Review of Shine Not Burn by Elle Casey


Elle Casey’s foray into adult romance is scorchingly sweet and completely different from everything she has ever written that I have read. Andie has her whole life planned out… she follows her life plan to the letter… to stay in control… until she is forced to go to a bachelorette party… in VEGAS! Once there, after too many drinks, she follows her sights to sin in a cowboy hat sitting at the blackjack tables. The night was a blur of drinks and sensations, only to wake up the next morning with only vague recollections of the night before.

Fast forward two years and Andie is fixing to get married, still following her life plan, but now cold and friendless. Until she comes across a little hitch in her plans… she is already married! Trekking to the country to try to get out of a marriage she doesn’t even remember, Andie finds that life is more about shining than burning and that love is more than a life plan.

This book was soooo good. I forgot how much that I enjoy contemporary adult romance because I never read it anymore. Andie had problems that made her need control and you just prayed that she would find her way. And the cowboy that loved her… nothing but a wet dream, baby. LOL! He was sin on a stick and oh so sweet. The sex was fiery hot and the romance was beautiful. All the characters will grab your heart and not let go. I do not think that it is a new adult book because they are out of college with careers, but regardless of the genre it is placed in, this is one book that you don’t want to miss if you love romance. I am betting that the next book in the series is going to be about the cowboy’s brother (I hope!) and I can’t wait! I give this book 5 steamy stars!


Shine Not Burn by Elle Casey (Kindle)

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