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What would make you step out of your comfort zone and finally let someone in your life, even if that someone may not be the best for you? Rylee is asking herself those questions and many more. With old wounds still healing, will this only add to them? Can she risk her heart and dive head first?

Rylee Thomas is a smart, driven, and sassy woman who has a job she loves more than anything. Working and taking care of unwanted children, that has been her life for the past two years. She had everything she could ever want, but in an instant, it was all taken away. Now Rylee is living life on the safe side, but that will soon come to a screeching halt.

Getting locked into a closet, Rylee literally falls into Colton’s arms. In that moment, her life as she knew it will be forever changed, including herself, but will it be for the better or worse?

Colton Donavan is a big time racecar driver and owner of CD Enterprises, he is a man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go for it. He isn’t into drama or having a relationship. He has arrangements, and the women who agree to them know just what they are in for. A bit of fun with a famous man, but Rylee is anything like the other women he has had in his life.

With Colton making a bet, and Rylee having to agree to it and fulfill it, her whole world will be turned upside down by the amazingly handsome man. A man, who has also asked her to say yes to his arrangement, but Rylee can’t do that. She isn’t like the other women, and at the moment, not ready to give herself to anyone else, but can Colton convince her to agree?

Rylee is convinced by her friend Haddie to have a bit of fun. Who knows—maybe she can have fun with “Ace” and then go on to find the man she can settle down with. Rylee will give it a shot, but the more they are around each other, the more she starts feeling something for Colton, but she can’t really get to know him, he won’t let her and his past has hinder the way he has relationships.

In the process of getting to know each other, both Rylee and Colton will feel stuff they didn’t think they could, but will they let those feelings ruin what they could have? Colton makes Rylee feel alive again, he has brought her out of her shell she has crawled into and shown her things she never dreamed she could or would do.

Can Rylee help Colton move pass what is blocking him, and will Colton be able to help Rylee see that she can open herself up to someone after the horrible accident she went through. In the end, can they save and help each other, or will Rylee just be like all the other women before her?

In Driven, the relationship between Rylee and Ace (Colton) is very romantic and fast paced. A great read for mature readers. I enjoyed watching them both open up to one another, even if we still don’t know what is going on with Colton in the end. Many times, I wanted to shake him and tell him to open his eyes to what he had in front of him, lol. Before I even read a part that of Rylee singing Kenny Chesney’s song “Come on over”, that was the song that kept replaying in my head. That is SO the soundtrack of this book. The author knows how to use words, and by that, she takes you into a wonderful, sexy, hot world that she created. This book will definitely have you fanning yourself during some parts, and shaking your head at others. A great combination of sexy and flirty with a side of real life problems. This is a read you can get lost in. I thought it was a bit long, but that is only my opinion, and we did get left on a cliff hanger which made me ball my hands and shake them  I can’t wait till the next book to see where everything goes and finally learn what Colton isn’t telling about himself. If you’re looking for a hot summer read, Driven is totally it! I give this book 4 STARS!!!


“Yeah, right! This isn’t a Hollywood romance movie, Haddie. The good girl doesn’t get the bad boy to change his ways and fall madly in love with her.”- Rylee

“Your face shows vulnerability, Rylee, but your body? Your curves? They scream sin. They make my mouth water to taste you again. They evoke thoughts in me I’m sure that would make you blush. The things I want to do to that body of yours, sweetheart.-Colton

“Why me, Colton? Why am I here? Why not one of the score of women before me? There are so many others that are so much prettier, sexier, skinner…why am I here and not one of them?”- Rylee






Driven (The Driven Trilogy)