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Random Editing Facts are short snippets I will place on the blog every now and then. Nothing big or fancy. Enjoy!


When writing, try to always remember this simple rule, and to implement it for every action.

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(Yes, I’m pretty sure that ^^^ is a bodybuilder saying, but it works!)

You cannot pick something up, without eventually putting it down. You cannot walk through a locked door, without unlocking it. You cannot take a drink of something, unless you have a drink in your hand. You cannot walk outside, and then magically be back in your house, without the act of coming inside. You cannot walk up steps, without walking back down, unless you take an elevator. It goes for other things as well. Your character cannot be looking out the window at the wet, rainy day and walk outside right after the rain has stopped, sit on the grass, and not get her butt wet. That is unrealistic. Make that scene shine for you, or don’t use it. Don’t just choose to leave out the details that are getting in the way. 


Also, another thing that people need to watch out for. If you have both hands full, say your character has a book in one hand and a toddler in the other arm, that character cannot grab a cup of hot coffee. What is the character going to grab it with? That elusive third arm?  We all sometimes wished we had one, but unless it is an alien book, it just doesn’t work.

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Your character needs to put something down, before they can pick something else up.

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Do you get my drift? Order of events, even the smallest of details, are important. Readers notice these things. They leave negative reviews because of them. They want things to make sense. Even if it is a fantasy land, readers want the smaller things acknowledged. In Harry Potter, even he still had to say Lumos to make the light on his wand come on, and Alohomora to unlock a door.


Hope this helps someone, somewhere!

Editing Services

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All I Ever Wanted

An Abbott Springs Anthology By: Marilyn Brant, Casey Quinn, Rhonda Helms and Lexi Ryan

Welcome to Abbott Springs, a small town in Ohio. This weekend of the annual Winterfest will have friends turning into lovers, heartaches finally healed, secrets revealed, and love found.

All About Us by Marilyn Brant:

One encounter, one night three months ago, and a chance meeting will bring these two strangers together again

Alex has come to the small town of Abbott Springs to help his friends who are playing at the Winterfest, but the last thing he thought he would see was the girl who he spent one night with and left him a number that wasn’t hers. He hasn’t forgot her

Samantha is in town helping her family during the Winterfest, but she get’s much more then she bargained for. She never knew that the one night she lied to a beautiful stranger about her self would come back to haunt her. Can she explain herself to him, and will he accept her for the real person she is, not the “Amanda” he thought he knew?

One weekend could change their lives, but for the best or the worst?

All I Need by Caisey Quinn:

A secret crush, best friends, and in a band together. Could admitting their feelings ruin it all?

Everlyn coming back to Abbott Springs to play at the Winterfest is the last thing she thought she would do. This time last year she made the worst mistake she could have made and hasn’t got over it. But keeping with her and her friends’ traditions of drinking spiked cocoa on the bridge has her coming back home.

Justin “Jubby,” Ev’s best friend and bandmate, hates this town as much as she does. How could he say no to the girl he has a crush on? He never can. He’s secretly in love with Ev and has been for a long time. Will getting up the nerve to tell Ev the truth of his feelings ruin it all?

Can they make it work out, take a leap of faith for love? Or will they take a leap off the deep end?

All For Love by: Rhonda Helms

Can a life of friendship turn into something more?

Maya, the unofficial adoptive daughter of the Abbott’s and best friend of Samantha, has a huge crush on her best friend’s brother, Oliver. She has done everything to get his attention, but will it finally all pay off and will he stop seeing the young girl she once was?

Oliver, the first born and golden child of the Abbott’s, is finally seeing his sister’s best friend in a different light after all these years. Has his cluelessness over her attraction to him ruined what could have been?

Could friendship turn into love, or is it all too late?

All or Nothing by Lexi Ryan:

Can revealing the truth of their feelings for each other be just what they need?

Bree and Kennedy have been best friends since forever, but one night in October, finding Bree naked in his dorm room, has strained their friendship.

Bree has had feeling for Kennedy for the last few years, but coming to Abbott Springs will make them face that October night and the feelings they both have for each other.

Can they make the right choice, or will their friendship be forever jeopardized? Is it worth the chance at love?

Overall Review

This anthology follows a set of friends who have came back to their hometown for the town’s annual Winterfest. While there, they all face tough decisions about the crushes, loves, and relationships they have kept secret. I enjoyed how every story flows right into the other. It’s all intertwined, and they did an amazing job at it. Each story is different in its own way, none the same as the previous. I fell in love with the town, I want to go there! Can I? I have my favorite story, it’s All or Nothing by Lexi Ryan, but they were all amazing in their own ways. I give this anthology 5 stars for how amazing, loving, and creative it is.


