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Review/Giveaway of ‘Overnight Sensation’

Overnight SensationOvernight Sensation by Hal Eisenberg

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
I will start by saying that I really enjoyed this book. It was very easy read. Jonah is a fifteen-year-old boy that finds out that his dad used to be a rock star. His dad decides to get his band back together just for some fun jam sessions. They record a song that Jonah shares with his friends. Somehow the song gets sent to the radio station and played on air…the catch? The radio station thinks that Jonah and his friends are the ones that are in the band.

The boys decide to start their own band and, along with Jonah’s dad, set out to make the world believe that it was the boy’s song. Throw in a crooked radio station manager, someone from Jonah’s dad’s past, and a gaggle of girls…and you have an OVERNIGHT SENSATION on your hands.

This was a very cute book. It was geared probably towards the younger YA audience (though there was light cussing) but it was still enjoyable to me. I liked the simplicity of it. It made every page turn quickly and easily. With some light romance, a great group of friends, and a bully turned band mate…this is a fun read that I suggest you pick up and give a try.

Quotes from the book:

“All I’m saying is that when a girl finds out you’re in a band, they start acting totally different around you.”

“Sheesh, it sounds like someone had an extra bowl of bitchy flakes this morning.”

“No sweat, Joman. If that jerk ever bothers you again, just tell me and I’ll crush him like a walnut.”



Overnight Sensation

Overnight Sensation (Paperback)


Hal has offered up a fantastic prize packet to one lucky winner! The prize packet contains a SIGNED paperback of Overnight Sensation, a bookmark, and a guitar pick. To enter to win this prize all you have to do is ask Hal a question about the book or anything else you are interested in learning about or tell him why you want to read his book. The comment is MANDATORY but as always, you can get an extra entry by liking his Facebook page. Make sure to let me know that you liked it in your comment.

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