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Witches, Vampires, Werewolves, and Fairies, Oh my! A secret world, which only the Hidden knows about and a young girl trying to figure out what she is and grow into her own.

Aradia Preston looks just like your normal teenager, but she is anything but normal. Being rescued and found in a cave as an infant by her parents, Ross and Liza, had to be from a higher power. While Ross and Liza were on their way back home from a fertility clinic in Salem, Massachusetts, Liza asked for a sign and not that long after they spotted a bright flash of light. With their truck messing up and wanting to find out what that light was, they happen upon a whimpering baby in a cave.

How could that be, who would leave a baby all alone in a cave? What they don’t know is that Aradia is the last of her kind, while all the other like her were
being killed for treason and extinguished, the Seer of the Salem coven escaped and with her magic sent Aradia to safety. All that took place almost four-hundred
years ago. How is this possible that she is now found as a baby?

Having to move to Salem, Massachusetts for her father Ross’s new job as the assassinate District Attorney and working on finding a killer going around that is known as the “Vampire Murderer” since whoever is killing is draining the victims of their blood. Aradia is trying to take everything in stride. She’s never been popular or the most liked where she came from, since she was kind of different, her and her parents knew this from the moment they found her. Rai has powers, and they will do anything to keep them a secret.

Rai notices that some of the students at her new school are always staring at her, like they are fascinated with her. It isn’t just because she is the new girl there is something different about it. Rai notices how some of the kids are a bit too beautiful to be real, and those are the ones who she would catch
gazing at her. Why are they acting so weird?

In gym, Rai meets a new friend, Roy. Roy and Aradia would soon become good friends after they find out each other’s secrets. What is Roy’s secret? He is not completely human. And something that happened between them might end up changing her life. What is it?

Aradia learned that there were werewolves, vampires, fairies, shape shifters, and much more, not only in Salem, but all over the world. They are called The Hidden. They don’t let anyone know what they are, they have to keep secret and that’s how they like it. Learning that other creatures live in Salem, now she knows why some were looking at her like they do, but now she just needs to figure out what she is.

Aradia isn’t the only one who would like to find out what she is. Some of the Hidden want to know as well. They have never smelled anyone like her before.

Soon weird things start to happen to Aradia. She is getting hurt at school, getting tripped down the stars, her hand gashed open and when this starts to happen, Roy and his brothers help protect Rai.

While making her new friends in Salem, Rai discovers about the murder of a werewolf and she wants to help find the killer. Now that a werewolf is murdered and drained like a vampire did it, The Hidden communities are at odds. Rai will use her powers to help find the killer, but will it put her and her family at risk?

With trying to help find the Vampire Murderer, Rai starts dating a vampire named Dax, but could he be getting closer to Rai for only one reason, that reason being trying to figure out what she is, or could he really like her?

Aradia just doesn’t have to worry about the murderer, Dax, and finding out what she is… there is something bigger going on behind the scenes, there are others that are trying to track Aradia down, they are the ones that let her get away and now they want to fix that problem. Using her powers more and more, and having
them get stronger, she is sending out a “beacon” for them to find her.

Can Aradia help The Hidden community not attack each other, or will it backfire in her face? Will she be able to find out what she is and where she came from and can she trust the ones around her? Aradia will soon find all that out and much more in Tales of Aradia: The Last Witch.

Tales of Aradia was a fast read, with lots of action, secrets, and mystery. It keeps you entertained throughout the whole book. I’m excited to read the next book and find out what happens with Aradia and how she grows into who she is. Everything intertwined well, and the story flowed just right. I enjoyed how there was a multitude of paranormal in one book. A good book to put on your to-be read list. I give Tales of Aradia 4 stars!

