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Kate, the daughter of a lawyer and marine biologist, has just moved to a small beach town in Florida. She’s forced to start over in the middle of the summer, but is used to it by now, since she’s moved around her entire life. When Kate meets Rico and Adriana on her second day at the beach house, everything changes. Kate is introduced to the world of Light and Darkness, and is thrown into the middle of it when a mysterious being attacks her one night. As Kate’s nights continue to get weirder, her friendship with Rico and Adriana grows stronger, and for the first time Kate has real friends. When Rico sits Kate down to tell her what is really happening to her, things start to click for Kate, and she is forced to make a decision to quit or fight for her body and soul.


Jamie Loeak’s debut novel, Body and Soul, was a suprising twist on demons and romance. I have to admit that it started off slow and that at first I did not connect with any of the characters. I just thought that the characters seemed fake and their reactions unrealistic. If someone told me a demon was after my soul I would just show a little more reaction, lol. BUT, as the story progressed so did the characters. I have to admit to being suprised a number of times. I never saw it coming and I always enjoy that in a book. The main characters, Kate, Adriana, and Rico went through a number of things together. I was not very fond of Kate some of the time, but she held up in the end. Adriana and Rico were my favorite. I loved Adriana’s attitude and Rico, well, who doesn’t love a boy named Rico ? 😉 Long story short, a demon is after Kate, and Rico and Adriana have set out to save her, only Kate wants to help save herself. Full of suprising twists and turns, Body and Soul is a great debut novel. It is definitely worth the read and the $2.99. The end of it makes up for the slow beginning. You will be glad that you made it through the beginning and look forward to many more from Jamie Loeak.


Body and Soul (Body and Soul Trilogy)


Jamie Loeak is an aspiring YA author. She has written and published her first novel and continues to work toward finishing the trilogy, while new ideas for more novels pop into her ever changing mind. Jamie resides in Florida, where she is a middle school teacher. Finding time for writing is difficult within the world of lesson plans, assessments, and students; however, Jamie makes sure to make time for all of the things that she loves in life, including her students, pets, and loving boyfriend. When Jamie isn’t writing or grading papers, she is forcing her sister into photoshoots or playing her guitar. Her current goal is to finish the Body and Soul Trilogy so that she can let her other ideas escape.



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