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2017 Rate Increase Bulletin

Price Increase for 2017 and Terms and Conditions Update


Editing Prices are going up on January 1, 2017. The prices go into effect for every manuscript done on and after January 1, 2017, even if it was scheduled for 2017 in 2016. The price goes into effect for every author, new and established. 

The common rates through the Editorial Freelancers Associations are $40-60 an hour with the norm being an accepted ONE to six pages done in an hour. 250 words is considered a page. At my HIGHEST rate, six pages at 250 words a page only adds up to $13.50. I strive to keep my prices affordable for independent authors. It is my goal to help every book possible achieve its greatest potential, despite budget. Rate increases are necessary to keep a business running, but never will my prices jump to unachievable levels. I look forward to working with you in the coming year. 

2016 Prices:

Proofread starts at: .0045 a word

Copy Edit starts at: .0060 a word

Copy/Proof starts at: .0080 a word

2017 Prices

Proofreads starts at: .0055 a word

Copy Edit starts at: .0070 a word

Copy/Proof Package starts at .0090 a word

The minimum price for under 20,000 words for each package will also increase according to the new prices.


Terms and Conditions that may have been Modified or Added (These are in effect now)

I occasionally update my Terms and Conditions. It is a client’s responsibility to glance at it once in a while to see if anything has changed. 

MANUSCRIPTS must be submitted in Times New Roman, size 12 font, and double spaced. If they are not, I will change them. It makes the editing process cleaner and easier.

I DO NOT edit non-fiction books. However, I will edit non-fiction articles, website material, press releases, and other such subject matter. I am also not familiar with UK grammar. I will edit UK books, but only if they are being completely Americanized. If you want to keep some UK tone, (colour instead of color, sayings, etc) that is fine. You just have to make sure to tell me. However, any and all grammar related issues I do recognize will be Americanized.

GRAPHIC and/or gratuitous rape scenes are not accepted. Books containing them are subject to IMMEDIATE return without refund or completion.

HOWEVER, books that contain rape are not an automatic no. A girl trying to get over being raped, a fade-to-black rape scene that is integral to the story, a book about rape that inspires hope in victims, a crime book that manages to impress the violence without making it graphic and pleasingly sexual, etc… would all be considered and most likely accepted. Please just explain the scenes to me. Erotica books that use rape as something pleasingly sexual, or any book that does, or any book that describes rape in graphic, violent, sexual, scene-by-scene detail, will not be accepted, and, if in a book I accepted without my knowledge, will be returned with NO REFUND OR COMPLETION.

AUTHORS are responsible for getting their books to me by the date agreed upon. If I have not received it within two days of the agreed-upon date, I will move on to the next in line, unless I have an email from the author and we agree on other terms.

RUSH jobs, which I very rarely take, will incur a fee. It will depend on length and time given to finish. The start amount is $100, and it goes up from there.

PLEASE be aware that books that need excessive editing outside of the package picked may lead to extra fees. The fees will be discussed with the author before any work is done. If while editing the book, excessive editing outside the package becomes a problem, progress will halt while the author is contacted. This rarely happens. However, I have had a book for proofread that the sample was great, but when I received the book, only the first two chapters were acceptable. The rest needed more of a developmental edit. This is the reason I ask for middle-of-the-book samples, although that is not always a foolproof method.

PAYMENT is accepted up front. An invoice is sent through PayPal when I receive the manuscript. No work will be done until invoice is paid in full. PayPal fees are calculated and added to final bill. A $100 cancellation fee will be charged if the client cancels their time slot less than a week before their date. A $50 cancellation fee will be charged if the client cancels their time slot less than two weeks before their date. This fee is strictly enforced.

*If an author contacts me and makes other arrangements to reschedule or cancel before the two-week mark, there is no fee. Be respectful of my time and let me know two weeks in advance if you cannot keep your spot.

PRICES are baseline prices. Each sample or manuscript is evaluated before a quote is given. Prices depend on how much work each individual manuscript needs. I am very fair, and baseline prices are given whenever possible. I encourage every author to self-edit at least twice and to use (good) beta readers BEFORE turning it in for editing. It is the best way to keep your prices down.

HOLIDAYS and holiday weekends DO NOT count toward the estimated amount of time given to edit your manuscript. Those times are spent with my family. We always take a vacation during the week of Thanksgiving and a week in the summer, usually in July. Please be respectful of those times. If any of those fall during your time period, please be aware of this.

Example: If you are given a time period over Christmas, please be aware the holidays will interfere with the edit time. Times given are estimates unless completely firmed up by way of a pre-order publication date. Two-week turnarounds are no longer given. Manuscripts are given my complete attention and are turned over in as timely a manner as possible. Please be patient. 

I am NOT a developmental editor. I am a final-draft editor. If you are a FIRST-TIME author who needs extensive help with plot, character development, and flow, I would recommend that you hire a developmental editor to work with you before contacting me for copy/line and proofreading.

I reserve the right to refuse any and all manuscripts at my discretion.


If you have any questions regarding this post, or an editing slot, please contact me either through this form or