As most of you know I am publishing an anthology called “Apocalypse”. There are some great short stories from some awesome people in it, Authors and Readers. I put up a cover contest for the anthology with the winner getting their cover on the book. I got some insanely good covers to show you from some freaking awesome artists and I want you to vote on your favorite. The only rule is that you can only vote ONE time. So without further adieu I am going to post the covers. The covers will have RED NUMBERS on top of them. There is a form at the bottom that you can fill out to vote. Just put your name, email address, and the NUMBER of the cover you are voting for. Voting ends Sunday, November 4, at 10 pm CST. Cover reveal will be on Monday, November 5th. All images are owned by their respective artists. Please do not distribute without permission.

(1) ONE                        (PULLED FROM CONTEST, Please pick another)


(2) TWO              artist: Katherine Rochholz



(3) THREE                   artist: Pam Rosensteel


(4) FOUR                    artist: Rene Folsom


(5) FIVE                       artist: Rene Folsom

(6) SIX                            artist: Rene Folsom

(7) SEVEN                     artist: Rene Folsom

(8) EIGHT                      artist: Rene Folsom

(9) NINE                    artist: Rene Folsom

(10) TEN                     artist: Katherine Rochholz

(11) ELEVEN                   artist: Rene Folsom


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  1. Rene, I want you to design the rest of my life….

  2. Love love love number 4. The green grass the colors of the sky. The purple and blues together are a wonderful mix and the dryness in the road very real looking The model is beautiful and the red us breathtaking The flames coming off the building and her dress look very real. To me this is the most stunning cover I hope it wins. I would buy it and frame it as art. Tee totally breathtaking.

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