“It is done. She has been sent to where she can be happy until the time comes to avenge her people! She will destroy you! You and your Sovereign!”-Seer

“I’m not your puppy, Rai, and I’m certainly not a Twilight fan!”- Roy

“You are suggesting I betray her trust, trick her!”- Dax

“Yes, Aradia. Not only are you a witch, but you are also the last of your kind. You, Aradia, are the last witch.”- Mr. Dayton




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Ghost Diaries Case #1- Sarah Beth Hawkins (Willow Cross Blog Tour)


Review for Ghost Diaries Case #1- Sarah Beth Hawkins by Willow Cross

Taija Ford stumbled upon a few hat boxes in her father’s attic, inside these hat boxes were journals. Some intact, others crumbling from age. To her surprise, she discovered she comes from a long line of paranormal investigators. Her father David Ford and before him his own father, started this endeavor. Now Taija is on her very first case to discover if in fact is there any truths to life after death. Now Taija will start where her father left off and follow in his footsteps.

In the hat boxes were journals from a young girl named Sarah Beth Hawkins.

From March 18, 1881- May 7, 1881 the Hawkins family would face unusual circumstances. It all started with a beautiful silver box her father bought for Sarah off an unknown down on his luck, disheveled man. For some bread, apples and a bit of cheese, the silver box was Sarah’s but soon she will discover there is a lot more to the box then the beauty of it.

That is where their lives take a turn for the worse.

The following day after receiving the silver box from the unknown man, Sarah started showing signs of sickness. Not only was she faced with sickness, but also plagued with the strangest of dreams someone like her shouldn’t be having. Dreams of a beautiful man.

Every day the presence in the house get worse and worse, evil has entered their house and they now know this, but not Sarah. They hear her talking to herself more and more and laughing.

With the town’s people whispering of Witches and the casting of spells, could this escalate out of control?

Can this family battle the unseen evil and get their daughter back to the young, happy girl she once was before getting the silver box? How can they battle something they cannot see, and where do they start? Or will the evil prevail and overtake the family?

Ghost Diaries Case #1- Sarah Beth Hawkins was a great short read. If you’re looking for something to read, but don’t have the time for a long novel, this is definitely something to consider. It takes you on a journey, has a big of spookiness to it, and has you guessing. It’s very well written and it makes you feel like you are reading someone’s personal diary as well as going through their pain right along with them. I can’t wait to see what is next in the ‘Ghost Diaries’ I give this book 5 stars!



 Ghost Diaries, Case #1- Sarah Beth Hawkins







J.L. McCoy’s ‘The Original Sin’ (Book 3) Review and Swag Pack Giveaway

Review by Cassie Hoffman

The Original Sin

(BOOK 3 in the Skye Morrison series. Spoilers if you haven’t read the first two)

Skye Morrison is a twenty-three year old woman who is on the top of the world. Getting the best job you could imagine, finding out vampires are real and falling for two of them, but after being kidnapped and tortured by the “Original” first vampire, now she is asking herself if she should even be in this world that she didn’t even knew existed until a little over a month ago.

Skye is having a hard time coming to terms with being kidnapped and trying to go on with her life like it was before. Being forced to live with vampires until they can find Amun and kill him she is now not able to go anywhere by herself. This includes her and all the other vampires in the family.

Skye and Jameson have made it official and are head over heels with each other. Skye got her crush, but she is still has feelings for Jameson’s brother/maker Archer. (WHAT DOES A GIRL DO!)

Since being kidnapped and almost dying, Skye has been having nightmares starring Amun. He comes to her in her dreams, and every time she wakes up screaming. Keeping her dreams of Amun a secret from Jameson and Archer is getting harder to do.

After waking up one night in a panic, Skye goes to Archer and tells him what has been happening. With the secret out, Archer has no choice but to surprise an attack of Skye to make sure she isn’t a Trojan Horse for Amun. The vampires literally mind rape Skye to see if she is a Trojan. Skye once again is knocking on Heaven’s door thanks to a vampire.

After being forcibly held down and having the vampires enter her mind without her permission, she no longer can trust any of them, which include her own boyfriend Jameson. Breaking up with Jameson and not talking to the other vampires in the house, Skye secludes herself and falls into a depression.

With Skye not feeling safe and not trusting them she ask to go back to her own home with a guard, but soon everything turns more upside down for Skye. What more can go wrong in this girl’s world?

