Review/Giveaway of ‘Christmas is Cancelled’


Christmas Is Cancelled by Aurelia B. Rowl

Is there such a thing called fate? For Tilly and Dean there might be! Christmas Is Cancelled will take you on Tilly and Dean’s whirlwind romance.

Tilly, a young woman who is on her way to her brothers on Christmas Eve, gets stranded when the train tracks at the train station malfunction. Now with nowhere to go and nowhere to spend Christmas, what is Tilly to do?

Tilly just found her boyfriend and best friend sleeping with each other in his office, where Tilly was his PA. Since she shared a house with her boyfriend, she is now homeless, single, and jobless on Christmas Eve.

But, fate intervenes after almost 10 years. Tilly and Dean run into each other in front of the train station. Dean…just the last person she needed to see.

Dean was Tilly’s brother’s best friend, her first love, even if he didn’t know and was the reason she ran away from home and everyone she knew.

Was she being punished?!?

Dean couldn’t believe who was standing in front of him. Even though she is now a grown woman and her beautiful red hair is now dyed brown there was no way he could have missed his…Basmati.

Seeing Tilly is stranded with nowhere to go on Christmas Eve, Dean offers Tilly a place to stay and Tilly agrees.

With both of their walls up, can they let each other in, or will they build the walls even higher?

Dean is having a hard time with his feelings for Tilly. If she knew the ONLY reason he was holding back was because of his promise to her brother, that he wouldn’t pursue Tilly. Why did he make that promise?

With Dean putting up a tree for Tilly and taking her on a hike to make his Christmas ritual of writing in a visitors log at the cabin, walls come crumbling down. Only to have something, or someone, make Tilly run away again.

Will Dean get the girl he let go so many years ago back? And if so will she believe him when he tells her the truth about his past? Can they both let each other in without running away or building up new walls? Was Christmas being cancelled the best present they could have received?

Christmas Is Cancelled was a great read. I read it in less than 5 hours and enjoyed it. The characters are well developed, with great back-stories that make you dive more into the book. If you can get pass the British “talk”, which was kind of hard for me…then you will enjoy the book. Great love story, with a well-developed plot that keeps you wanting more, and that’s what the author gives you. I GIVE CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED 4 STARS!

 Quotes from the Book:

“It’s taking everything I’ve got not to brace you against a tree and have my wicked way with you.”- Dean

“What part of being stranded in a shack and risking hypothermia is romantic?”- Dean

“Then what the hell is it? You blow hot and cold all the time. It’s bloody obvious you want me too, but you keep pushing me away.”- Tilly

“Christ, Dean, I’ve been in love with you for as long as I can remember, but even I can take a hint eventually.”- Tilly


Christmas Is Cancelled (Amazon Kindle)


Aurelia has been kind enough to offer a digital copy of ‘Christmas is Cancelled’ for giveaway. To enter this giveaway you MUST leave a comment on this blog post with a question for her or tell her why you want to read it. Remember to click follow replies so that you can see the answer to your questions. Giveaway ends Jan. 11, 2013 at 8 am CST.

For an extra entry click HERE to like her Facebook page! Make sure you tell me that you liked it so I can count it.


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  1. Would love to win and read your book..Thanks for the chance..I liked you on FB Aurelia..

  2. If Cassie has read it and likes it, then I know I will too. I loved her review. It made me want to read it.:)

  3. Thank you Tina, good luck.

    And thank you Natalie; if you do read Christmas is Cancelled, I hope you enjoy it just as much as Cassie 🙂

  4. Crystal Newman

    Liked your page #335. I really want to read this book to see what each of their secrets are. I also want to read it to see the outcome. I liked the cover and it looks like a great story.
    Thank you so much!!

  5. I would love to know besides anything to do with books what is your hearts passion. And I would love to read this book to see if he gets his wicked way with her or not and then review it and show off in my Feb book show.

    • My hearts passion… oooh, good one. If I’m not writing, you’ll find me doing one of two other things – playing with my young children, or reading. Never the housework – LOL – that can wait as my youngest will be at school before I know it.

      The only drawback to writing, is less reading time, and can honestly say that reading is what inspired me to try my hand at writing. It is only just over a year since I decided to give it a go, and Christmas is Cancelled is the first story I got to write ‘the end’ on, so to have it snapped up by a publisher immediately was wonderful.

      I hope you love it and will keep my eyes peeled next month 🙂

  6. I love the cover and I can’t wait to read it! Heard amazing things about Christmas is Cancelled! And I liked Aurelia’s Facebook page already in the past 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. The cover is gorgeous and truly captivating. I cannot wait for the opportunity to read it.

  8. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this
    post was good. I don’t know who you are but certainly you’re
    going to a famous blogger if you are not already 😉 Cheers!

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