just something about him that Michelle doesn’t trust, something that is off. And soon she will find out what it is. This is when everything starts falling apart for Michelle. Losing her best friend is just the beginning. Cami is hateful to her and this isn’t like her friend that she has known almost all her life. While trying to deal with the fact that her best friend no longer wants to be a part of her life, Michelle sees the new boy, and in such a small town of Shady Lane, this is a big deal.

Gabriel Lewis is a very handsome young man, black curly hair, eyes so clear that no color could describe them. When Gabriel is near Michelle there is a feeling she gets, a strong sensation. She can’t explain why she feels like this around him, with everything falling apart all around her. Gabriel and Michelle grow closer and she soon finds out his true secret.

With all the new revelations Gabriel has told Michelle, she can’t help but think she is going crazy just like her mother. Revelations that you will have to read the book to find out!

Soon she realizes that this is all real and all on her shoulders. That the Antichrist is in her school and her ex-best friend is now dating him, there are the four horsemen of the apocalypse, which she will have to defeat, but how? Maybe her mother isn’t crazy, maybe just maybe all the talk of angels and demons her mother has always talked about are true and now she knows that.

While trying to save the world from ending, Michelle’s own little world crumbles and she has to protect her family with everything she has. She will not take this lying down. She will fight, and fight she does.

Will Michelle defeat the Antichrist and the Four Horsemen? Will she save all humanity from ending? Or will humanity as she knows it end? You will have to read and find out.

Destine is filled with proverbs at the beginning of every chapter and they go along with what happens in those pages. I enjoyed learning new stuff, which I didn’t know about; the whole book has a lot of great facts in the biblical scene. You will fall in love with Michelle, her determination to do what she needs to do. She will not stop, no matter what. She grows throughout the book, as well as the relationship between her and Gabriel. I found their relationship very sweet and enjoyed their characters. They leveled each other out. There is a lot of comedy throughout the book, it’s not all doom and gloom, which I enjoyed. There are sweet and sad moments. I found myself cursing at Alex Chase, aka the bad guy. I wanted to jump into the pages sometime and punch them and help Michelle out, lol. The book was very well written and the pace was great. It does leave you with a cliffhanger and I can’t wait to read the next book. I’m very much looking forward to it. This book gets 5 stars!

As always, if you decide to read the book, please leave a review for the book where you bought! Every review helps the author. I will put a link for the book under the cover picture.

Quotes from the Book:

“You listen to me, Michelle. You are not just some girl, you are special; you’re about as special as people get. You’ve been chose to save humanity, but more importantly you’re special because I love you and in the hundreds of years I been alive I’ve never felt this way before.”-Gabriel

“Then you know I have Michael on my side, you may as well pack up this little charade of yours and go lick your wounds in hell.”-Michelle

“The whore of Babylon is the prophet set to spread the false praise of the Antichrist. You should be proud of your friend; she did a very good job. So willing, so easily manipulated.”-Alex

“Who say’s angels don’t have character flaws?”-Gabriel

Amazon Kindle: Destine (The Watcher’s Trilogy)

Random Giveaway: A bookmark/magnet and PDF copy of the book Destine will be given to a random commentor on this review. Comment for a chance to win and like Katherine’s facebook and follow her on Goodreads for extra entry. Contest ends tomorrow 8 am CST.





Editing Services

I have no spots left in 2013. I am scheduling for next year, if interested. Thank you!

(SLIGHT PRICE INCREASE AS OF JANUARY 1, 2014. Updated Prices are here: )

397960_10151568445358007_1657058580_n*I am not familiar with UK Grammar. I prefer NOT to work on UK manuscripts unless they are being completely Americanized.*

*I do not edit non-fiction.*

Manuscripts should be submitted in Times New Roman, size 12 font, and double spaced.


.0020 a word for Re-Edits*

Re-Edits are done on books that have already been edited that you are not happy with. I simply go through and edit them again, correctly. I don’t charge full price because I know that the authors have already paid someone to edit it once. This is ONLY for books that have previously been edited and that have already been published. Re-Edits only get ONE thorough read through. If you want a more comprehensive edit, please choose a Proofread or Detailed Copy Editing package. 


.0025 a word for Proofreading*

Proofreading is done on a final draft and includes line-by-line correction of spelling, grammar, and minor sentence structure issues.