Just like the previous two books, The Original Sins was just as good and filled with ups and downs. A lot of questions get answered, but were also left with a BIG question at the end. You may find yourself like I did saying “OH MAN, NO!” Lol. I felt for Skye, she lost trust in everyone around her and had no idea who she could turn to. In The Original Sins we FINALLY get some Skye and Jameson fun… Like always the characters are just as funny, making you wish you had some friends like them. J.L. McCoy left us with TO BE COUNTINUED…. And I can’t wait to sink my fangs into the next book, to see what the hell is going on with Skye. Once again I give this book Five GOTHIC stars!!!


“You guys just aren’t fair, between your vampire pheromones and your gorgeous good looks, we humans just don’t stand a chance.”- Skye

“I’m not staying Archer, I can’t trust you not to hurt me again if it serves whatever purposes you decide to come up with that day. I want nothing more to do with you…with any of you. I’m done with vampires. You all have done nothing but bring me pain since I met you.”- Skye

“This isn’t the girl I fell in love with. My sweet, giving, patient, loving, caring, fun-loving Skye disappeared when you were kidnapped. I’m so scared I’ll never get her back.”-Archer



The Original Sin: (Book #3 in the Skye Morrison Vampire Series)


The Original Sin (Book #3 in the Skye Morrison Vampire Series)


Today for the giveaway we have a Mini fan pack which has signed bookmarks from each book (and a few blank ones) also with 9 stickers (3 from each book) which includes, Blood of the Son, Sins of the Father and The Original Sins. To win this awesome mini fan pack all you have to do is LIKE the authors facebook page AND leave a comment telling me that you did. Good luck!

J.L. McCoy on facebook:

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Beyond the Veil Blog Tour and Scavenger Hunt (83)

Beyond the Veil Blog Tour and Scavenger Hunt (83)


                Though the Serbian pack has been brought to heel thanks to the downfall of their Alpha, the war is far from over. Desdemona, a witch of unfathomable power, has escaped the wolves’ wrath, but she will not go quietly into the night. She takes refuge in a place where even the smallest sliver of light does not dare to enter. Though she had to flee, she has not given up on the treasure she wishes to acquire. Her depravity knows no bounds; she’s even willing to search for the one who can assist her in opening a Veil that has not been opened in millennia – with good reason: the danger is incalculable. Meanwhile, there are major changes rippling through the Romanian Grey wolves. Decebel has become Alpha to the Serbian pack in an effort to begin to unite the Canis lupis species. Their numbers are dwindling in the wake of the shortage of true mates and lack of offspring. The wolves are beginning to lose faith and darkness seems to be crashing in on them from all sides.

About Quinn:
Quinn is a wife, mother, nurse, and writer, not necessarily in that order. She lives in beautiful North West Arkansas with her husband, son and Nora their Doberman pinscher. She loves writing, reading, and crocheting. Her favorite holiday is Christmas, favorite book(s) is Pride and Prejudice, The Alpha and Omega Series by Patricia Briggs, and the Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling. She loves to be silly and have fun, loves music and thinks there is no greater sound than the sound in the world than that of her little boy’s laughter.
Kindle Link:
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Contest Rules
There will be a rafflecopter on the Sweet Treats reading reviews page.

All Blogs participating will have numbers that will be in bold print RED, so make sure you all keep track.  At the end of the tour you will need to tally all of the numbers you collected from each site and enter it into our giveaway!

What are you playing for you ask? 

I will tell you!!!

*A signed Just One Drop book

*Signed Decebel and Jen posters

(be still my heart)

*And a bracelet made by ME LOL

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Project Ele and Finding Ele (2 Reviews & Giveaway)

Today I am going to be doing a double review on the Ele Series by Rebecca Gober & Courtney Nuckels. These books rocked my world, combining my love of paranormal with my recent passion of post-apocalyptic/dystopian. That is one combination you can’t beat. If you haven’t read the books only read the first review, that way I don’t spoil anything for you. The first book is FREE on Amazon and Smashwords and TWO lucky people will win a signed bookmark!


