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Review/GIVEAWAY of “Fluke” by Bart Hopkins and David Elliott

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Adam Fluke is your average nice guy that is a little too old to not know where his life is going. In his late twenties with a pizza delivery job, Adam Fluke is going nowhere fast. Then, he meets the girl of his dreams on a delivery. After she tells him to call her when he gets off, he takes off back to his job and ups and quits right then, leaving behind a girl at work who was a “possibility”, who also plays a big part in the book.

Now unemployed, and prone to what his friends call “The Fluke Factor”, which pretty much means whatever he can f*** up he will, even if he is just tripping over his own feet, Adam falls head over heels for a girl that seems perfect, though there are some things about her that give him pause. Such as the fact that she will go into her own head and be totally unresponsive when her name is called. Also the fact that she whispers at one time, “You just look so much like him…”

Sara and Fluke instantly become thick as thieves. Fluke revolves his whole life around her, and Sara seems to be a good influence on him. Sara is an assistant curator at a museum, and he feels inadequate up against her education and job. She encourages him to get a job and go back to college. They adopt a teddy bear and Sara names it Flukey.

But once again the “Fluke Factor” pops up and after a small scare and a terrifying possibility, brought on by one photograph, Sara and Fluke go on a trip that could change their lives…that does change their lives…forever.

Fluke is a wild ride that has SO many laugh-out-loud and WTF moments. The whole time I was reading the book I had that country song “Crazy Girl” going through my mind. Even though what I was expecting to happen never really came to fruition. I definitely did not have the storyline figured out like I thought I did though. I never would have guessed what happened. And now I have you all crazy wondering what happened, huh? LOL, well the only way to find that out is to read it. I will just say that Fluke was unexpected in a good way. I literally laughed and cried before I finished this book, with my emotional turmoil skyrocketing all the time. One minute you will be fine and the next minute your stomach will take a nosedive in disbelief. I refuse to tell you more of the storyline because all of the little tidbits are what make it…and if I tell you now I will ruin it for you. I totally related to all of the characters, they were believable and engaging. The storyline hooked me in and did not let me go. I was horrified at the ending. Bart, I just want to say that the ending was not fair…I was left wanting to know more(!), but I was satisfied overall with the ending. Oh, and Terri (Wonder-Woman) Kickner, thanks for the heads up to have tissues handy…I needed them!   All-in-all, this is a read that is not to be missed. I give Fluke 5 stars.

Quotes from the Book:

“It doesn’t matter who the hell you are or what the hell she is, when the lights are out and you make the beast with two backs, it just doesn’t matter brother. All that matters is that moment.”

“You can’t polish a turd, son.”

“Fluke, you’re in love. And apparently someone’s in love with you at the same time.”

“Sometimes, not going on is the right thing.”

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