Guest Post from Author Jason Brant

 Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to author Jason Brant. Check out his awesomeness with his guest post and enjoy 🙂 Oh, please feel free to question him and laugh your ass off. Suscribe to comments for this post if you want to keep up with the conversation. I, for one, can’t wait till author Elle Casey reads this. You will know why soon. 🙂 I will put lots of links below so you can follow Jason’s crazy…I mean awesome…train.


The Power of the Mullet

 Like Samson, people who have the balls to rock a sweet mullet have powers that we mere mortals can’t fully comprehend.  I wish I could understand what it is about this hairstyle that gives those it adorns almost supernatural abilities, but I don’t have the courage or manliness to pull off that look.  It’s a character flaw that I’m working hard to fix.  As of late it seems that people have felt the need to scoff at the mullet, but I’m here to tell you why they’re wrong.  There have been many incredibly influential people throughout the years who have been given special skills thanks to their bitchin’ mullets, but they become vain and disheartened, eventually cutting their hair.  Little did they know that this would lead to their downfall.

Who are some of these fallen heroes?  Here are three examples.

Mario Lemiux and Jaromir Jagr:  This dynamic duo crushed the hockey world in the ‘90’s, leading the Pittsburgh Penguins to several Stanley Cup victories.  Jagr cut his rad mullet in 1999 and immediately began suffering from an affliction I like to refer to as ‘sucking ass’.  Lemieux, beloved by the city of Pittsburgh fell upon a string of injuries that resulted directly from defiling his perfectly quaffed mane.

Richard Dean Anderson aka MacGyver.  He cut his mullet and then aged instantly.  The timeframe between these two pictures is a matter of hours.

Billy Ray Cyrus.  He changed his hair and then sired a demon.

Now, there are also plenty of instances where someone’s career has skyrocketed because they’ve cultivated the mullet.  Here are two current examples of those:

Kenny Powers.  OK, so the actors real name is Danny McBride, but I’m fairly convinced that this role wasn’t much of a stretch as far as acting goes.  He has a hit TV show and burgeoning movie career.  And it’s all because of his righteous mullet.

Elle Casey.  Though I don’t have an up-to-date photograph, I do have one from her childhood.  Her hairstyle has remained unchanged throughout the years though, so this is a good representation of what she is currently rocking.  Obviously, her writing success is directly attributable to the mullet.  Don’t be fooled by the boyish looks in this picture – I’m fairly certain she is indeed female.

For awhile I was thinking that hard work and perseverance were the keys to success and happiness, but I’ve now learned the error of my ways.  There is a fast track to all that is good in life, and it drapes over your neck.  I hope that I’ve been able to illustrate the importance of keeping things ‘business in the front and party in the back’.  It is in your utmost interest to work on growing a wicked mullet of your own.  Your career, sex life, and overall awesomeness depend on it.

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Books By Jason: (available Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, Kobo, and maybe more places: I only put the Amazon links below)

Gehenna: Gehenna

Echoes: Echoes

The Gate: The Gate

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  1. Jason, you forgot to add Joe Dirt to your list of righteous mullets. No comment on “elle’s” picture. I might be able to dig up a real one but it would cost really big bucks.

  2. So Jason, do you plan to grow one yourself? Is this some hint of your super villain plot to take over the world?

    • I’m certainly going to try. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that I’m man enough to grow one. It takes incredible amounts of willpower and fortitude to cultivate a proper mullet.

  3. This is likely the best author guest post I’ve read in some time. Most authors slap out the usual “about me” dribble. It’s cool, but get’s old. Kudos to Mr. Brant for marching to your own beat.

    P.S. Have Gehenna on my TBR. Looking forward to.

    • Thanks! I actually don’t like author blogs or guest posts for the most part either. For some reason authors feel the need to be sinfully boring and ‘professional’ when writing them. I like to have fun and screw around, and I see no reason that can’t extend to your ‘author’ life.

      In fact, posts like this happen on my blog at least once a week. Professionalism be damned.

      I hope you enjoy Gehenna!

  4. You’ve found me out. Hey, Jason … is it okay for me to tell everyone what you told me last week? Your big secret? That every time you say the word “mullet” you actually mean “set of man balls” and every time you say “hair” you really mean “balls”? Can I do that?

  5. Ummmmmm…DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER? Duh.

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