The book starts off with fifteen year old Willow waiting in a huge line with her family. Why? To be screened to see if they eligible to get into a shelter. Willow lives in a post-apocalyptic world which came from a “virus brought forth from a cure”. In trying to rid the world of disease they brought forth a super virus that has been killing people off at an alarming rate. Life as they knew it stopped, children were home schooled and people were afraid to leave their homes. The government implemented Project Ele, which is raising the temperature of the earth to exceedingly dangerous degrees in hopes that it will kill off the virus. The shelters were set up to protect human life, but you have to be healthy with no latent disease in you, and you have to pass rigourous screening to be let inside. Once inside the screening, Willow learns that her and her father are accepted…but the rest of the family is not. With her family torn apart, Willow enters the shelter. Inside life is totally different. Forced to work, Willow meets many kids inside that she connects with, one being her boss. Connor, Claire, and Alec become Willow’s rocks. Together the four of them decide to explore theirselves out of their boredom, finding WAY more than they baragained for. This book is filled with emotion, suspense, action, and a good dose of unique paranormal. I read this book in a day and was SO thankful that I already had book two in my hands. The cliffhanger at the end will have you begging for more. I’m not gonna say much more because I dont want to spoil it. Lets just say that I was suprised at the way the book turned out and that I have found a new pair of authors to love. The small grammatical errors did not detract from the story in my opinion. The book is just too good to care…and this is coming from an editor!



Project ELE (ELE Series #1) (The ELE Series)



Project ELE (Volume 1)


If you have not read book 1 DO NOT READ THIS REVIEW! This is gonna be a short review as I don’t want to spoil it for anybody. The cliffhanger from book one finds Willow on the outside, with more powers than one teenager should have, and a suprising reunion with a mother that is now a warrior. Life on the outside is full of danger. The Reapers are out to take lives and take powers. Stuck searching for her friends, not knowing if they are alive or dead, worrying that her mother’s people won’t accept her, learning how to protect herself in this new, scary world, and getting a hot bodyguard that wants to be more, has Willow’s head spinning. This was the perfect sequel to Project Ele. It had me on the edge of my seat, though I finished it in just a couple of hours. Left with yet another cliffhanger, I am dying for more!

AMAZON: ($2.99)

Finding ELE (ELE Series #2)


PAPERBACK: ($9.99)

Finding ELE (Volume 2)

Also check out their Night Marchers Series:


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A Review of J.L. McCoy’s ‘Blood of the Son’


If someone told you they were a vampire would you believe them, could you work for them, or fall in love with them? These are the questions Skye Morrison will face in J.L. McCoy’s Blood of the Son.

Skye Everleigh Morrison is a 23-year-old free spirited young woman, who loves to paint, read, dance and do Krav Maga and is REALLY good at it. She has a great house, kick-ass friends, the best dog ever, a miniature Bulldog Styvi Nix, who she loves more than anything. To top it off she has the most wonderful best friend, Nikkie St.James. Plus she lives in the most beautiful and free spirited city of Austin, Texas. But, some things are fixing to change for Skye, maybe for the worse or for the best. You will just have to see.

Skye has just broken up with her cheating boyfriend, Jesse Prescott, who has now turned into a stalker. Skye is a server at Drop Kick Dan’s and has been working there for the last four years. She has just graduated college with a degree in Ancient History and Classical Civilization. She is now finding herself in debt up to her eye balls from student loans; she’s $ 70,000 in debt. Though she loves working at Drop Kick Dan’s and her boss Dan is awesome, she is going to have to find something else that will pay more.

While at a coffee shop, Afterburner’s, her ex shows up and puts on a show, thankfully a strange man helps Skye with her stalker. This gorgeous knight in shining Prada’s helps her and this chance meeting will forever change Skye’s life. Archer Rhys is a stunning, thirty-something breathtaking man. They talk for a minute and he gives Skye a red card for his grand opening of his club so she can come join him. When he learns Skye is looking for a job he offers her an interview for the next day. Could she get any luckier?!

Skye nails the interview and is offered the position of executive assistant to help with the daily club operations at The Mausoleum, the next big thing to hit Austin. Not only will Skye be an executive assistant, but she will be making $85,000 a year plus a raise in six months. This is what she has needed; she can pay off her student loans in no time. The Mausoleum is going to be a Goth/industrial night club.

