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Review/Giveaway of ‘ACES HIGH’ by Jason Brant & Elle Casey


Aces High is a book by Jason Brant and Elle Casey—a collaboration of two of my favorite authors. If you have read their books you would wonder what they could possibly have in common genre-wise, besides humor and a flair for the paranormal. Elle is mainly YA and Jason is mainly horror. Aces High is proof that you can’t put anybody in a little box and expect them to stay there. Their writing styles meshed so well that the book flowed seamlessly, with Elle writing a chapter and then Jason the next. I was impatiently waiting for this book from the second that I heard that they were writing a book together. I love both of their styles and this book did not disappoint. The absolute funniest part of this book (to me) was that I pictured Jason and Elle as the main characters. I could absolutely see their faces while I read…which had me CRACKING UP the whole time… I could just see them getting into those situations—with Elle beating up on Jason the whole time.

The two main characters, Charlie (a girl) and Douglas, are as different as two people can be. Charlie is an independent, take-no-shit, card shark, while Doug is a self-proclaimed geek and…well…a little bit of a wuss. A peephole and an egg is what makes this unlikely pair a team. Both young, on their own, and down on their luck, they come up with the unlikely idea to become bounty hunters, going after the bad guy to make the rent money. Charlie is a lot brash, a little abusive, with a foul mouth to boot and Doug is a germ-freak with a scream like a little girl, but somehow they make their friendship work. This book follows them through old, nasty hookers, victory dances, eye drops, police chases, dumpsters, and a surprising twist that some will expect and some won’t…but that leaves the book wide open for a series I can’t wait to read. I extremely enjoyed the relationship between the two—watching it grow felt as if you were really getting to know them. Full of smart-ass comments, inventive swear words, situations that have you saying WTF, and an unlikely friendship that has you rooting for the pair to the very end, this is a book that you don’t want to miss. I can’t wait to see what Charlie and Doug get up to next.

Quotes from the Book:

“People are going to stick guns in your asshole.” (Charlie)

“Penis, penis, penis—all day long. That’s me.” (Doug) *I almost choked to death when I read this part of the book as I was laughing so hard.*

“We make good partners. Two ass-kickin’ survivors. We’re just squirrels trying to get a nut.” (Charlie)

“This was just the fart frosting on top of my shit cake of a day.” (Doug)


Aces High by Elle Casey and Jason Brant


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