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Review of ‘Saving Marilyn’ by Christy Cauley



At first glance, an average middle-class household, Claire and Auggie Callahan of Brentwood, California are typical DINKs (double income, no kids).  They live in one of the oldest homes in town first belonged to her grandparents, then to her parents. The house was obtained by them when her parents opted to sell. Auggie and Claire wanted to save it from becoming just another teardown so they purchased it. 

Claire is an insurance claims investigator who hopes to sink her teeth into a big juicy claim with more substance; like a murder for hire. Her true passion is her favorite blond bombshell, movie star Marilyn Monroe.  Auggie is a total tech geek who works for the government, is always paranoid about big brother watching, and can create any gadget with the right stuff.  Both are huge fans of science fiction, from home décor to the books and movies on their shelves. 

Auggie, not being just the average nerdy geek, drafts plans to create a time machine.  Claire decides to use the machine to her best advantage. It could not hurt anything to save her idol from killing herself since the world would be so much better with a little more Marilyn. Will she save Marilyn? Will messing with the past have disastrous consequences? You will have to read it to find out!

I found this book to be a fun read. At first glance, I did not find that the story was piquing my interest but by the time I was a few pages in, I found it difficult to have to put it down to do real life stuff.  It was a bit predictable in the way that most time travel into the past stories are but I did not foresee some of the events as the author has them unfold from main character Claire’s several journeys back in time. I highly recommend Saving Marilyn and rate it * * * * stars.

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Saving Marilyn

Quotes from the book:

Marilyn Monroe was an idol to Claire, but more than that she was a way of life.  To Claire, Marilyn Monroe represented all that was beautiful in the world and everything that Claire always wished she could be.

“It’s not a time machine, it’s a temporal displacement system,” Auggie replied, sounding exasperated, as though he had explained this many times before.

“Please, don’t be alarmed, Miss Monroe, I’m not a nut or anything. I won’t hurt you.”