Still working at Drop Kick Dan’s for the next week, Skye ends up passing out at work. When she comes to she sees Jameson Doyle the lead singer of The Mankey Langer, her crush. Just her luck! Jameson helps her and when he touches Skye she feels tingling, his touch sets her on fire, electriyifing her. She has NEVER experienced anything like that in her life; it set’s her hormones on fire. Jameson offers to drive her home since her ankle and knee isn’t in very great shape. They find their selves making out in the employee parking lot. Making out with her crush, SCORE!

Skye soon finds out that Jameson and Archer are brothers. These two guys she is crushing on are related. She has feelings for both brothers, each offers something different, and each has a secret. Skye learns that Archer and Jameson are vampires, vampires! Who would have thought they were actually real? Well now she knows, they aren’t just myths.

Having to get the club ready for the opening and feeling a pull towards each of the brothers, Skye tries to not pay attention to her feelings. How can she come between a maker and his child? It will just make everything complicated. She really likes Archer, but of course she doesn’t know if it’s his pheromones or him. Can she ever really know, and does he just want her for her blood running through her veins?

With the opening of The Mausoleum, and it being a complete success and a big hit with the humans and vampire customers, everything is looking up, until one of Archer and Jameson’s own are found brutally murdered when the club is closed at the end of the night. Greyson Mead is found completely gutted, entrails scattered about, head ripped off his body, eye’s removed and there is a messaged carved in his torso “THE BLOOD OF THE SON SHALL PAY FOR THE SINS OF THE FATHER.”

Could it have been a Dark One that has done that, or another vampire? Is Archer, Jameson and the rest of their vampire friends safe, or will more turn up dead and butchered like Greyson?

With now trying to figure out if she can let Archer in and with the worry of who killed their friend, and the worry if more will get hurt, Skye has a lot to figure out and a lot to take in. She is now living in a new and totally different life then she was a few weeks ago. Will she miss that life, because no matter what she will never go back, or forget what she has found out?

I could not put this book down; I devoured it and wanted more. J.L. McCoy is freaking fabulous and now has a forever follower. Skye is a character that you just fall in love with and can relate to and you will probably wish you had her closet for yourself, lol. She is someone I would love to be, not to mention she has two gorgeous vampire brothers wanting to be with her. All the characters are well written and you root for all of them. I laughed so hard throughout this book with some of the quotes. It was well written, flowed just right, and kept you interested and at the end you will find yourself saying “Oh man!” J.L McCoy leaves us with a cliffhanger. There are so many different characters that bring different things into this book, including a gay vampire, SCORE! Is it sad that I wish I had a Skye Morrison’s life? Hey, I would be happy just to have it for a day. I give this book 5 Gothic stars!!!


“I’m not suggesting you run off and marry him, Skye! I’m merely suggesting a few games of ‘Slap and Tickle.”- Nikki

“Bite me and I’ll shove a clove of garlic up your ass, fang boy.”- Skye

“It will be okay, Skye. Jameson and I will not allow anything to happen to you. You are part of our family now and we take care of our family.”- Archer

“Stupid damn vampire and his stupid damn vampire pheromones.”- Skye

If Cassie has talked you into reading this book, please leave a review where you bought it. Every review helps the author.

$2.99 on AMAZON:  Blood of the Son (Book #1 in the Skye Morrison Vampire Series)

J.L. McCoy on facebook:

Review of Ariana Zamora’s ‘The Dreamer’

Review by Cassie Hoffman

Anjaleena, better known as Leena, is a seventeen year old young woman who has been plagued with horrible nightmares ever since she could remember. They aren’t just any nightmares, they are always the same, and almost every night she finds herself waking up the same way…terrified. Her parents have taken her to numerous doctors and therapists, and they say it is night terrors and try to put her on medicine, but she will soon find out that her nightmares have a real meaning to them. She has told her parents they have stopped, but they haven’t. The only person who knows the truth, and that she can confide in is her grandmother, Rose. Unbeknownst to Leena her grandmother has suffered from the same nightmares just like herself, but Rose will never be able to tell Leena herself, because she ends up passing away unexpectedly.