Cover Reveal: A Perfect Moment, Book One in the Perfect Series by Becca Lee

Cover Reveal: A Perfect Moment, Book One in the Perfect Series by Becca Lee
Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Louisa Maggio @ LM Creations
“When life threatens perfect, it’s time to step up and kick life in the balls.”
Ella’s perfect moment was taken from her in the worst possible way. Humiliated, heartbroken and absolutely determined not to allow her heart be destroyed for a second time, she builds an ice wall around her heart.
Preston has known that he was in love with his big sister’s best friend since the age of fifteen. Over ten years on, and an opportunity to be her knight in shining armour is too good to miss. Putting his heart on the line, he’s on a mission to show Ella that the perfect moment is possible.
Ella’s instinct is to run when she realises her feelings for her bestie’s little brother may just run a little bit deeper than just friends. But if she can’t run, she’ll try every trick in the book to shake off his affection and realign his feelings.
She’s already had her perfect moment, and there is no chance she’ll let her heart thaw for Preston. No matter how good he looks in the firefighter’s Christmas calendar.
Expected Release Date: April 1st 2014

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At The Bar

A quick thank you to Cynthia for hosting me today, and for continuing to believe in me J Thank you for your support!!

Today, we are at the bar with Eli. He makes smart sexy 😉


Micah’s brother, human…for now


Eli pushed a strand of hair behind Hannah’s ear before stroking a single finger down her cheek. She curved into the caress. He used the same finger under her chin to lift her head. “You shouldn’t have to play dumb for anyone, Hannah. Smart is sexy. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. One day, when you’re a little bit older, you’ll understand what I mean.”



New Castle


Don’t know his name. Do know he’s smokin’ hot.



The Wolf Bite—known to put hair on your chest…proceed with caution.


For a chance to win an electronic copy of DARK CRAVINGS leave a comment (be sure to include your email). I’ll randomly pick a replier within three days for each blog stop. Don’t forget to enter the grand prize (Rafflecopter link at bottom). One lucky winner will receive a $25 gift card from Amazon or Barnes & Nobles.


Wolf Bite

1 oz LUCID Absinthe

1 oz Midori Melon Liqueur

1 oz lemon-lime soda

1.5 oz pineapple juice

Drizzle of grenadine

In a cocktail shaker, add Absinthe, Midori melon liqueur, pineapple juice, and ice. Shake vigorously and strain into 2 ounce shot glass. Splash lemon-lime soda on top and a drizzle of grenadine.


As a half-breed vampire, Ella Grey’s life sucks. She does her best to pass the time killing demons and secretly admiring her Shadow Hunter partner, Micah. He’s hot, dangerous and knows it. He’d be just Ella’s type if he weren’t likely to kill her the moment she put a toe out of line.

A chance encounter with a succubus changes everything. From the second the succubus’s spell washes over them, Ella and Micah are helpless to keep their hands off one another. The sex, when it’s not leaving them on the verge of death, is earth shattering and for the first time in ages Ella is connected with someone on a level she’d feared lost forever. But a dangerous prophecy has been set into motion, and if Ella’s not careful it’ll pull her straight from Micah’s arms and into the deepest bowels of the underworld.

A Romantica® Paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously published under the title Blood Lust Rising. It has been revised and expanded for EC.


Dark Cravings (Amazon Kindle)


Madeline Pryce wrote her first novel when she was ten, penned with neon-pink ink in a loose-leaf binder. Captivated by romantic literature, yet intrigued by the paranormal, she continues to develop her own voice, writing the kinds of stories that inspired her as a teen.



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44 Boxed Sets (Amazon Kindle) at BLOWOUT Prices!


All the books below are boxed sets, between $0.00 and $4.99. Actually, I think only three are $4.99, and the rest are $3.99 and under. There are a BUNCH that are only $0.99. This is a HUGE collection. These boxed sets have anywhere from 2-12 FULL-LENGTH books in them, for absolutely bargain prices. There is something for everyone: Paranormal, Shifters, Vampires, Romance, Suspense, Dystopian, Apocalyptic, Erotica, and so much more. Make sure you look at the price before you buy! Some of these are SALE prices and are subject to change!

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$2.99: A Taste of Tomorrow – The Dystopian Boxed Set: 

$0.99: Bad Boy Heroes Boxed Set: 

$2.97: Unraveled Boxed Set:

$2.99: Shifter Romance Boxed Set: 

$0.99: Contamination Boxed Set: 

$0.99: Doctor’s Orders Box Set: 

$0.99: Reunion Boxed Set (Romance): 

$0.99: Looking for Love (Boxed set): 


The Labyrinth Wall Monster Party Blog Fest!

