Miranda Wheeler’s ‘Something of a Kind’ Review & Giveaway

Review by Cassie Hoffman

Something of a Kind by Miranda Wheeler

How do you go on after you lose the only parent you’ve really ever had? How can you start over in a completely different place, with a father that was never in your life and a very different culture? These are the questions Alyson Glass will face, as she struggles to overcome her mother’s passing from cancer and learn to become the woman she is meant to be.

Alyson Glass’s life was shook to the core when her mother passed from cancer after a couple years of up and down battling. She knew it was coming, but didn’t really come to terms that her mother, the only parent she has had her whole life would finally be gone. Her father, Dr. Greg Glass, was a scientist, studying something entirely different than what Alyson always thought he did. Being forced to move in with her estrange father Greg to Ashland, Alaska, where the only big thing that ever went on was talk of the elusive “Wood Beast” and seeing the drunks stumble around town and get into fights.

Noah, a eighteen year old townie whose family owns the only restaurant in Ashland named Yazzie’s, who had to deal with a drunk for a father and one for a mother, as well as being a punching bag to his father when felt he needed it.
Noah wouldn’t get stuck in this town like all the rest. He had plans and that went for his younger sister too, Sarah. They would make it out, one way or another.
Not knowing anyone in town, Alyson meets Noah and they become fast friends, and will soon become more.

Alyson and Noah go on a hunt for a town legend, but they may get more than they bargained for. Now, everyone wants them to stay away from each other, “bad news”, they say.

With new secret’s unfolding for both Alyson and Noah, who fall hard for each other after only a week together, things get a little “hairy.” Who said there was a time limit you had to wait to be in love with someone?

When secrets are revealed, it can only go up from there for them, right? Take the journey with Alyson and Noah on their hunt for finding out who they really are.
Something of a Kind was something really different for me to read. At first, it touched me on a different level, a surreal level with me having lost my mother from cancer and almost the same type Alyson’s mother had. Reading Alyson’s struggles to overcome her mother’s passing, I felt her pain and knew where she was coming from. So needless to say, I did bawl my eyes out in the beginning of this book. But, then it takes on a whole totally different spin that I did not see coming. Throw in there finding your first love, a father who won’t talk to you and a town full of drunks and you have a book that is different from most. I enjoyed this book, because of how different it was and the writing was really good. I give it 4 stars.


“I’ve been talking to this girl for all of two hours and I already pulled cancer out of her. What the hell is wrong with me?” Noah

“Greg, I am not going to stop seeing Noah.”- Alyson

“Five days, five days was enough to change everything.”-Alyson


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Something Of A Kind

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  1. I think Something of a Kind is a very interesting book and I am looking forward to buying it..I really enjoyed reading Cassie Hoffman’s review about this book by Miranda Wheeler. Cassie did a great job! I just liked Something of a KInd FB page #105…

  2. The reason why I want to read the book Something of a Kind is the story line of the main characters Alyson and Noah. Alyson had lost her mother to cancer and Noah had to deal with a drunk for a father and mother. They both went through some difficult times in their lives. I am looking forward to following them from the first day they met, their love for each other, their journey together in finding out who they really are and finding out how this book ends.

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