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I want to talk about one star reviews for a minute. A book that I really liked got a 1 star review this morning that it does not deserve. This book had great writing and a great plot. I reviewed it myself and I gave it 5 stars. It was funny, unique, and I still tell people to read it and I read it a long time ago. Which means that the book stuck with me because it was good. I only give books what I think they deserve. If I really loved a book, the editing was good, and the book flowed well, I will give it 5 stars because it deserves it.

Some books could deserve one star reviews, I am not disputing that. People should always give their truthful opinion. If you don’t like the book, you don’t like the book. What pisses me off is when people leave horrible, negative reviews that the book does not deserve. It hurts the authors and their sales.

Review decorum should always be thought about when writing a review. Don’t post so many spoilers that it ruins the book for people that have not read it yet. Don’t leave headers like, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK. Don’t be rude. Don’t be condescending. Don’t be mean! It is simple common courtesy. If you didn’t like the book, give your opinion about why. Find something nice to say about the book as well. Let it be known that it is your opinion. Do not try to sway readers into believing that a book is so horrible it does not deserve their time.

My way of thinking is that everyone has different tastes. What one person likes, another might not. That is why it is just wrong to tell people not to buy this book because YOU didn’t like it. That is why it is wrong to SPOIL it for people that want to give it a chance. One star reviews should be handled with dignity, not with mean spirits. That is my rant for the day.