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Review of of ‘Isolation: Built on Fear II’ (GIVEAWAY of Book 1 OR 2)

Review by: Cynthia Shepp

I read both the 1st book (Devastation) and the second book (Isolation) by Shandy L. Kurth and I absolutely fell in love with both of them. I am in a really big apocalyptic/dystopian kick right now so these books were right up my alley. If you have not read the first book, Devastation, please be aware that there will be spoilers in this review of the second book.

Isolation picks up where Devastation left off, all of the kids spread out in the Safe Zone, after a long, terrifying journey to get there where they suffered through starvation, dehydration, and debilitating fear. Even after reaching their destination Fallon, Desiree, Sandi, Brody and Guy are left to realize that there is nothing SAFE about the Safe Zone. America is still in the war with Canada, life is hard and nothing like before the war, and the kids have been forced to grow up way to fast. Living in group homes and working wherever the government tells them to work, school and being a normal kid is a thing of the past. Fallon and Desiree are finally back together again after being branded as traitors and then pardoned, but they only have a few days together before Fallon is sent off to war, as every able-bodied person, male or female, over the age of 17 is. Brody and Sandi have started a new relationship even though they know that they will both be sent off to war soon and who knows when they will see each other again. Guy, the Canadian that saved their lives, is fixing to be thrown into a situation that he might never get out of, spying on his own country to help the Americans. Will the kids make it through alive? Will their relationships last? What else can the world throw at them that it hasn’t already? Apparently, it can throw so much more at them as their journey continues…in the Safe Zone…and in the war.

Isolation was a very enjoyable, action packed read. I found myself holding my breath on multiple occasions and also crying my eyes out. These kids have went through so much, in the first book and the second. The setting just seems like it could be realistic, like it could happen tomorrow. You instantly connect with the characters and you bond with them in ways that have you fully invested in their futures. In Isolation, new characters are introduced and right off the bat they are just part of your heart as well. 12 yr old Danny will break your heart and make you root for him till the end and Demsey is just a straight up hero in my book. I highly recommend that you pick up the Built on Fear series. I am eagerly awaiting the third installation. I actually tried to turn the page on my kindle for like 2 minutes on the last page because I just could not believe that it ended that way! I give Isolation 5 stars!

Quotes from the Book:

“Your faith, your perseverance, the fact that we’re even here! I mean…there has to be something, right?

“We’ll see each other again. In this life or the next.”

“But, life is now and none of us know if we are going to be here tomorrow, so I’m just living it.”

“I hate you because I want to ask you what to do. You’re the only one I trust but…I don’t know if I should be bothered by you, scared of you, or standing behind you.”

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