The Labyrinth Wall Monster Party Blog Fest!


Welcome to the Monster Party Blog Fest


Emilyann Girdner is with us today to celebrate the release
of her book, The Labyrinth Wall. Take it away, Emilyann…


So, for the monster party portion of this event, I asked
participants to share about their favorite labyrinth monsters, or even make one
up and tell its tale. Today, I’m thinking of the Goblins from the Labyrinth
movie with David Bowie. They are notable labyrinth monsters, but often get
overlooked. Who can forget their musical talents?


And to conclude the monster portion of the blogfest, I leave
you with a not so classy goblin quote “Your mother is a
fraggin’ aardvark!
” (they’re nasty little dudes).

About The Labyrinth Wall:

In the Labyrinth

About the book:

Araina’s isolated teenage life is forever altered when she witnesses a man emerge through a rippling wall into the dark labyrinth she calls home. As a result of the stranger’s arrival, Araina’s Creators have unleashed a series of magical attacks using the labyrinth against its inhabitants. Now Araina must decide if she will trust potentially deceitful allies in order to reach safety on the other side of the labyrinth wall.

The Labyrinth Wall
Young Adult Epic Fantasy Novel
Emilyann Girdner
Editors: Nicole Zoltack and James Allen Sr.
Word Count: 71,134
ISBN: 9781304639448

Publisher: Lulu

How it all started:

“The idea was originally a series concept
sparked from Dante’s Inferno but in a Fantasy world (think Lord of the Rings
meets Labyrinth). That then melded with my thought of ‘what if I explored a
character that never had a childhood because they are actually a creation? So as
a writer I am forced into a very strange perspective of someone learning to
understand themselves and others for the first time.’ All those strands of thought intertwined into what
is now The Labyrinth Wall, the first novel in my Obsidian series.” ~ Emilyann

Find it:

Release Date: January 2nd 2014 – Amazon KDP and Barnes&Noble Paperback
New Year Special:Free Ebook download on Amazon Jan 2-6




Thanks everyone for taking the time to read about The Labyrinth Wall. You’re perfectly welcome to hop in on the blog fest if you want to sign up. Make sure to visit the other participating blogs:



Stardust: A Futuristic Romance Collection

Visualize a world where space travel by the common man is as normal as getting on a plane, life has been discovered on other planets, humans travel light years to find their soul mates, technology exists along the lines that we have only imagined, and a passport will take you anywhere.

Your task for this anthology is to tell a story of adventure and love in a fantastical world. Use your imagination and come up with the futuristic aspects. Make believe a world that will wow us and have us wishing we could live there. Show us that, in a vast universe, love has no boundaries, and that worlds are just waiting to be discovered…

This is an adult anthology, so some light sex and intimate situations will be likely.  But sexually disturbing scenes and those sensitive in nature will not be accepted (we have a right to refuse anything we deem inappropriate).

This time there will only be TEN stories chosen.  Each submission will be provided to the judges without title or author information and will be chosen blindly based on story alone.


Submission Guidelines

Please look over the submission guidelines below and make sure that your story is formatted according to the specifications. Stories submitted that do not follow the guidelines will not be considered for the anthology.

  1. WORD COUNT: at least 5,000 but not to exceed 12,000 words.
    1. Document: Microsoft Word Document (doc/docx) is the ONLY file type accepted
    2. Font: Times New Roman
    3. Paragraph indentations: 0.5” (page layout > first line indent) *Please DO NOT use tabs or spaces*
    4. Margins: Normal margin settings (click on page layout > margins > normal)
    5. DEADLINE: Contest runs from January 1 – February 1.  All entries must be turned in on or before February 1st.  No exceptions.
    6. CONTRACT & COMPENSATION: You must sign a contract if you are chosen to be in the anthology.  Due to the adult nature, no participants under the age of 18 will be accepted.  There is no monetary compensation. The winners will receive one paperback and eBook copies, plus lots of great exposure!
    7. LIKE US: You must be following Cynthia Shepp’s Facebook because that is where all the contest details and announcements will take place.
    8. SUBMISSIONS: Please send all submissions to with the following information:
      1. SUBJECT: Stardust
      2. FILE: Your story attached using the guidelines above (please make sure your story title is included in the file)
      3. BIO: A brief bio up to 100 words
      4. DEDICATION: A brief dedication up to 50 words
      5. SOCIAL LINKS: Two social links you wish to share (example: website/blog and Facebook links)
      6. BOOK LINK: The ASIN number of one of your published books you wish to link to on Amazon
      7. CONTACT INFORMATION: (this is for private use and will not be shared with the public) email, full legal name, pen name, mailing address