Brynn Aberdie has everything but freedom … but everything has a way of changing.
When Brynn loses her family, her security, and her handouts, she is left with one last option, and it guarantees one of two things: freedom or death.

Brynn vows to find that freedom, and soon learns a lesson many in One United have already learned – by failing to protect their rights, Citizens have forfeited their lives with little hope to ever recover them.


All of you know that I am fond of dystopian/post-apocalyptic. I would even go as far as saying at this point in my life they are my favorite genre. This is a great dystopian book that I am glad I got the chance to read.

Brynn Aberdie lives in what is called the One United. This takes place in the future where all of North American has joined together into one nation, people are microchipped with their every move tracked by the government, supposedly for their own safety, and their lives are mostly controlled by the government. They live underground in energy-saving homes. Their lives are in essence, mapped out for them. They have no control. Their every word is listened to and their freedom contingent on their willingness to be sheep.

After the death of her father in what the One United calls a terrorist attack, Bree’s life is changed forever. Along with a boy named T, Bree throws off the conventional chains and takes off in search of freedom.

This book is action-packed. I literally could not put it down. Bree was a very likable character and T is just what you would expect in a boy that turns her life upside down. Bree goes through so much on her quest for freedom. There are so many twists and turns that you just do not expect. Plus, the little bit of romance makes it sweet. This is one book that you do not want to miss.

Quotes from the book:

“Equality in the classroom means equality in life.”

“We were modified, Brynn.”

“Two of us – and you think we can change the world?

“I worry about you, about anything happening to you, because I truly love you, every bit of you.

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inDIVISIBLE by Ryan Hunter

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