Review/Giveaway of ‘I Spider’ by Anthony Lance

Review by: Cynthia Shepp

I am going to start off saying that this is not the usual type of book I read but I am glad I did. 

I Spider is set in Australia. It starts off with a man you will later find out is Tony. He is describing waking up in a mental institution, feeling clearer than he has in years, and wearing a straightjacket…He thinks he has committed murder.

Tony was an odd one, functional for most of his life but aware that something wasn’t quite right with himself. He lived with his mother most of the time in a shed in the backyard but he did finally get his own house. He was a graphic designer that was out of work more than he was in, with brief, creative stints that seemed to be leading to bigger and brighter things, but always ended. He was also deathly afraid of spiders…or so he said.

Tony’s path through his mental illness intensified the older he got and the longer he went without treatment. He developed a hatred of a man named Paul and decided to plan and commit the perfect murder. Then the spider hoarding and madness really started to get bad. Tony’s brilliant plan was to use one of the most poisonous spiders there are, the Funnel Web spider, and milk it of it’s venom. This would be horribly dangerous and insane, but he manages. He then has to find and make the perfect murder weapon…a dart with two tips to mimic the bite of a funnel web. Tony loses most of his grasp on reality, becoming even more of a loner and the type of person that children make fun of, which they do on a regular basis. Tony’s descent into madness is spiraling out of control and the unthinkable happens…his plan really works. What happens afterwards? Will he spend his life locked up? Or will he in fact get a new life?

I Spider made me terribly afraid of spiders, made me rethink my urge to visit Australia, and left me slack jawed at the brilliance of the author. This book was fantastic. A true psycological thriller that sometimes made you laugh, sometimes horrified you, but always had you on the edge of your seat. The book reads like someone is sitting beside you telling you a story. You feel like you are in a conversation with Tony. His madness is so apparent in the telling of the story. It seriously made me FEEL his madness. The book jumped around subjects like you know someone who does not have all their marbles would talk, but it never got confusing. There was a realistic feel that was creepy as hell, especially with the pictures in the book, but I was assured it was fiction lol. Regardless of some of the things that Tony does, you still find yourself rooting for him, hoping he completes his task, and hoping that he can eventually get better. I also loved the way he talked. I went around my house saying ‘wanker’ in my head and laughing like an idiot for two days lol. I recommend giving I Spider a chance, even if it is not your usual type of book. I give it 5 stars.

Amazon Buy Link: I SPIDER by Anthony Lance

The Giveaway:

Anthony has been kind enough to giveaway 2 e-copies of I Spider. To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment telling me why you want to read this book and/or ask the author a question. This is MANDATORY.

For an extra entry go to Amazon and click the like button on the I SPIDER page. Please let me know that you did so that your extra entry will count. I hope that you will take the time to do this as it helps get the book out there. Ends 10/27 at 8 am CST.


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  1. Ok, I NEED to read this! I, too, have a bit of fascination with spiders. I was bitten by a brown recluse spider and died in the ER. Luckily, they were able to bring me back. I often thought about spider venom being a perfect murder weapon!

    Tony seems very interesting. I can’t wait to delve into his mind! If Cynthia gave this book five stars, I’m sure I will love it!

    To Anthony Lance: Did you have a personal experience with spiders that made you think of using spider venom as a murder weapon?

    • Hi Terry! I first had the idea when as a very young man I watched a funnel web being milked. Part of the commentary said that if the young woman who was milking the spiders accidentally stabbed herself with the pointy glass eyedropper, (on the end of the vacuum), she would probably die. Anti venom or not.
      I carried the idea around for years before I decided to write about it.

    • I just looked up your recluse spider, they sound nasty. I’ve been bitten by a common black house spider but it only made me nauseous (for a month). Did you have an allergic reaction?

  2. I really want to read this! I’m so afraid of spiders but love to read stories and movies about them. Must have a masochistic streak in me:)

    Anthony: Why a spider? And how difficult was it to come up with a weapon disguising the darts as a spider bite?

  3. I had a lot of spider anecdotes from my past that I thought I could use to build the character and to illustrate his slow descent into mental illness. The funnel web is such an iconic creature, up there with the koala and kangaroo.

    I’m also terrified of spiders.

    The weapon is simply a dart, with the point removed and replaced with two syringe needles. A piston like rod slides up and down in the darts barrel. The piston sits at the back with the force of the throw until impact when it slides forward and injects the venom.

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    Here’s the whole review. Awesome.

  5. Yes, unfortunately I’m very allergic to them, so if I get bit, I have to get to the hospital right away. That doesn’t stop me from “rescuing” them and putting them outside unharmed when I find them in the house, though… I am truly fascinated by them and know I wasn’t bitten on purpose. I just happened to roll over on her in bed LOL

    • My rule is rescue them unless they’re big, black and evil looking.
      When my youngest daughter was one year old I took her out of the pool, unzipped her full length swim suit and her body was covered in tiny black hairs. Right in the middle was a ball of fluff that moved when I picked it up. It was a black spider, all shriveled up in a ball. I turned white. Luckily she hadn’t been bitten, but there’s that horrible time where you are waiting for symptoms. I still don’t know how the spider got there, I had turned the swim suit inside out. I can only guess that it was in her pull up swim nappy.

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