A Note from A Stranger

As most of you know, I am fixing to undergo a hysterectomy. I ordered a book USED called Through the Land of Hyster: The Hyster Sisters Guide. This book contains pre-op and post-op information, checklists, helpful hints for recovery and more. Advice given in the book is shared as a form of sisterly advice and women to women support. “Bedtime Stories for Hyster Sisters” are included to add to the sisterly charm of this book. This book reflects the solid information along with a bit of humor known at the Hyster Sisters website. I adore the website. It is a great place for any woman considering, getting, or recovering from a hysterectomy.

Regardless, the book I ordered was a USED book in perfect condition. Inside this book, I found a note that made my day. I thought it needed to be shared. People are wonderful. I just thought that people should know that. A simple note from a stranger can make a whole day brighter. God is good. 

I also want to thank everyone donating to my GoFundMe. You have no idea how much it means to me. ❤



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  1. Praying all goes well for you. Way a sweet note and true. Take care.

  2. Hi Cynthia!! Found you over on the HysterSister forum(great to see a fellow blogger)! 😊 What a pleasant surprise the note was indeed! God knows exactly what we need doesn’t He! BTW…I’m 4 weeks post-op from my TVH and am recovering very well…God is awesome! Praying the same for you sis! SN…will be back next week to contribute to your fund. Looking forward to connecting with you in the bloggersphere as well! Have a blessed weekend!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by! The note made my day. I intend to add my own note, leave that one in as well, and pass it on to the next person that needs it. I hope it helps them like it did me. I hope to hear more from you. I’d love a hyster sister. 😉 I’m scared to death lol. So glad to hear you are doing well!

  3. That was such a sweet note … it made me tear up.


    PS: It’s a great little book whether brand new or used!

  4. Best of luck with everything. I am a year and half post op. and honestly it was one of the best health choices I made for myself. It was a LONG time coming, and needed to be done. I thought I would feel like less of a woman when it was complete, however I don’t and I am so much better off now.

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