After struggling for several long months, Jason and Sarah Wyatt are expecting a healthy baby boy. How could they have ever known that the young child growing in Sarah’s womb is the banished soul of the youngest archangel of heaven? His crime so unspeakable that it seems unreal. The archangel Gabriel has sworn to watch over him, for he alone knows the truth about why the archangel Omega would defy his eldest brother, Michael, and bring the Antichrist before God. Could one act of kindness save the darkest of souls?

Author Bio:

Brandon Godbee resides in Houston, Texas with his family. After graduating from high school, Brandon’s creative spirit and love of singing drove him to major in music. Angel Omega: Imprisonment is Brandon’s first work in writing and he is currently working on Angel Omega: Shattered Soul the next installment in the series.

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  1. What made you want to become a writer?

  2. If this series was made into a movie, who do you envision to be in it?

  3. Who is your favorite author? If you could live in one book’s world, which book would you pick?

  4. how do you get past writers block?

  5. Tara: to be really honest I dont know! I just sat down and started writing one day and I wanted to tell a story but wasn’t sure what it was turning into!

    Dangi: TBH I would only speculate … Liam Neeson would definitely be Gabriel though! Lol

    Jocelyn: To be honest I don’t really read! and I love my little world! They know me here! 🙂

    Christine: writer block for me is not that hard. I see the chapters in my head and write down the story I want to tell in them and then I drop the characters in the story!

  6. Valerie Rhodes

    Brandon .. was curious how you came up with this concept to bring into a book?

    • I started writing the story when everyone was on the “end of the world” band wagon … how everyone sees demons and shadows as their problems when in reality we control the world around us. Then I had a striking thought after you know the world didn’t end and hasn’t ended what if we got something wrong? Or what if someone stopped the end with one simple act of kindness.

  7. I love your concept! How long did it take you to write the book?

    • It took about 7 to 8 months but I wrote chunks at a time and then I went back and streamlined them together. Then when I finished the writing I went back and stream lined everything 3 to 4 times. A total of probably 10 months but it took me that long because I’ve never written anything before! This is my first work!

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