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Shadow Slayers (The Shadow Series #2) Review and Paperback GIVEAWAY (1st book & 1st book of another series)

 REVIEW BY CASSIE HOFFMAN (Giveaway details at bottom: Please read review first)

 Shadow Slayer is the 2nd book in the series by author Laura A.H. Elliot.

We meet Roxie, a thirteen and a half year old girl who is entering her freshman year at Oakdale High School. Roxie just wants a boring year where she won’t have to worry about life and death, or obsess about peacock’s (popular girls) or popularity. What will await Roxie when she enters into this whole new world?

Soon after entering high school it seems like everyone is turning on Roxie, including her best friend Ally. Why is everyone acting funny towards her and what did she do?

Roxie finds out about the school play that is casting and she decides that this would be a great way to meet new people in this big school. She doesn’t think she has a chance to nail the part but she sure wants to try. There is also a guy name Drew who is trying out for the play as well and when Roxie sees him she finally knows that ten’s really do exist. Tens are the rarest of animals. She didn’t think they existed, but they do! Drew is proof. He is a very hot older guy and Roxie is immediately attracted to him. This just makes Roxie want the part even more, so she can spend more time with Drew the ten.

For the first time in Roxie’s life everything is going right. She is with a ten and Drew asked her to her first homecoming dance. But nothing can stay so good, can it? She knows something has to go wrong.

Drew tells Roxie that she is the Shadow Slayer. On their thirteenth birthday they get The Call, and by their fourteenth you find out what The Call is. Drew and Roxie are Halloween babies. You’re asking your self just what that means, aren’t you?

Roxie the Shadow Slayer finds out that she is the only one who can stop the onslaught. A Shadow Slayers duty is to protect the world of humans from the world of shadows. Roxie alone must slay them. Shadow Slayers live for five hundred years or longer!

Roxie finds out a Shadow has crossed over into the human world and broken the law of the seen and unseen. The Shadow world is populated with everyone’s alter ego, everyone’s shadow, which has no free will of its own.

After finding out her destiny from Drew, her friend Hayden tells Roxie something about Drew that rocks the very foundation of her world. She doesn’t know what to believe anymore. So now Roxie is faced with the reality that her boyfriend could be not what he seems. What will she do if she discovers that Hayden was telling the truth?

With Roxie finding out her new fate and what she really is, will she defeat the Shadow world, or will they take over the human world? Can she do this? Will she succeed? All Roxie wanted was a boring year of high school, but what she got was anything but boring. She is the Shadow Slayer.

I really enjoyed reading this book and learning about Roxie and her life. I felt bad for Roxie because all she wanted was a normal year at school and she got anything but that. You will love Roxie’s character and all the others. It’s a fast read, and its action packed. I was a little lost with some stuff because I didn’t read the previous book, and though it can stand alone I would recommend reading Thirteen on Halloween first. I give this book **** stars.

Quotes from the book:

“Yeah. I can’t wait to see your face. We were so wrong. I think we were wrong about a lot of things. High school is so much cooler than we ever thought. I mean, Drew actually smiled at me! Me, a six. A ten smiled at a six.”-Ally

“You ever ask yourself why a guy like Drew would like you all of a sudden?”-Hayden

“We don’t have much time. We’re both closer to our destinies. Closer to being separated forever.”   -Drew

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Shadow Slayer (The Shadow Series #2)


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