Leena and her whole family are shocked and distraught by the sudden passing of Grandma Rose. Leena soon finds out about the secret Rose was keeping. While at the funeral, Leena has a mysterious woman give her a letter from Rose and along with the letter is a key on a chain. Leena has no idea what it all means. Why would her grandmother give her such a strange thing?

The family packs up and moves to a different state for a new start. The family moves into the childhood home of Rose, which no one even knew existed. The Bennett Manor is a one hundred and fifty year old manor. Leena soon finds out there is more to the house then meets the eye. Leena meets Julian Bennett, a ghost who was the original owner of the manor when it was first built. Julian wants Leena’s help to find out how he died one hundred and fifty years ago. Leena agrees to help find out how he died. Julian has the ability to take Leena back into his time and while there he is in his human body and they are able to touch, to connect unlike when he is in his ghost form.

Julian isn’t the only ghost who resides in the Bennett Manor, Leena discovers. She finds the woman who has plagued her and her grandmothers’ dreams, haunts the manor, and is the reason her grandmother passed away. Evangeline is on her own quest, and needs Leena’s help just like Julian.

Leena has a few love interests, but she soon falls for Julian, but is her feelings for him truly hers? How could she ever have a relationship with a century and a half year old ghost? Leena will be tested; she finds her life crumbling all around her. Is she going crazy? Will she solve this century and half year old mystery? Can she get her life back, and be a normal seventeen year old girl? You’ll have to read The Dreamer to find out all the mysteries surrounding Bennett Manor.

 While reading The Dreamer you will be taken into the historical past and feel like you’re going through this journey with Leena. The Dreamer is full of mystery, and a real page turner. You’ll take sides, but then question yourself if you’re on the right one. It keeps you guessing till the very end. The Dreamer was very well written, and the characters were loveable. I give it ***** stars.

 Quotes from the Book:

“Save for one other, you’re the only living person I’ve been able to communicate with…On the other side.”-Juilian

 “Screw you! I’ll say any damn thing I want to say while you’re using my body like this. I know you and Julian had a thing in the past. I don’t know how serious it was, and I don’t care.”- Leena

 “I do not cherish the fact that I killed my own descendant, Anjaleena. But Rose had set into motion events that would have kept me from you. You are the one who will save us all, and I could not allow her to spoil a retribution that has been long overdue.”-Evangeline

Remember, if you have been talked into reading this book, please leave a review where you bought it. Every review helps the author. Buy Links Below…only .99 on Amazon!

Amazon: The Dreamer (The Dreamer Series)

Find Ariana Zamora on Facebook: 

Her Website:

Review/Giveaway of Amber Sweetapple’s The Houri Legends Series

(Giveaway details at bottom. Please read review first!)

Today I am going to do something a little different. I was asked to review the second book of Amber Sweetapple’s series, but I had never read the first, so I had to do that of course. But I did not want to just do the second review in case some of you had not read the first book. So, I am going to do a mini review of book one and a more detailed one of book 2. Y’all are lucky though because I have 3 copies of book 1, 2 ebooks and 1 signed paperback, to giveaway away, so you can get started on the series.

Book 1- Jack and Djinn

This story revolves around Jack, an mechanic and artist, and Miriam, a woman just realizing that she is more than she ever imagined. Miriam is in an abusive relationship with Ben, a former Marine that served two tours in Afghanistan. The clever part about this book is that it goes back and forth between the past and the present. The present revolves around a homicide detective, Carson, who is investigating the death of a man that was burned to a crisp in a very unusual way, and the past describes Jack and Miriam’s history and what led to the death.

Miriam falls for Jack while in a relationship with Ben, after he saves her one night after Ben beats her up, though she continues to see Ben. She comes off as slightly weak at first, but as her story unfolds you see that she has had a very hard life. As she gets more deeply involved with Jack, Miriam realizes that something is awakening in her, some kind of power she never knew existed, much less had. She eventually realizes that she is half Djinn, a mystical creature that has an element as a power.

