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Review/Giveaway of C.J. Graves’s ‘AntiChrist 16: The Becoming’


What if someone told you that you were to be the Antichrist. Would you believe them? This is what 16 year old Nathan Tarra is faced with. How would you deal with this news?

Nathan Terras is an adopted high school student. Who can usually talk himself out of the trouble he gets into… SOMETIMES. Why? Because he can see auras and has ever since he can remember. This is his secret; he has told only one other person, his best friend Shayla. After getting into a fight with one ofthe schools bully’s/popular kid, he gets sent to the principal’s office. This will not be a normal trip to the principle; this will change everything he has ever known.

With his principal having a heart attack right in front of him, Nathan tries to save him and does, only to be thanked by being strangled by him. Mr. Jerico, a teacher, injects the principal and kills him. This isn’t normal, first his principle has a heart attack, then he tries to kill Nathan, and now Mr. Jerico kills him. What is going on? Soon Nathan will find out.

Mr.Jerico lays something big on Nathan. He is the AntiChrist! How can a normal sixteen-year-old boy, who can’t stand hurting a bug or seeing blood, be the person responsible for the end of days?

Revealing to his two best friends Shayla and Cheeseman that he is the AntiChrist and with the help of Mr. Jerico he tries to make him understand what this will all mean to Nathan. Yes, he may be the Antichrist, but others refer to him as the Uniter. He will unite mankind after the Great Change, which will disassemble the world’s religions.

But, Nathan shouldn’t have become the Antichrist when he did; he somehow changed the plan when he saved his principle. Learning that not only is he the Uniter, but Shayla, Cheeseman and Mr. Jerico are his Keepers; ones to keep him safe from harm and to protect him at all cost.

But there are others called Takers and he will come to find out those around him are “Takers” and out to end him before the Great Change happens. If that happens they could do what they want with the end of times to their own purpose.

So now, not only does Nathan have to worry that his is the Antichrist, but there are others out there that want him dead. How could he wake up on a normal morning and end the day learning all this new information; stuff he never even believed in!

With his high school Friends becoming Takers and having to fight for his life, soon Nathan finds out he has a certain power. He can “freeze” them, but it doesn’t last for long. Can he master his power? If so, that could help him a lot. Join Nathan on a journey like no other and find out all the secrets that his friends, family, and the world have been hiding from him.

Antichrist 16 was a great surprise to read, seeing the title I didn’t give it a lot of thought and didn’t think I would enjoy it because it isn’t the kind of book I usually read, but once you start it you will not be able to put it down. You will want to find out what is going on. There are so many twist and turns and shockers that C.J. Graves wrote, that it’s GREAT! The read keeps you wanting for more. The characters are well developed and lovable and some of the bad one’s you will dislike like I did. I loved how Nathan takes everything in stride and keeps going, even though he thinks he may be dreaming some of the time (BUT HE ISN’T). I also liked that it wasn’t a book filled with religious talk, yes there is some talk because you had to have that to know what exactly what is going on and learn about the Antichrist. I can’t wait for the next book to see where it takes Nathan and what becomes of his future. I give this book 4 STARS!

Quotes from the Book:

“Well , I’d be freaked out, too. I mean, you witness our principal have a heart attack, give him some sort of energy mouth-to-mouth, and he goes wiggy and tries to choke you.”- Shayla

“Lies and half-truths told by power hungry men. There’s only one savior.”- Jerico

“That’s the difference between you and me. I used it to keep The Uniter safe- The Uniter being Nathan. You’re using it to put his life in danger, and in putting his life in danger, you put this whole planet in danger-danger of having no leader or having a substandard one.”- Jerico

“And behold a pale horse. His name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.” Nathan


Antichrist 16: The Becoming (Antichrist 16 Trilogy) (Amazon Kindle)


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AUTHOR C.J. GRAVES GUEST POST/GIVEAWAY (Antichrist 16: The Becoming)

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Ouch, Ugh, and OMG!   A Good Writer Tortures Her Characters.

I am a writer.  And as much as I’d like to pretend my stories emerge from living on the African plain or from getting beaten by my stepfather or from being left at the alter (twice) or from finding an alien implant in my right, big toe… 

I can’t. 

In truth, I grew up in a small town with a loving family, married a very nice man, and although I may’ve seen an alien spacecraft once (It could’ve been!), my life is pretty normal.  Read: boring.  I spend many days in my jammies, writing in between doing loads of laundry.  Sometimes I stare inside the refrigerator, hoping a big piece of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting materializes.  This is the extent of my pain. 

But just because I don’t suffer much, doesn’t mean I don’t know how to make others suffer.  I do and more importantly–I like it!  What’s at the heart of any successful novel? 


Conflict is to novels like cream cheese is to bagels.  Mmm, yummy, yummy.  (Do I seem to have a cream cheese obsession to you?)  Conflict turns up the heat and provides the sizzle that makes pages seem to turn on their own.  So, how does an author create this conflict?  Simple. She tortures her characters. 

Now torture can mean lots of things besides waterboarding and pulling someone’s fingernails out–although both of those would certainly work.  Anything that gets in the way of what a character wants can qualify.  Here are five of my favorite ways of inflicting pain and suffering on my make-believe friends: 

1.  Give your character flaws.  Bad temper, poor motor skills, a sex addiction, narcolepsy, smelly feet… the list is endless.  Nothing hurts more than our own inadequacies. 

2.  Put a loved one in danger.  If you’re really hard-core–kill them.

3.  Betrayal.  The more loyal the person was supposed to be, the more it hurts to be kicked in the nads by them.

4.  Take away physical comforts and the means to get them.  If not having the latest iPhone sucks, try no job, no money, no home, no food…

5.  Take away psychological comforts.  Dumped by the loving girlfriend.  Ostracized by the supportive parents.  Ignored by the understanding friends.  Make your character a pariah.  Smelly feet will definitely help with this.

It’s amazing how difficult this can be.  I mean, some writers love their characters and hate to hurt them, but readers don’t want blue skies and kittens.  They want broken hearts and blood.  It’s my job to be the one nasty bitch who gives it to them. 

Am I up to the task?  You betcha.  Pass the cream cheese and get ready for some pain.


It’s not like sixteen-year-old Nathan Terras wants to be evil. A bad boy, maybe—but not evil. Yeah, he can see auras but so what? He’d gladly trade that talent for, say, a new Mustang or a little skin time with Scarlett Johansson. That is until a near-death experience reveals he’s to become the Antichrist.

Forget vampires, werewolves, and zombies. They’re the lucky ones.


And now his enemies are waking. They’re coming for him, and they’re not interested in a friendly game of Halo. But Nathan’s developing some frightening defenses of his own. A violent power grows inside him. He’d be thankful, if only the dark energy wasn’t so addictive.

When his little brother disappears, he’ll do anything to get him back. Embracing his new identity may save his brother’s life, but Nathan could lose his own in the process. The line between good and evil begins to blur, leaving Nathan wondering which side he’s on.


C.J. Graves is NOT the Antichrist, but she thinks she babysat him once. 

After growing up in NW Pennsylvania in the cold and snow, she moved to Japan to live in…more cold and snow, but she now resides in sunny North Carolina with her wonderful husband and swimming pool. 

Having graduated from UNCG with a degree in Interior Architecture and Design, she soon realized she wasn’t cut out for the project management side of the business and turned to another creative love—writing.  When she’s not writing or running a critique group, she enjoys beating up teenagers in her mixed martial arts class.



Antichrist 16: The Becoming (Antichrist 16 Trilogy)







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