Today we have a treat for you. Two videos, one of Jason Brant and one of Elle Casey, both answering questions from me about their new book together, ACES HIGH. You will get to hear Jason making fun of the fact that I am from the South. You can go ahead and tell him in the comments what a douche is he 😉 You can also make fun of him for countless other things in the video. Go at him. Be My Guest! If you can stop laughing at him long enough that is.

Elle is her usual awesome self (don’t worry, Jason…you were awesome too!). She never ceases to surprise me. Her favorite quote in the book was actually mine as well. It is one that Jason wrote that had me dying laughing so hard that my husband gave me the “god, you’re crazy” look.

If you haven’t read ACES HIGH, I urge you to go get your copy and I am going to put a handy little buy link right here on the page.

Please let them know what you think about the interviews in the comments below. Ask them questions if you like. I’m sure they will eventually get over here to maybe answer a few!


ACES HIGH (Amazon buy link)

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  1. You guys both rock. I love book. And Jason, my family is from the South so y’all better be nice to Cynthia. 🙂

  2. I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to finish the book yet, but I couldn’t wait to watch Y’ALL on your interviews. Thanks for no spoilers by the way! Also, thank you two for coming together and writing such an awesome book!

  3. Wow, what a truly great surprise 🙂 Loved it ………………. made me laugh. Really looking forward to the next book.

  4. margaret rainforth

    Jason, you called me an assembly line.

  5. All I want to say is #1, Jason is a lying buttbag and #2, Jason: get that muskrat off your head, fool.

  6. BOTH interviews were a lot of fun to watch and interesting too! Elle I was disappointed you didn’t bash Jason as much as he did you but then again you have more class then he does….. As long as both of you write I will forever be your fans and HOPEFULLY Charlie and Doug will continue for a LONG time! The book was super awesome!

  7. Greetings from Down Under…
    Just watched the videos and you two just crack me up ! It’s like watching sibling rivalry without the profanity. If you two EVER come to Australia together I would love to be present listening to you bounce off each other.What a blast that would be….

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