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A Review/Giveaway of Katherine Polillo’s ‘Destine’ (The Watcher’s Trilogy Book 1) *Contest Closed*


What would you do if one morning you woke up and you realized that your life would never be the same as it was the day before? Your only friend has turned against you. You have been told you’re the only person who can save humanity, that it is your destiny. The Antichrist is in your school running for student president, and you have a fallen angel as your guardian, to help you, guide you in your role to defend humanity. Well, that is what seventeen year old Michelle Cross is facing in Destine.

Michelle Cross is a seventeen year old girl who is starting her senior year of high school, in the small town of Shady Lane, NJ. Michelle doesn’t have the “normal” family. Her mother has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia since she was twelve years old and her father works as a construction worker. Michelle takes care of her family, cooking dinner, cleaning, and helping with her mentally ill mother. She isn’t like other girls her age. She isn’t popular and doesn’t care to be, she has always felt different from others, like something else was meant to be for her. She is her own person and only has one friend who she has known since Kindergarten and has been inseparable with since and that is Cami.

When Michelle enters senior year, everything changes. Cami decides she wants to do something different and wants to be on the student council. She also has eyes for Alex Chase. There is just something about him that Michelle doesn’t trust, something that is off. And soon she will find out what it is. This is when everything starts falling apart for Michelle. Losing her best friend is just the beginning. Cami is hateful to her and this isn’t like her friend that she has known almost all her life. While trying to deal with the fact that her best friend no longer wants to be a part of her life, Michelle sees the new boy, and in such a small town of Shady Lane, this is a big deal.

Gabriel Lewis is a very handsome young man, black curly hair, eyes so clear that no color could describe them. When Gabriel is near Michelle there is a feeling she gets, a strong sensation. She can’t explain why she feels like this around him, with everything falling apart all around her. Gabriel and Michelle grow closer and she soon finds out his true secret.

With all the new revelations Gabriel has told Michelle, she can’t help but think she is going crazy just like her mother. Revelations that you will have to read the book to find out!

Soon she realizes that this is all real and all on her shoulders. That the Antichrist is in her school and her ex-best friend is now dating him, there are the four horsemen of the apocalypse, which she will have to defeat, but how? Maybe her mother isn’t crazy, maybe just maybe all the talk of angels and demons her mother has always talked about are true and now she knows that.

While trying to save the world from ending, Michelle’s own little world crumbles and she has to protect her family with everything she has. She will not take this lying down. She will fight, and fight she does.

Will Michelle defeat the Antichrist and the Four Horsemen? Will she save all humanity from ending? Or will humanity as she knows it end? You will have to read and find out.

Destine is filled with proverbs at the beginning of every chapter and they go along with what happens in those pages. I enjoyed learning new stuff, which I didn’t know about; the whole book has a lot of great facts in the biblical scene. You will fall in love with Michelle, her determination to do what she needs to do. She will not stop, no matter what. She grows throughout the book, as well as the relationship between her and Gabriel. I found their relationship very sweet and enjoyed their characters. They leveled each other out. There is a lot of comedy throughout the book, it’s not all doom and gloom, which I enjoyed. There are sweet and sad moments. I found myself cursing at Alex Chase, aka the bad guy. I wanted to jump into the pages sometime and punch them and help Michelle out, lol. The book was very well written and the pace was great. It does leave you with a cliffhanger and I can’t wait to read the next book. I’m very much looking forward to it. This book gets 5 stars!

As always, if you decide to read the book, please leave a review for the book where you bought! Every review helps the author. I will put a link for the book under the cover picture.

Quotes from the Book:

“You listen to me, Michelle. You are not just some girl, you are special; you’re about as special as people get. You’ve been chose to save humanity, but more importantly you’re special because I love you and in the hundreds of years I been alive I’ve never felt this way before.”-Gabriel

“Then you know I have Michael on my side, you may as well pack up this little charade of yours and go lick your wounds in hell.”-Michelle

“The whore of Babylon is the prophet set to spread the false praise of the Antichrist. You should be proud of your friend; she did a very good job. So willing, so easily manipulated.”-Alex

“Who say’s angels don’t have character flaws?”-Gabriel

Amazon Kindle: Destine (The Watcher’s Trilogy)

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Katherine Polillo Guest Post/Giveaway (contest closed)

Hi everyone my name is Katherine Polillo and my book Destine is now available through the Kindle store at  My inspiration for Destine was not a dream or a grand ah ha moment, rather it was a compilation of things.  I have a love of YA literature and knew I wanted to write something within that genre.  I also was raised in a very religious household, very fire and brimstone.  While in college as a history major, I found a passion for studying all religions of the world.  So when I sat down to write a book it came very naturally to combine my love of theology with my love of YA literature, and ta-da: Destine was born.

Many writers will tell you that they have been writing since they were children and always knew that this is what they wanted to do.  I was not one of these cases.  I have been a lifelong reader and lover of books, but had never even attempted to write a short story, let alone a book, until I sat down to write Destine.  I was a history major in college with a minor in English and had read everything from the traditional literary classics, to the modern cult classics, to drug store paperbacks, but if I’m being honest it was the genre of Young Adult Paranormal Fiction that grasped my interests the most.  If I was going to read for enjoyment and pleasure that was the genre that I found most captivating, so it is with no great surprise that Destine is YA Paranormal Fiction, but this does not explain how I came to call myself an author.  

I was teaching middle school social studies when the infamous budget cuts of New Jersey occurred and all non-tenured positions were eliminated.  It was mortifying to be called to the principal’s office like a child and be told “you’re great, but there is no money to pay you, so we are not renewing your contract.”  I felt cut adrift into a sea of uncertainty.  I had gone to college, I had worked hard, I had done everything right, so why did this happen?  As I struggled with finding a new job, I also buried myself in reading to escape the realities of my life.  It was during this time period, where I found myself with an abundance of free time, that I decided to try to write.  My husband had told me for years that I should write a book, but I had never made the attempt.  I sat down at my computer and my characters seemed to flow from me, as if they had always been there waiting to make their entrance.  I loved the feeling of creating a life for them that I had control over, when my own seemed out of my hands. 

When I finally finished Destine, I found a very happy home with Anchor Group publishing. I am thankful that I have this supportive and hilarious family to take this ride with.  Sails are hoisted, hatches are battened down, anchor is raised and Destine and I are ready to set sail with Anchor Group to navigate. 

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