Anything under 20,000 words is automatically $50


.0035 a word for Detailed Copy Editing*

Copy Editing is done on a final draft and includes detailed, line-by-line editing for sentence structure, grammar, spelling, and, if needed, other issues that do not require major changes, such as plot consistency, character analysis, and style. I strongly recommend this option.

Anything under 20,000 words is automatically $70


.0055 a word for Detailed Copy Editing and Proofread Package*

The Detailed Copy Editing and Proofread Package combines both services into one. This package has two different steps. First, Detailed Copy Editing will be done to a manuscript and sent back to the author. The author will then make all of the changes needed and re-write sections that have been suggested need work. Once the author has finished this stage and sent it back, a thorough Proofread will be done on the finished product. Please refer to the above explanations for each service to see what they entail. This is the most cost-effective package if you desire both a detailed copy edit as well as another edit after the changes have been made.

Anything under 20,000 words is automatically $100


$25 flat rate for Blurb Editing and Critique*

Need help making your blurb great? Need a fresh pair of eyes to check for errors and readability? This is your option. This is a flat-rate service with a one-day turnaround.

To contact me about availability, questions, or to submit your manuscript, please email me at 


I am the editor and compiler of Apocalypse: An Anthology by Authors & Readers, Paranormal Anthology with a TWIST, and Stalkers: A Collection of Thriller Stories.  You can find these on Amazon.

I am also the editor for Clean Teen Publishing and Crimson Tree Publishing

Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you!


Cynthia Shepp

EDITED: (As well as many others not listed)

Jason Brant: The Gate, Tartarus, Sheol, The Dark, Devoured, Consumed

Jon Messenger: The Brink of Distinction Trilogy, Card Tricks, Rage

T.L. Frye: The Secret of Magik and Dragons

Rebecca Gober & Courtney Nuckels: Exposing Ele, Surviving Ele, Ending Ele

Magen McMinimy: Blood Claim, Ressurection Stone, Shadowed Memories, Primal Hunger, Immortal Craving, Primal Calling

Tanith Morse: Super Dark 2 and Super Dark 3

Rene Folsom: Heart You, Voices of the Soul, Eyes of the Soul, Truths of the Soul, Blood of the Soul, Secrets of the Soul, Bind Me, Hearts of the Soul, Shuttered Affections, Exposed Affections

Hans Cummings: Zack Jackson & The Cytherean Academy

Rachael James: Hook, Line, and Garter, Crazy Bitch, Baby Bitch

Erika Kathryn: Audie the Angel and the Angel Army, Audie the Angel: Plague

Phil Taylor: White Picket Prisons, 50 Shades of Phil, The Sneaker Tree

Nicholas Andrews: Festival of the Saints, Babyface Fire

Cheyanne Young: Powered

Shelby Fallon: Stealing Grace, Taking Faith

Ryan Casey: The Painting, The Disappearing

Marquita Valentine: (NYT Best-selling Author) Twice Tempted, Just Desserts, Only For You , True For You, Not Over You

Sawyer Bennett: (USA Today Best-selling Author) Off Course, If I Return, Forever Young, Off Chance, Legal Affairs

Jennifer Foor: Hustle Him

Andris Bear: Angel Unleashed

Shelly Crane: (NYT Best-selling Author) Smash Into You

M.L. Ryan: Special Offers, Special Attraction 

Nicki Scalise: Prayer for the Dead

Jennifer Clay: The Other Side of Normal

E.G. Gaddess: Dhampyr Journey

Anthologies: Apocalypse, Twist, and Stalkers


Shaun Dowdall: A Thousand Hearts

Rachael James: Hook, Line, and Garter, Crazy Bitch, Baby Bitch 

Celia Kyle: (Ridgeville #6) Sealed with a Purr


Rebecca Gober & Courtney Nuckels: Exposing Ele, Surviving Ele, Ending Ele

Gabrielle Arrowsmith: Concealed in the Shadows

Cindy Saunders: Double Star

Wonderstruck: Various Authors

B.T. Lyons: Heartkeeper, Heartbound

Jon Messenger: Wind Warrior, Flame Caller

Lauren Nicolle Taylor: The Woodlands, The Wall

Holly Kelly: Rising

Melissa J. Cunningham: Reluctant Guardian

Erica Kiefer: Lingering Echoes

Jennifer Anne Davis: The Key


Alicia Michaels: Secrets (Bionics 3)