This story grabbed me in from the first. I loved watching Miriam come into herself and the romance between Jack and Miriam. It is sweet, sexy, and packed with adventure as Miriam realizes the scope of her powers and comes to terms with the bully Ben. You are also introduced to many other characters that are prominent in the next book, such as Nadira, a water elemental. Ok, I do not think I am even capable of a mini review, lol, so I will make myself stop right here and just tell you that Jack and Djinn is a magical ride full of romance, and adventure. I give it 5 stars for originality and for how smoothly the story flowed.

Book 2- Djinn and Tonic

Book 2 starts off with Detective Carson Hale, from the previous book. He is a slightly alcoholic man that is sitting at a bar, contemplating the case of Miriam and Ben. The waitress, Leila, entices him into conversation. She seems to understand the strange undercurrents of the case. They get cozy in thw bar as Carson admits that he is interested in her. This is where things take a turn into weird. During their kiss, Carson gets knocked out, and wakes up to the impossible.

Carson was knocked out by Hassan, a horrible man, that feels he has a right to Leila because they are betrothed, against her will I might add. This is when you realize that Leila has powers as well, and her powers are air. Hassan destroys the bar where she works, as does she fighting him back. The unexplained destruction of the bar from fire and hurricane force winds stumps Carson. He knows that something is not right and that there is something different about Leila.

The story follows Carson and Leila as they fall in love, but their love seems like it is not meant to be. Leila is a kick butt chick, but she knows more than anyone that if she does not marry Hassan, there will be dire consequences for her people. She is an Ifriti, which is similar to a Djinn, and her culture is way different from normal human culture. Her people are capable of living for centuries, and a human marrriage is frowned upon. If she does not marry Hassan, a war could start between the Djinn and the Ifriti.

This story is full of magic as well, and full of conflict and will have you rooting for the characters to the very last page. I hated Hassan. I just wanted to go through the book and use his own magic against him. Carson goes through hell for Leila, a mere human against a whole Ifriti clan. Leila’s father, who she believes does not even love her, and Nadira, the water elemental, play pivotal roles in the culmination of this book. Jack and his grandfather also make appearences. The characters are so well thought out and you instantly connect with them. There are so many open-ended storylines that you just know that the next book in the installment is going to be just as great as these two. Plus, (and this is always a plus in my book lol), the books are HOT. Imagine almost making love inside of a tornado…hmmmmm 😉 I give this book 5 stars as well, and I cannot wait for the next book in The Houri Legends. I so hope it is Nadira’s story!

Quotes from the Book:

“My opinion does matter. I will not marry you. Never.”

“Do you like me, check yes or no.”

“It’s a scary thought, but it’s happening. You don’t belong on the ifrit side, Leila.”

Once again, if I have talked you into reading these books, please leave a review where you bought it. Every review helps the author. I will put links for the books under the covers.

Amazon Kindle:
Jack & Djinn (The Houri Legends: Book 1)
Djinn & Tonic (The Houri Legends: Book 2)

Amazon Paperback:
Jack & Djinn: The Houri Legends (Volume 1)
Djinn & Tonic: The Houri Legends: Book 2


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Jason Brant’s ‘The Gate’ Review/Giveaway (Giveaway Closed!)

Jason Brant outdid himself this time! The Gate is twice the length of his other books, and though I liked them all, this one is my favorite.

The Gate starts off with two college boys, Bryan and Kyle, being accepted as interns on a television show called The Specter Slayers. Bryan is the studious one and his fiancé just broke off their engagement, leaving him depressed. Kyle is the hot football player that scores all the chicks. The Specter Slayers is a show about paranormal investigators that go into supposedly haunted churches and prove that there is paranormal activity in them.

Bryan is not thrilled about this opportunity, but Kyle talks him into it with the enticement of what airtime will do to his resume. This starts their journey to the Danver church, a church that an eccentric old man bought, and then supposedly killed a whole group of his friends in.

They get to the church after a long drive, and not being able to find it, through woods that seem to get mysteriously darker and creepier the farther they drive into them. Once there, they meet the Specter Slayers, two creeps that do not believe in the paranormal, they just like to cash in, plus their nerdy tech guy. Bryan and Kyle are told that famous horror author, Katie Upshaw, will be joining them for their night in the Danver church.

