A review of Phillip Frey’s ‘Dangerous Times’


Dangerous Times is a crime-thriller that is full of twist and turns and unpredictable situations. The story has murder, sex, lies, and it is just an all around dark and gritty story. Dangerous Times keeps you on your toes, guessing and wondering what is going to happen next.

Frank is a hit man who is paid to do his favorite thing, kill. He comes up with a plan to screw over his boss for a few million dollars. His wife Ty helps him, because she wants’ payback for what her uncle, Frank’s boss did to her parents. But what Ty doesn’t know won’t hurt her, because Frank has no plans to include Ty.

Frank is obsessed with what he does and fascinates about slicing women’s veins with his favorite blade when he sees them. He is a cold-blooded murder that loves what he does. He nicknames his victims pigeons. Frank has no sympathy for anyone or for what he does. He dreams about killing more and more people.

When Franks plan calls for a look-a-like that is where Kirk, ex-marine and mechanic comes in. He will Kill Kirk, take over his identity and trade places. So when they find Kirks body they will think its Frank and never come look for him.

Frank goes through with his plan, but everything stars unraveling. Something goes wrong…I am not going to tell ya what that is, but it’s a good plot!

That is where we meet Hicks, a high-ranking cop who has taken bribes and is facing being kicked off the police force. Hicks’ is also struggling with the death of a very close family member and a divorce.

All three of these men’s lives are intertwined throughout the book; they are all similar in a way, and looking for a way out. There is also a racial divide in the book between, whites, blacks and Hispanics. You will meet quit a few different characters, who play a pivotal role in the story.

Throughout the book, Franks plan is unraveling right in front of his eyes. Will he get his “Pigeon”, make a successful switch, and get the money? Will his determination pay off? You’ll just have to find out!

Every chapter is told by a different character, they switch back and forth. We get to see what they are thinking, feeling, and dealing with. I enjoyed it to a point, it was something different then other books I have read, but it also would make me detach a bit. I struggled to read the book, just because it was a different genre for me but I really did enjoy it. I have to say the author knows how to write a story, merge the characters all together, and keep you guessing and wondering how it’s going to end.


“Listen wise-guy when you get to be my age, you’re gonna look back and see what a fuckup you’ve been”-Bob Staub

“Yeah, Maria, how bout I just take his shoes.”- Juan

“Ta-ten, ten-ten milly-milly-million!”- Ty

If I have talked you into reading this book, please leave a review where you bought it. Every review helps the author! I will insert a link to buy the book from Amazon under the picture. I hope you give it a chance!

Dangerous Times


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  1. Sounds like a good one. 🙂

  2. Sounds Like A Great Read!!!! I will add it to my ever grown and never shrinking TBR list, okay I need to stop procrastinating and finish edits on 2 books so I can read something LOL!

  3. The plot sounds pretty complex and interesting. I have too many books to read…

  4. As the author of “Dangerous Times,” I would like to thank Cassie Hoffman for having taken the time to review the book. It’s been difficult to find reviewers for a “hard-boiled” crime novel. My thanks also goes to Cynthia Shepp.

  5. Cassie Hoffman

    Your so very welcome Phillip Frey. I enjoyed reading your book and reviewing it for Cynthia.

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