I would like to sign up to be a Fairy Book Parent! – Guest Post

Hi all! My name is Margarita and I’m your guest blogger today! I’d like to talk about a tweet I saw on tumblr, from Margot Wood:Image

I don’t know Margot, I don’t follow Margot, but I saw her tweet on tumblr and reposted it immediately. This, THIS! This is a thing I truly wished existed! One of the definitions on Wikipedia of a Godparent is this: The secular view of a godparent tends to be an individual chosen by the parents to take an interest in the child’s upbringing and personal development.

Now imagine the same thing, only including books! The bibliophile in me is in love with this idea. Imagine having someone sit you down, from a very young age and tell you about the books they loved. When a reader is passionate about a book, you can hear it in their voice, you can see it in their eyes, sometimes you can even feel it in the air. Imagine if that was your introduction to the world of reading instead of maybe being forced to read books you didn’t enjoy in school. I’m not saying the books that schools choose are bad; some of them are quite good. But I always felt like they weren’t my choices; they weren’t books I chose to read on my own. As such, I did feel a little forced to read them.

But instead, if I had a Book-Parent – or a Fairy Book Parent [because really, if I’m wishing here, I’m going to wish big] – she would take me to the book store. She would carefully help me choose books I liked or that she thought I might have an interest in. She would know me and my parents, so she would have some idea of the kind of child I was. She would steer me toward mythology and superheroes having heard me go on and on about Wonder Woman and Batman as well as Hercules and Athena. She might pick up some books on science or math, knowing that I liked Star Trek on TV, or maybe on Royalty because I loved the part on Mr. Rogers where the trolly goes to the land with the castles. We’d meet every couple of weeks, my Fairy Book-Parent and I, and we’d sit and read a bit and then talk about what we read. She’d pick some age-appropriate sections of the books she was reading and I’d learn new words and I’d have this love of reading fostered because of the time and effort we spent on it together.

I am very fortunate because my mother loved to read and I always saw her with a book. There were always stacks of books on the coffee table that she had read or was reading or was going to read. My father read too, although he didn’t have as much spare time, being self-employed and only taking two days off a year. But, I saw that reading was an important and valuable hobby and I took it up at an early age. We were taken to book stores and encouraged to read, so in that respect, I did have somewhat of a Book-Parent – my mum! But I can’t help but think how many children would benefit from something like this. I’m excited about reading. As a writer, I’m excited about storytelling. I want to share both those things with other people and hopefully see them excited about them too!

It breaks my heart when I hear that some people don’t like to read or never really gave it a chance. There are books out there for everyone, on every topic! Like cars? Planets? Math? Religion? History? Biography? Graphic Novels? There’s a section for you at your local bookstore or online! But it can be overwhelming to dive in if you’ve never been a big reader. How can you find something you like? How do you search the thousands of titles to pick one for you? If you like something, how do you find more stuff like it? A Book-Parent could guide you through all this!

My nephews are big readers and I love to ask them what they’re reading and why they like it. I hope in some small way I can be a Fairy Book Parent to them!
I just need to get some wings now…..

Thanks for reading!


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