Review of Ariana Zamora’s ‘The Dreamer’

Review by Cassie Hoffman

Anjaleena, better known as Leena, is a seventeen year old young woman who has been plagued with horrible nightmares ever since she could remember. They aren’t just any nightmares, they are always the same, and almost every night she finds herself waking up the same way…terrified. Her parents have taken her to numerous doctors and therapists, and they say it is night terrors and try to put her on medicine, but she will soon find out that her nightmares have a real meaning to them. She has told her parents they have stopped, but they haven’t. The only person who knows the truth, and that she can confide in is her grandmother, Rose. Unbeknownst to Leena her grandmother has suffered from the same nightmares just like herself, but Rose will never be able to tell Leena herself, because she ends up passing away unexpectedly.

Leena and her whole family are shocked and distraught by the sudden passing of Grandma Rose. Leena soon finds out about the secret Rose was keeping. While at the funeral, Leena has a mysterious woman give her a letter from Rose and along with the letter is a key on a chain. Leena has no idea what it all means. Why would her grandmother give her such a strange thing?

The family packs up and moves to a different state for a new start. The family moves into the childhood home of Rose, which no one even knew existed. The Bennett Manor is a one hundred and fifty year old manor. Leena soon finds out there is more to the house then meets the eye. Leena meets Julian Bennett, a ghost who was the original owner of the manor when it was first built. Julian wants Leena’s help to find out how he died one hundred and fifty years ago. Leena agrees to help find out how he died. Julian has the ability to take Leena back into his time and while there he is in his human body and they are able to touch, to connect unlike when he is in his ghost form.

Julian isn’t the only ghost who resides in the Bennett Manor, Leena discovers. She finds the woman who has plagued her and her grandmothers’ dreams, haunts the manor, and is the reason her grandmother passed away. Evangeline is on her own quest, and needs Leena’s help just like Julian.

Leena has a few love interests, but she soon falls for Julian, but is her feelings for him truly hers? How could she ever have a relationship with a century and a half year old ghost? Leena will be tested; she finds her life crumbling all around her. Is she going crazy? Will she solve this century and half year old mystery? Can she get her life back, and be a normal seventeen year old girl? You’ll have to read The Dreamer to find out all the mysteries surrounding Bennett Manor.

 While reading The Dreamer you will be taken into the historical past and feel like you’re going through this journey with Leena. The Dreamer is full of mystery, and a real page turner. You’ll take sides, but then question yourself if you’re on the right one. It keeps you guessing till the very end. The Dreamer was very well written, and the characters were loveable. I give it ***** stars.

 Quotes from the Book:

“Save for one other, you’re the only living person I’ve been able to communicate with…On the other side.”-Juilian

 “Screw you! I’ll say any damn thing I want to say while you’re using my body like this. I know you and Julian had a thing in the past. I don’t know how serious it was, and I don’t care.”- Leena

 “I do not cherish the fact that I killed my own descendant, Anjaleena. But Rose had set into motion events that would have kept me from you. You are the one who will save us all, and I could not allow her to spoil a retribution that has been long overdue.”-Evangeline

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