Rachel Cherie’s ‘Treachery at Martinique Isle’ Review


Treachery at Martinique Isle (Daughter of the High Seas: Book 1) is an adventure; a treasure hunting, pirate fighting, riddle-solving read. The book follows Jacqueline Luray Taylor, who goes by Jacq, and her twin, Alexandria Luray Thorpe, who goes by Alex. The girls find out they are twins after arriving to the same inn called Midway Zebra. Each of the girls stay at the inn and is looked after by the owners, Jemima and Fred Bumbleridge. Jacq’s guardian, Captain Taylor, ended up leaving to make money, but never came back. Alex’s ends up dying at the inn from a sickness. The girls grow up and help around the inn and the Bumbleridge’s think of them both as daughters and love them just the same. Jacq and Alex both have matching golden lockets that were given to them by Jemima and Fred. Each of the girls has a unique pet. Jacq has a parrot named Big Beak Bill, and Alex has a monkey named Frankincense, Frank for short. They offer comedy throughout the book.
The inn ends up on fire, with the girls inside. They go to look for Jemima and Fred, but when they find them they will not leave. They give the girls each a bag and tell them to run. The girls can’t believe they won’t come, but finally they leave. On their way out they see a pirate who is screaming for Black Fred and Gold Jem. They run for fear of their lives. While running they find their friend Miata, who is the town thief. He helps put them up in a shelter. While there Jacq and Alex finally look through each of their bags and each have very similar letters. In the letters there are riddles that they must solve.
Miata tells them they know someone who can help with the riddles and that’s when they meet Geoffry Pierce, who is an eccentric character. He will help them but only if he can go with them. He funds the boat for the trip and they set sail for the treasure.

While on the boat they come across a Madam McLoflin, who was stuck at sea, after a pirate raided her boat and took a girl name Amy. McLoflin is Amy’s governess and is distraught about Amy being taken.  McLoflin also knows more than she wants to let on. She knows that Amy means something to the girls, something special. She also knows one more thing about the girls…they aren’t the orphans they think they are. Join them on their adventure of finding themselves, finding a family, and maybe finding a little romance along the way…

Treachery at Martinique Isle (Daughters of the High Seas: Book 1) is a very easy read. I kept hurrying so I could turn the page and find out the next mystery as well as solve the current one I was on. The story keeps you guessing, in a good way. I enjoyed the theme of the book as it was something different. I loved how the sisters stayed together throughout every problem they faced and faced it all together. You will also meet a lot of different characters that are well developed and I have a few that are my favorites. It has everything a book needs, suspense, mystery, romance and it is chalk full of comedy. It also has an underlying message of ‘go for what you believe in’. This is a must read! I give it 4 stars!

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“Do not speak so of my sister, or I shall use your own swords to silence you!”

“What is it with you? Both of you! Both of my sisters falling for thieves!”

 “You never know the end until you arrive, and then it matters not what the end shall be because you are there.

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  1. Great review! Was glad to find you on FB! Look forward to reading more reviews. I am a new follower now!

  2. Awesome review. Can’t wait to read more. darkangel851@yahoo.com

  3. i’m always excited to find new authors — thanks

  4. Like the review. THis sounds like a great book!

  5. pirate fighting? Can’t go wrong with that!

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