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Fallen Angel by John McCuaig


Maggie Maguire is a no-nonsense inspector with the Croydon police department. When several priests become victims in a series of gruesome murders in churches throughout the area, Inspector Maguire is stumped by the evidence. The medical examiner insists that the evidence leads to impossible conclusions. Another priest, Lucas, an envoy to the Archbishop, insists that there is nothing less than the fate of mankind hanging in the balance and that he must be allowed to help her. Maggie must face the real possibility that the killer is not a human being at all, but something supernaturally sinister. In order to stop the murders, Maggie’s faith will be tested, and she will have to learn to believe in things beyond empirical proof and be willing to break all the rules if she hopes to save the day.


What an exciting supernatural thriller! In some ways it reminded me of Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons in the tight way the storyline was written and the compelling nature of the mystery as it played out. I was sucked into the story from page one, and I could not put it down. Maggie is a very believably drawn, and I found myself very drawn to her in every scene. There were twists and turns I didn’t expect, and I have the feeling that this is not the end of her story. The ending leaves it very much open to a sequel, which I am certain I will want to read. I give Fallen Angel 5 stars!


Quotes from the Book

* * *

Trust me, Maggie, no single man is capable of this. No way.”

* * *

“Do you believe in God, in the teachings of the bible? It’s a simple question. That’s all I’m asking you, Inspector.”

* * *

“I don’t mind saying it’s nothing short of impossible. Sorry, but I can’t give you any answers, Maggie, just some more questions.”

Author Bio


Bio- John McCuaig is a 40 something engineer who loves to write every chance he can get. Born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland he now lives in London, England with his far better half, Pamela. At present he has 5 novels published along with around twenty short stories. News about past, present and future projects can be found on his blog-

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  1. This book looks very interesting. By looking at your other books, it seems Angels are not something you normally write about. What inspired you to write this story?

    • Thank you, and you are quite right, this book is a move away from my usual stuff. I put that down to my better half Pam.who is a big fan of all things paranormal. For a while I’ve wanted to write something for her, and thankfully now that I have she seems to like it.

  2. Great review:) My question is: When did you start writing? Did you always wanted to be a writer?

    • I started writing for publication at about 36, so a bit of a late starter. I used to devour anthologies on a weekly basis, usually zombie related but always horror, and one day I thought I’d give it a go myself. I started a story on a writers website, a chapter every week or so and it got pretty good feedback. That eventually became my first novel, The Church. However my first ever published work was in the anthology Zombology II. Holding that book in my hand for the first time was probably one of the proudest moments in my life.

  3. Awesome review! Fallen Angels sounds very interesting and I am looking forward to reading it. I love reading any paranormal books..My question is: What genre of books do you like to write?

    • That has to be zombies although with my novels I do try and put a different angle on things. For example Pyramid of the Dead is set in the 16th century, The Church is about a man who is far from a hero and Escape from Dead City is set in real time and follows the first 24 hours of an outbreak. I also co-authored MetaHorde which is a good old fashioned “ripping yarn” set a few years after the rising where the impossible happens- the undead mass together in their millions.

  4. who is your favorite author

  5. How hard is it to come up with the plot line for your books? they all are wonderful

    • Thanks for your kind comment, apart from the one book I usually don’t do any plot outlines, I have a rough idea of where I want it to go but as I move forward that can, and often does, change wildly. A few times I’ve binned several chapters, maybe 5,000 words or more, as I’m not happy where I’ve went and want to go back to a certain point and start again. For the overall idea that usually comes from just sitting down with a pad and pencil and doing some brain storming, just writing down dozens of ideas until something really grabs my attention.

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