Review of ‘Love, Lost and Found’ by Jean Joachim & Ben Tanner


A chance encounter, two strangers going through losing the loves of their lives, find each other when they least expect it. Can a romantic vacation fling turn into more?

Tara is a journalist who just found out her fiancé was cheating on her. She threw her ring, called off the wedding, and cashed their honeymoon vacation in. She is heading to the most romantic place, ST. Thomas, alone, sad, hurting, and still in shock over losing the only thing she has known for the last few years.

Mick, a Marine, just got a “Dear John” letter from his fiancé; she can’t handle him being gone and being alone. His Major makes him take a two week leave to clear his mind, because he is no good for his team with his mind in another place and not on the battlefield. With keys to the Major’s vacation home in ST. Thomas, Mick is looking forward to a two week leave to clear his mind and hopefully a chance to find a pretty girl to take his mind off what he just lost.

On the plane to ST. Thomas Tara and Mick meet, they shouldn’t have. Tara had a ticket in first class, but gave it to a soldier in a full body cast. After an incident puts Tara and Mick in seats next to each other, they make small talk. When they both learn they are going to ST. Thomas for the same reason, each make a bet that their break-up was worse than the others. With Mick winning by getting a “Dear John” letter, he makes plans to take Tara to a restaurant, to a walk on the beach, and on a boat ride.

Going to dinner and walking they both feel a pull towards each other. Maybe Tara will get a romantic encounter after all and Mick will be able to forget about his ex with Tara. Not knowing anyone else but each other, the two decide to hang out together while on vacation, so they can help each other forget about their ex’s.

Tara is given a boat for a day by the solider she gave her first class seat to. Tara and Mick decide to go and have lunch on an out of the way island. One mistake by Tara gets them stranded on the island. Now they are lost and no one knows where they are. While they are stranded Mick finds out a secret Tara has been keeping from him. Being lost on an island alone Mick and Tara find that they are falling for each other, maybe way too fast.

Getting off the island and being rescued brings them back to the real world, with Mick professing his love to Tara, and Tara doing the same. But, is there a chance that Tara will send him a “Dear John” letter just like his ex? Will Mick forget about her, realize he doesn’t really love her, or worse, die?

Can their vacation romance blossom into more? Can they live without each other? These are the questions they both face in ‘Love Lost and Found’.

‘Love Lost and Found’ is a really fast developing story, from the beginning to the end. This story has a lot of twist and turns as well as different situations that the characters find themselves in. It takes you out of your room where you’re readingand into the romantic ST. Thomas setting. You will find yourself loving Mick and Tara and rooting for them. I give it 4 stars!

 Quotes from the book:

“So what? I might shake a dog’s paw, doesn’t mean I want him drooling all over me.”-Tara

“I love you, Tara. I don’t know how it happened so fast, but I have no question in my mind. I love you.”- Mick

“I know he’s been burned…still…he asked Lisa to marry him, but not me. If he loves me, why hasn’t he proposed to me? Maybe because I’d be a burden now. I’m not the same as the girl he fell for. I’m broke. He deserves better.”- Tara

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Author: Jean C. Joachim & Ben Tanner

Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing

Secret Cravings Buy Link: Love, Lost and Found

Amazon Buy Link: Love, Lost and Found

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  1. Awesome review Cassie!! I want to read this.;)

  2. Thank you so much for this lovely review. I’m sorry I didn’t speak up before, but I just found it now.

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