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After The Ending by Lindsey Fairleigh and Lindsey Pogue

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have to start off by saying that I love post-apocalyptic novels and this one sucked me in from the very beginning. This story follows Dani and Zoe as the world as they know it ends. Pretty much 90% of the world’s population has died from a weird version of the flu. Only the people that have already had the H1N1 virus seemed to have survived.

The girls are separated, trying their best to meet back up. They correspond with email while the internet is still up, keeping each other up to date on the numerous changes in their lives. The people that survived either turned into “crazies” or developed unique developments, super powers if you will, but much more plausible. Both of the girls notice that they are getting these unique abilities and the ones that they get are ones that are so neat.

Dani is in a group of people with Zoe’s brother Jason. She has had a crush on him for her whole life. Zoe is with a group of people that she just met up with, part of a military group. Jake is part of her group; he is a mysterious person who saved her life but won’t let her get to close. Both of their groups were well-established. I loved the distinction of the characters, how everyone was developed and felt like a friend at the end. The romance was great, not too much, not too little. I was hooked from the first page and it was so hard to put it down. The ending was left wide open for the next book. I could not believe who MG turned out to be! This book had it all, mystery, excitement, sorrow, emotion, happiness, and hope. I cannot wait for the next book!



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Review of ‘TEXAS JACK’ (FREE April 4-6 on Amazon!)

Bart Hopkin’s ‘Texas Jack’ was a tale of family, heartbreak, betrayal, and forgiveness. I will admit that it hit really close to home as Jack’s father reminded me of how mine used to be. The story switched back in forth from past to present and told the tale of Jack’s life from childhood to adulthood. I always love books that do that. It gives you more of a sense of who the character is.

Jack is a man with a family, a wife that he loves and a son that he adores. His family life is happy, regardless of the blasé attitude that everyone gives to his father, Billy, about his drinking and the excuses everyone makes for him. Jack was on the road to being an alcoholic just like his father while he was in college. He drank all the time…until he met a girl at a concert and she changed his life.

Fast forward to the future and a trip to visit his parents, and you can feel the build-up to something with every page you read. You know it’s coming, you know it’s going to be bad, but you don’t know the outcome. I laughed, I cried, I bit my fingernails, and I even found myself praying for the characters in the book (lol, God must think I’m nuts), but you just can’t help it. You get so invested in the outcome of the book that their family has become your family.

Full of characters that you wish you only had in your life, friends and family alike, this book shows that family, friendship, and love is alive…and that forgiveness may be hard, but it’s possible and worth it in the long run. I actually felt like I didn’t know if I could forgive what happened, but after hitting the last page, I knew he had done the right thing, and it changed their family forever. This book is an instant classic, a must-read, and one of those books that stay with you long after you are done. I give Texas Jack 5 STARS and would give it more if I could. A moving, heartwarming story that everyone should read!

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Author Bio:


Bart Hopkins is originally from Galveston, Texas, but has lived in Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, South Korea, and Germany. He has also been on brief forays into Bosnia and Kuwait. He was born in the middle of the 1970s.

The author has a BS in Liberal Arts and an MA in Adult Education; he has served in the United States Air Force for nearly 19 years as a Meteorologist. For now, Bart writes when he can, in those spare moments between work, Scouts, and soccer games. One day soon, he hopes to devote all of his time to bringing the characters in his head to life.

Bart’s passions include reading, traveling, photography, writing, and sharing time with his beautiful wife and three awesome children. Texas Jack is Bart’s second novel. His first, Fluke, was co-authored with a friend during their back-to-back deployment.

You can learn more about the author, and contact him, through his website. He’s always happy to hear from readers.

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Today we have the cover reveal of Dawn White’s new book: Anastasia – The Dregg Chronicles Part 1. Please let her know what you think. Anastasia part 1


Anastasia’s entire family had been killed by something quite un-natural. She has her own obstacles to face; lets follow the journey to see what happens with Anastasia and The Dregg Chronicles.



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Review of Word and Breath by Susannah Noel


Word and Breath by Susannah Noel

What would you do if your life was turned upside down and your sister was kidnapped, how far would you be willing to go? That is what Riana will find out in Word and Breath.

Riana Cole a twenty-two-year-old reader who stays to herself and takes care of her handicapped sister and lives a quiet life. A life she prefers to stay just like that. She had to learn the lesson the hard way by watching her family killed, because they were too rebellious by challenging the Union. So she tries to not bring any attention to her and that is the way she likes it.

Riana is a “Reader”. What is a Reader you ask? Since the world we have known is now changed after the Cataclysm a few centuries ago. With the new society came the Union, which provided stability the people were craving. With everything changed, reading was discouraged with other things and that is how the Union likes it. Only a few can read and with that talent Riana is a few of the people who shuffle through papers to find clues that the “Front” have put in them. It could range from a menu, card, newspaper you name it. You just never know where the clue might be and that is Riana’s job to find them.