Jon Messenger: Brink of Distinction series

Amanda Strong: The Awakener


*Authors are responsible for getting their books to me by the date agreed upon. If I have not received it within two days of the agreed upon date, I will move on to the next in line, unless I have an email from the author and we agree on other terms.*

*Rush jobs will incur a fee. It will depend on length and time given to finish.*

*Books that need excessive editing may lead to extra fees.*

You have to click on the Editing Services tab underneath Category Archives: Editing to see the complete page and recommendations if you used to get to this page. New website under construction…

Rachel Cherie’s ‘Treachery at Martinique Isle’ Review


Treachery at Martinique Isle (Daughter of the High Seas: Book 1) is an adventure; a treasure hunting, pirate fighting, riddle-solving read. The book follows Jacqueline Luray Taylor, who goes by Jacq, and her twin, Alexandria Luray Thorpe, who goes by Alex. The girls find out they are twins after arriving to the same inn called Midway Zebra. Each of the girls stay at the inn and is looked after by the owners, Jemima and Fred Bumbleridge. Jacq’s guardian, Captain Taylor, ended up leaving to make money, but never came back. Alex’s ends up dying at the inn from a sickness. The girls grow up and help around the inn and the Bumbleridge’s think of them both as daughters and love them just the same. Jacq and Alex both have matching golden lockets that were given to them by Jemima and Fred. Each of the girls has a unique pet. Jacq has a parrot named Big Beak Bill, and Alex has a monkey named Frankincense, Frank for short. They offer comedy throughout the book.
The inn ends up on fire, with the girls inside. They go to look for Jemima and Fred, but when they find them they will not leave. They give the girls each a bag and tell them to run. The girls can’t believe they won’t come, but finally they leave. On their way out they see a pirate who is screaming for Black Fred and Gold Jem. They run for fear of their lives. While running they find their friend Miata, who is the town thief. He helps put them up in a shelter. While there Jacq and Alex finally look through each of their bags and each have very similar letters. In the letters there are riddles that they must solve.
Miata tells them they know someone who can help with the riddles and that’s when they meet Geoffry Pierce, who is an eccentric character. He will help them but only if he can go with them. He funds the boat for the trip and they set sail for the treasure.

While on the boat they come across a Madam McLoflin, who was stuck at sea, after a pirate raided her boat and took a girl name Amy. McLoflin is Amy’s governess and is distraught about Amy being taken.  McLoflin also knows more than she wants to let on. She knows that Amy means something to the girls, something special. She also knows one more thing about the girls…they aren’t the orphans they think they are. Join them on their adventure of finding themselves, finding a family, and maybe finding a little romance along the way…

Treachery at Martinique Isle (Daughters of the High Seas: Book 1) is a very easy read. I kept hurrying so I could turn the page and find out the next mystery as well as solve the current one I was on. The story keeps you guessing, in a good way. I enjoyed the theme of the book as it was something different. I loved how the sisters stayed together throughout every problem they faced and faced it all together. You will also meet a lot of different characters that are well developed and I have a few that are my favorites. It has everything a book needs, suspense, mystery, romance and it is chalk full of comedy. It also has an underlying message of ‘go for what you believe in’. This is a must read! I give it 4 stars!

Once again, if this review talked you into buying the book, please leave a review where you bought it. Every review helps the author! Link for the book under the cover picture.

“Do not speak so of my sister, or I shall use your own swords to silence you!”

“What is it with you? Both of you! Both of my sisters falling for thieves!”

 “You never know the end until you arrive, and then it matters not what the end shall be because you are there.

Amazon: Treachery at Martinique Isle (Daughters of the High Seas)

Rachel Cherie Links:



Guest Post from Author Jason Brant

 Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to author Jason Brant. Check out his awesomeness with his guest post and enjoy 🙂 Oh, please feel free to question him and laugh your ass off. Suscribe to comments for this post if you want to keep up with the conversation. I, for one, can’t wait till author Elle Casey reads this. You will know why soon. 🙂 I will put lots of links below so you can follow Jason’s crazy…I mean awesome…train.


The Power of the Mullet

 Like Samson, people who have the balls to rock a sweet mullet have powers that we mere mortals can’t fully comprehend.  I wish I could understand what it is about this hairstyle that gives those it adorns almost supernatural abilities, but I don’t have the courage or manliness to pull off that look.  It’s a character flaw that I’m working hard to fix.  As of late it seems that people have felt the need to scoff at the mullet, but I’m here to tell you why they’re wrong.  There have been many incredibly influential people throughout the years who have been given special skills thanks to their bitchin’ mullets, but they become vain and disheartened, eventually cutting their hair.  Little did they know that this would lead to their downfall.

