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Humanity has expanded beyond the borders of Earth into the far reaches of space. Human ingenuity has also expanded—as well as its theology.

On one side of an interplanetary war: a new religious order, dedicated to the expansion of human enlightenment. On another side, loosely connected to the order but hardly on the same page: the military, dedicated to the expansion of human influence.

And then there are the aliens. Worlds beyond understanding. Planets beyond comprehension. Forces which represent threats that cannot be calculated, and so must be eliminated.

Timberwolf is a soldier with too many voices in his head. Gray is a bishop with grander ambitions than his church. Highland is a planet run entirely by artificial intelligence—all of these factors point to the same conclusion: God has a story for everyone—or so the scripture of the day says.
     This story is just beginning.


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Formats: .MOBI, EPUB, PDF

Genre: Military Science-Fiction (With hints of politics and theology)

Elevator pitch: It’s sort of like Aliens + Apocalypse Now + Wizard of Oz

Log line: A battered super soldier is bent on stopping his former mentor from restarting an interstellar war.


We’ve pushed out the galaxy and have met plenty of aliens… and we’ve fought and destroyed them all! That was until we met the Arnock – mind controlling creatures that drove us insane on contact.

Timberwolf, a former special ops soldier, was once captured by the Arnock and driven to near madness. He can now “hear” the Arnock in his head. He’s gone on multiple suicide missions and come back unscathed – the alien presence in his mind forces him to survive.

Emanuel Gray used to be Timberwolf’s commander and mentor. A former General, now religious fanatic – Gray believes our uneasy peace with the Arnock is a sin. He’s a wanted man and has gone rogue. He’s hell-bent on securing a secret weapons factory on the planet Highland and wiping the Arnock out for good.

Timberwolf now works for the Department of Peace Enforcement. He “listens” for an Arnock attack and hunts for the outlaw Gray. When the old friends but new enemies cross paths, Timberwolf chases Gray to the weapons factory world of Highland. When the Arnock arrive it becomes a battle for the deadliest weapons in the galaxy. Timberwolf will have to choose between getting the alien spider out his head or taking out Gray – all while millions of lives hang in the balance.

Timberwolf will be published by the Zharmae Publishing Press on August 20th.


Tom Julian works days at an insurance company and nights and weekends as an author. He enjoys traveling, long-distance cycling, and waking up early to brew the perfect cup of coffee. He’s an unabashed beer snob and native of Trenton New Jersey. Tom’s first novel, Timberwolf is a military science fiction novel influenced by Aliens, Battlestar Galactica and Apocalypse Now.

Tom is the father of Izzy and Liam and husband to the lovely Brenda-Lea. He writes while warming his feet under his Bernese Mountain dog, Maggie May. Favorite movie/book/food = O Brother, Where Art Thou?/Sirens of Titan/Trenton Style Tomato Pie.


Ransom by Michele Poague (Blog Tour & Giveaway)

Little did Kairma know, as she wished away her responsibilities, the old religious myths were true; around her neck hung the fate of the world.

Introducing Ransom by Michele Poague:

Ransom is the final book in the Healing Crystal Trilogy, a light science fiction story that follows young Kairma as she discovers the true nature of the Crystal she wear around her neck. Will she use it to save the world, if it can be saved, or will she return to her secluded village and let the world continue to suffer?


Michele Poague is celebrating the release of her final book of the Healing Crystal Trilogy with a big tour and a raffle with a crystal encrusted apple USB holder and a gift certificate as prizes.  She has also dropped by with a little quiz for us! Take the quiz below and see how you rank.

What Kind of Reader are You?

When, where, what and how we read determines what kind of a
reader we are. Some of us read only certain genres or stick to non-fiction
only. Some of us like short stories while others lust for an epic novel. Some
of us read only at night while others use every spare moment to breeze through
one more article, chapter or post. Many of us have favorite authors. I know I

So what kind of reader are you? Take this fun little “Yes or No” quiz I came up with to find out. Answer ‘yes’ to all that apply. Give yourself one point for each ‘yes’ answer.

1. The Bedtime Reader

a. I read at night to clear my thoughts.

b. I read at night because I have time for reading.

c. I read until morning, or until the book falls out of my hands.


2. The Breakfast Reader

a. I’m still reading the book that fell out of my hands last night when I dozed

b. I read the newspaper or daily magazines.

c. I read the back of the cereal box or the nutrition information on the juice


3. The Bathroom Reader

a. I’m still reading the same book I was reading at breakfast.

b. I read the magazine left in a rack by the toilet.

c. I read in the bathtub to escape.


4. The Road Reader

a. I never leave home without 2-3 books.

b. I read maps, travel books, and road advertisements.

c. On a plane, I read the emergency exit card because someone took the



5. The Rainy Day Reader

a. I read until the book is done come rain or shine.

b. Rainy weather makes me feel like curling up with a good book.

c. I read because I don’t want to play tennis in the rain.

6. The Internet Reader

a. I read because some of the cool pictures have words.

b. I read news and postings from my friends.

c. I read anything and everything until my laptop falls out of my hands.

7. The Non-Fiction Reader

a. I read news or trade magazines.

b. I read “How To” manuals.

c. I read encyclopedias and dictionaries.

8. The Incidental Reader

a. I read in the waiting room at the dentist or doctor’s office.

b. I read school or work assignments.

c. I read the instruction manual when I can’t guess how something goes

More than 25 points

The Logophile: You love words in any form. (The maximum score for this
quiz is 24, but as a lover of the written word, you most likely thought of many
situations not listed here.)

20 to 24

The Voracious Reader: You read anything placed before you. You fly through books
of all kinds and likely subscribe to three or more magazines.

15 to 19 Points

The Bookworm: You love all types of stories and constantly have a book in
your hands. You are likely to read several different genres.

10 to 14 points

The Avid Reader: You enjoy reading whenever possible but it doesn’t rule
your life. You probably have a chosen genre and rarely stray from your favorite

5 to 9 Points

The Part-time Reader: You usually read to relax. Light fiction and short stories
are probably your preferred escape.

Less than 4 Points.

The Anti Reader: Quite surprised you found this quiz!


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Origins Promotion & Rafflecopter Giveaway



John Mitchell’s life in the small Midwestern town of Mill City Wisconsin is about to change forever. The animals in his lab at the Neuro Science Research center suddenly die, he learns gut wrenching news about his wife of ten years and the most important meeting of his career gets canceled when his boss mysteriously disappears.

After accidentally injecting himself with a serum made from the instructions scribed on a seven-thousand-year-old artifact John discovers he has new abilities and new blood-chilling enemies. He and his wife Jenny are soon running for their lives from the terrifying figures that will stop at nothing to protect the serum’s seven-thousand-year-old secret and retrieve the artifact needed to finish their plans.

On the run and searching for answers they are thrown into a world of ancient secrets, esoteric mysteries and a clandestine underground race when they become trapped in a cavern deep under the ruins of ancient Babylon. As millions of people around the world suddenly begin disappearing they learn the horrific news of the inevitable extinction of the Human Race.


ScottMeyerPic (2)

S. E. MEYER has been studying ancient civilizations and religions from around the world for over ten years. He has a passion for stimulating conversation and debate within these topics. Hobbies include playing guitar and anything to do with the outdoors or gardening. He lives with his wife and two sons in the Chippewa Valley of western Wisconsin.




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