After a bad day at work, it only gets worse for Riana when she is mugged—thankfully there was someone to help her and that person is Mikel. There is a reason he was there just at the right time. Mikel was sent to sniff out if she is a trader to the Union. Will he decisive and betray Riana, to top it off Mikel is a Soul-Breather, but Riana doesn’t know that fact yet. Trying to get information from Riana, by touching her skin and every time he touches her, she feels a spark. Finally she is opening up to someone of the opposite sex, well anyone at all since her friend Conner disappeared and now Mikel was hired to pretend to like her….Or will he fall for her??

Soon one of Riana’s colleagues, Jenson, confides in Riana and lets her know he is a part of the Front and ask if she wants to join since she is mainly the only one left who knows the Old Language. Is he crazy!? She has lived a quiet life and stayed under the radar. Will she take the opportunity Jenson has offered her, or turn him in?

Everything Riana has known will be turned upside down and shaken, when her sister Jannie disappears, without a trace. There is no clue to what happen to her. Who would do this and why?

With her life possibly in danger, Riana has to go in hiding and hopefully she will be able to find her sister and figure out why this has all happen? I know why but you will have to wait. Tee hee hee!

If not having to worry about finding her sister isn’t enough, Riana gets a HUGE surprise when she finds out her friend Connor is alive and well. He went underground and is a big part of the Front. Connor has been gone for years; will she be able to forgive him? 

Mikel is also battling his own self, because he is now falling for Riana and will do anything he possibly can to protect her from the people who hired him to go after her.

Will Riana be able to rescue her sister with the help of both Mike and Connor and what will she do with the new knowledge she has discovered she possesses? In the end will a Soul-Breather and Riana fall in love and for once in her life will she have more than her sister in it? I guess you will just have to see 

Word and Breath is a great read. It’s in the genre of Dystopia, plus a little romance and maybe a bit Paranormal and I usually don’t prefer these kind of reads, but this book sucked me right in from the beginning. I wanted to know what was going on and find out FAST! The author knows how to write and spin a story that will keep her readers wanting more. I loved all the characters in the book,, they each brought their own little spice to the book and I enjoyed how she had it where it wasn’t coming just from one person’s point of view, that part I thought was really neat. Plus throw in there a love story and you got a great book. I am excited to see where she goes in the next, you will understand once you’ve read it…I don’t want to give too much away. I give this book 4 STARS!!!

 Quotes from the Book:

“She deserves to know the truth. It’s not just politics and cover maneuverings. We’re talking about the difference between truth and lies. I don’t like seeing her every day, talking to her, and being forced to keep her in the dark about something so important.”- Jenson

 “I don’t want you to be that person. I just want you to be you.”- Riana

 “You have no idea what my life was like before. I’m not a good man, and I can’t be like Connor, always trying to make the world better. But, if you want to help him, if you want to do something good, then I want you to do that. I’m not about to let you go. The only good in my life—the only good I’ve ever known—is you.”- Mikel



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Apocalypsis: Book 4, Haven by Elle Casey

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Haven, the last and final (insert sobs) installment of Elle Casey’s Apocalypsis series did not disappoint. I almost didn’t want to read it because I did not want to say goodbye to my friends. I have loved this series from start to finish.

Haven starts off exactly where it ended. Bryn and her followers had just settled into the prison that they called home and which they named Haven. Hordes of new kids have come to join them, swearing their loyalty to Bryn and Haven at the door. The newcomers and the old characters have to get their new home into shape and figure out how to live in a strange, cruel world. Haven is to be exactly that, a Haven from the cruelty of the canners (kids that eat other kids), where they can start over again. Together, Bryn and Peter, along with the others must do whatever is possible to start a new life. Regardless of the end of the world feel, teenagers will be teenagers and love and hormones still take root. Bryn is still with Bodo, whom she feels that she must be truthful with. Paci is also back on the scene. When Bryn comes clean with Bodo, all kinds of romantic hell breaks loose and decisions must be made.

When the canners invade the swamp, Bryn and a few of her crew step in to help. This book has heartbreak, betrayal, love, struggle, and most importantly, the constant support of friends and teenagers that must grow up while fighting to make their place in the world. I was constantly amazed at the solutions they came up with and the steady determination they had to survive and start over. There are many unexpected happenings, as well as many sad, tear-filled moments. The ending actually did it for me. I felt like I could close the book and feel good about it. Full of new and old characters, people you love and people you love to hate, Haven is a must-read end to a brilliant series. 



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