But Katie has secrets that she is hesitant to share. Secrets about the church…secrets that might get them all killed…

I really cannot tell you more because if I do, it will ruin the surprise. And believe me, I never knew what was coming! It is not at all what you will expect, I will tell you that. It is about as far from normal as you could ever imagine.

This book is full of humor, at least in the first half. I laughed my way through it, never knowing what was waiting for me right around the corner. When I did get passed the humor, I spent the rest of the book with my jaw hanging open, not knowing what to expect next. I will admit to my heart jumping up in my throat a time or two as well. Delving into Satanic rituals and biblical theories (NOT in a boring way!), The Gate will have you holding your breath, and pulling the covers up to your eyes at night, fearfully hoping you are not the next to get sucked in.

Quotes from the book:

“First, I never want to see you swivel your hips like that again.  Second, you stepped in my mashed potatoes.”

“Jesus jumped up Christ, look at the size of that crack!”

“We saw something that she couldn’t handle…”

“We don’t need it coming back because it heard you.”

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Ashley Robertson’s UnGuarded Review/Giveaway (CONTEST CLOSED)

(A Big Welcome to My New Reviewer: Cassie Hoffman!!!) 

Unguarded by Ashley Robertson: Review by Cassie Hoffman

As soon as you delve into UnGuarded you are launched into action right off the bat, which I enjoyed, and it keeps with that same pace throughout the whole book. It is filled with angels, demons, vampires and a few immortals. Good versus evil is what this book is all about. What would you do for the love of your life? Would you risk one person for another? Would you risk your life for that of a person you care about? Those are the questions Selene finds herself facing.

Selene is an angel guardian, whose main priority is to protect and watch over her charge, Caitlyn Harris. Caitlyn is Selene’s responsibility, to watch over and keep safe from demons. Selene was on her way to becoming an archangel, who are the most supreme beings to exist. Every angel strives to become one. Selene was close, but then she fell in love with Cole, a vampire. Angels are not supposed to be with vampires, but Selene loves Cole and that’s all that matters. She has given up being an archangel to be with Cole and some of her powers were stripped, but being punished still will not keep them apart.

Cole ends up being kidnapped by demons and taken to Charon, a realm that has been over taken by demons. Selene has a hard choice to make, to leave her charge, Caitlyn, behind unguarded and without protection, which could leave her open for attack by demons.

Selene chooses and her choice is to find Cole and save him. While trying to find Cole, Selene meets another vampire, Travis, who helps her get Cole back, along with a few other vampires and demons. While teaming up with Travis to get Cole back, there is a bit of tension between the two…don’t you want to find out what kind? (Lol, well I’m not going to tell you! Read the book!)

While Selene is gone and Caitlyn is unguarded, something horrible happens to her, and her future is uncertain. So again Selene finds herself trying to fix what happened to Caitlyn, and she will do absolutely anything to help her charge. Selene goes to Raphael, an archangel and her mentor for help, but there is nothing that can be done. Caitlyn’s future is marked in stone, with only two outcomes, and they are not ones that Selene feels she can live with. Follow Selene on her journey to see how it turns out. Will she triumph…or fail?

I have not read any previous books of Ashley Robertson’s before UnGuarded, and I’m popping my hand for not having before this. She is a great writer and takes her readers into a world that she describes so well and leaves nothing out. You could actually picture yourself being there. I have not read a book like this one before, one that is filled with angels, demons, vampires, fallen angels and some immortals. I’m so glad that I chose this book to read and do a review for, it has opened my reading horizon. I loathe books that have misspelled words, mistakes, and do not have a great flow and happily UnGuarded is not one of those books. She writes so well and I did not find one misspelled word in the whole book, nor did I find myself drifting off into space. Throughout this book you will meet so many different characters, and they are so very likeable. It is full of action, tension, drama and love. You have good versus evil, and evil actually joining forces with the good to help out. The situations Selene finds herself in could be applied to everyday life, if you take out the paranormal aspect.  I will definitely check out more books by Ashley Robertson.


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