Who are some of these fallen heroes?  Here are three examples.

Mario Lemiux and Jaromir Jagr:  This dynamic duo crushed the hockey world in the ‘90’s, leading the Pittsburgh Penguins to several Stanley Cup victories.  Jagr cut his rad mullet in 1999 and immediately began suffering from an affliction I like to refer to as ‘sucking ass’.  Lemieux, beloved by the city of Pittsburgh fell upon a string of injuries that resulted directly from defiling his perfectly quaffed mane.

Richard Dean Anderson aka MacGyver.  He cut his mullet and then aged instantly.  The timeframe between these two pictures is a matter of hours.

Billy Ray Cyrus.  He changed his hair and then sired a demon.

Now, there are also plenty of instances where someone’s career has skyrocketed because they’ve cultivated the mullet.  Here are two current examples of those:

Kenny Powers.  OK, so the actors real name is Danny McBride, but I’m fairly convinced that this role wasn’t much of a stretch as far as acting goes.  He has a hit TV show and burgeoning movie career.  And it’s all because of his righteous mullet.

Elle Casey.  Though I don’t have an up-to-date photograph, I do have one from her childhood.  Her hairstyle has remained unchanged throughout the years though, so this is a good representation of what she is currently rocking.  Obviously, her writing success is directly attributable to the mullet.  Don’t be fooled by the boyish looks in this picture – I’m fairly certain she is indeed female.

For awhile I was thinking that hard work and perseverance were the keys to success and happiness, but I’ve now learned the error of my ways.  There is a fast track to all that is good in life, and it drapes over your neck.  I hope that I’ve been able to illustrate the importance of keeping things ‘business in the front and party in the back’.  It is in your utmost interest to work on growing a wicked mullet of your own.  Your career, sex life, and overall awesomeness depend on it.

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Jason Brant’s ‘The Gate’ Review/Giveaway (Giveaway Closed!)

Jason Brant outdid himself this time! The Gate is twice the length of his other books, and though I liked them all, this one is my favorite.

The Gate starts off with two college boys, Bryan and Kyle, being accepted as interns on a television show called The Specter Slayers. Bryan is the studious one and his fiancé just broke off their engagement, leaving him depressed. Kyle is the hot football player that scores all the chicks. The Specter Slayers is a show about paranormal investigators that go into supposedly haunted churches and prove that there is paranormal activity in them.

Bryan is not thrilled about this opportunity, but Kyle talks him into it with the enticement of what airtime will do to his resume. This starts their journey to the Danver church, a church that an eccentric old man bought, and then supposedly killed a whole group of his friends in.

They get to the church after a long drive, and not being able to find it, through woods that seem to get mysteriously darker and creepier the farther they drive into them. Once there, they meet the Specter Slayers, two creeps that do not believe in the paranormal, they just like to cash in, plus their nerdy tech guy. Bryan and Kyle are told that famous horror author, Katie Upshaw, will be joining them for their night in the Danver church.

But Katie has secrets that she is hesitant to share. Secrets about the church…secrets that might get them all killed…

I really cannot tell you more because if I do, it will ruin the surprise. And believe me, I never knew what was coming! It is not at all what you will expect, I will tell you that. It is about as far from normal as you could ever imagine.

This book is full of humor, at least in the first half. I laughed my way through it, never knowing what was waiting for me right around the corner. When I did get passed the humor, I spent the rest of the book with my jaw hanging open, not knowing what to expect next. I will admit to my heart jumping up in my throat a time or two as well. Delving into Satanic rituals and biblical theories (NOT in a boring way!), The Gate will have you holding your breath, and pulling the covers up to your eyes at night, fearfully hoping you are not the next to get sucked in.

Quotes from the book:

“First, I never want to see you swivel your hips like that again.  Second, you stepped in my mashed potatoes.”

“Jesus jumped up Christ, look at the size of that crack!”

“We saw something that she couldn’t handle…”

“We don’t need it coming back because it heard you.”

Once again, if I have talked you into reading this book, please leave the author a review where you bought it. I will put links to everywhere it is available underneath the cover picture. I hope you give it a chance. You will not be disappointed.

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