Happy-Valentines-Day2I just wanted to take a minute and say “Happy Valentine’s Day”! I am going to have a giveaway of 3 Valentine’s Day themed books (1 winner for each book). This is going to be a simple entry. I want you to tell me in a comment below…


It can be sweet, funny, embarrassing, loving, romantic…

Any memory that means something to you.

I will pick my favorites and announce the winners on February 15th.

Prizes will be gifted through so you must have an account.

You also must be a fan of my facebook page. (LINK)


Good Luck & Have Fun!

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  1. My favorite Valentine’s Day memory was just last year, when I was in the middle of a rough patch with my beau. We decided to skip out on the holiday and just hang out with his family. When he ran to the store on an errand for his mom, he came back with two bouquets of lovely flowers and a bottle of wine. One bouquet was for his mom, and the other was for me, and we shared the bottle with his parents to wrap up the night in a nice way. ❤

  2. My favourite valentine’s memory is one of the only ones I have, as I have only ever had 2 valentines days with a date (my fantastic now fiance!!) It has to be my very first valentines with a date, he treated me like an absolute princess, he bought me the most amazing presents (a Nightmare Before Christmas/Jack Skellington messenger bag, a beautful necklace and the new book I’d been desperate to get (one of the House of Night series books, the newest one at the time) with the most adorable valentines message in which I will treasure forever), took me out for lunch AND dinner before taking me home and giving me a beautiful bunch of flowers before leaving. Best Valentines ever, he topped it the year after, we got engaged not long after (as we were apart for the actual day) and he’s got his work cut out to top it again this year! But I have every faith he will! ❤

  3. Well I have an embarrassing memory. I had been married for two months. My husband had called his mom and told her what to get me. Needless to say that I open it in front of everyone and it’s some red sexy lingerie.

  4. My husband came home for R&R at the end of January until the beginning of February. He went back to Iraq the week before Valentine’s day. On Valentine’s day (I was still staying with his family), I had just gotten out of the shower, and when I walked into the guest room flowers were on the side table, lilies my favorite. There was also a teddy bear, a box of chocolates and another small box. In it was a journey necklace. I don’t know how he managed to get it during.r&r without me noticing, but he had his mom sneak in and put it in the room. The card said, this year apart is only one step in our journey together. I love you. Forever and ever, babe.

  5. many years ago i worked for the phone company – it was a huge room with several different departments – on Valentines flowers were delivered all day – i didn’t have a significant other so i never got flowers – after several years watching all these flowers being delivered i decided i didn’t want to be left out again – i stopped at the florist a few days before Valentines and sent flowers to myself and had the florist sign it “someone who loves you” so my handwriting wouldn’t be recognized – pretty pathetic but at least that one year i didn’t feel left out

  6. My favorite memory was when I was 7 and I was playing with my big sister in my grandfather’s house when my grandfather came in the room. He gives me and my sister chocolate heart candy box and I remember feeling so happy that I got something on Valentines day, especially from my best friend:) Since my grandfather’s gone that memory is very important to me now….

  7. Mine was 27 years ago . My husband ordered flowers for me they brought them to me left them on my porch and they froze. Tan he took me out to eat and he spilled his drink all over both of us..I thought it was all funny he didn’t..

  8. Mine was when I was around 16 one of my boyfriends(well ex now lol) had gone through so much trouble trying to make everything perfect. Hima me his older brother went out got the most greatest presents for me and the brothers GF, then they had put together a homemade dinner by THEMSELVES (which was a miracle all in itself lol). It was just the perfect day ever! I will never forget it even to this day, 14years later.

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