Review/Giveaway of Dina Silver’s ‘One Pink Line’


One Pink Line by Dina Silver

A night of fun, a onetime tiff, and a surprise of two pink lines on a plastic stick will change your whole life as you know it. This is what Sydney soon finds out and hurts the one person she loves the most. If only that test showed One Pink Line, not two…this is the story of Sydney and how a plastic stick turned her world upside down.

Sydney, a college student who is fixing to graduate from Purdue University and start her career at an entry level job, is studying for her last Spanish final and that turns into her mind jumping to her missed period, sneaking up and saying, “Hi, have you missed me?”

Being 8 weeks late, there is no way in hell she could be pregnant, NO! Her Ovaries have to be on hiatus due to all the stress of graduating and finals. Right? Stopping everything and running out to the farthest Wal-Mart to buy her first pregnancy test, a 1st Response. Reading the instructions and learning that she needs to see one pink line, which will tell her she isn’t pregnant. The longest five minutes of her life brings TWO PINK LINES! Not one, two! Now not only is she pregnant, but the realization hits her about who the father is!

In One Pink Line, Sydney goes back four years to the night before her graduation. We get to look into her life and her friends and when she first fell in love with Ethan, and see how their love story begins.

Ethan and Sydney have a long distance relationship, and they try to make it work the best they can. With Sydney fixing to graduate college, she makes a long lasting mistake. One night with her best guy friend will forever change her life, and her relationship with Ethan, when she finds out she is pregnant, not with Ethan’s child, but Kevin’s.

With Kevin, the baby’s father, not wanting anything to do with either of them, and her four plus year relationship with Ethan ending, Syd goes on with her plans as they were before she found out she was pregnant.

With her growing stomach, Kevin not returning her calls, and Ethan trying to mend their broken friendship, Syd’s life is a mess.

When she gives birth, her and Ethan’s friendship gets fixed. Syd wants him in her life, and as more than friends, but what if he doesn’t want that? Raising a baby on her own, yearning for Ethan, knowing one day she will have to tell her child about its father, having an unexpected phone call that will change a few things, trying to be not only a mommy, but also Sydney with a life, and balancing it all. And throw in her wishing for her first love back.

Can Sydney have Ethan back, will he want to raise someone else’s child, the child that should be his, but isn’t because of the one night she cheated on him. Will he do it?

Also in One Pink Line

We meet a young girl who thought her life was perfect until she has a sex education class and tries to understand how her dad became her dad when she was two, not when the sperm met her mothers’ egg. How is that possible?

With her mother having to tell her that her daddy isn’t her biological dad and with her having a lot more questions her mother won’t answer, she goes her whole life until she graduates college guessing who her “real” dad is and why he doesn’t want anything to do with her.

 A young girl who’s world crumbled by watching a Sex-Ed movie and finding out her parents have been lying and wondering all her life if she will ever meet her biological father? Will she ever get her questions answered, and will she be happy with the outcome?

All these questions will be answered in One Pink Line. Everyone could probably relate to these characters in one way or another. With an unexpected pregnancy, raising your child alone, aching for the one who got away, or finding out that the person you have called dad isn’t your biological father. I can relate to that one, as well as not finding out until I was a lot older myself.

This story was such an amazing read that touched home. I loved seeing Sydney’s life four years prior to the night she was begging to see only ONE pink line on her pregnancy test, and two years following seeing two pink lines. Syd’s character is very lovable, brave, and like all of us women. The other characters were the same and made the story what is was. I loved Ethan and you all will too, and I know you all will want to punch Kevin right in his neck with how he treats Sydney. This story goes in a full circle and it ends with a happily ever after. I enjoyed the fact that the author added a child’s point of view and had her own story. Not only was One Pink Line a great, heart breaking, funny, loveable read, but the author is such an amazing storyteller and I loved how her story and writing flowed. I didn’t get bored at all; it was the other way around. I ate this book up and read it in a DAY! Yes, that’s how amazing this book is!! BRAVO Dina Silver with your first novel and hitting it out of the ballpark. If I could give this book 10 stars I would, but I can’t so I will most definitely give it 5 HUGE STARS!

 Quotes from the Book:

“You’re the first…girl I’ve brought down here…not my first date. That came out wrong. I actually wanted to ask you out years ago. Really, even though you were too busy to notice a six-foot-two hockey player you had three classes with.”-Ethan

“Trust me, you are going to want to be able to live a little. We will never have another chance to behave like this in all of our adult life.”-Taylor

“I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, I really have to admit…I just don’t want to think about it. I know that sounds so stupid, but the second I saw those two pink lines, it was like, my brain started desperately searching for something else to focus on.”


One Pink Line by Dina Silver (Amazon Kindle)

One Pink Line by Dina Silver (Amazon Paperback)

The Giveaway

Dina Silver has been kind enough to offer a paperback (USA only) of One Pink Line for giveaway. To enter this giveaway you MUST leave a comment on this blog post with a question for her or tell her why you want to read it. Remember to click follow replies so that you can see the answer to your questions. Giveaway ends Jan. 10, 2013 at 8 am CST.

For an extra entry click HERE to like her Facebook page! Make sure you tell me that you liked it so I can count it.


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  1. Looks like a really good book that I could really get into reading..Thanks for the chance to win one..I liked Dina on FB..

  2. I just liked Dina on Fb and would love an opportunity to read her book.

  3. Sounds like a great story! even if i don’t win I’ll pick up a copy. thanks for the blog got me into the story. what inpsired you to write this story?

  4. I love Dina Silver’s other works. I cannot wait for this one.

  5. Michelle Lovell

    I’ve heard soo many good things about this book. Wanted to read for a while now.

  6. I’ve seen many great reviews for One Pink Line…would love to get my hands on it!

  7. It’s a GREAT book! I am a forever fan of Dina Silver now. This book was on my TBR list for a while, and I was so happy I got to read it finally. I loved how it showed both sides….I’m not going to say more on that one 🙂 Good luck to you all and whoever wins is a lucky duck! This is a book to read I promise!!

  8. Sounds like a great book!! My question is: What do you do when you get writers block? If you get it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. How long have you been writing and is this your first book?

  10. What a beautiful book it has my full station. I would live to read and review this book the story sounds amazing. I have finger and toes crossed to win this book to that I may not only read and review but show it off in Feb book show. Besides books what is your heart felt passion.

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