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Never Ross is the type of girl who is lost, alone and sad, she tries to fill the empty void within herself by having numerous sexual partners, guys she can’t remember their faces or even their names. It could be a guy she just met at a party, letting him take her up against the wall while she is looking in on the guy she should be trying to go for: the type of guy you marry and have kids with. But for some reason Never can’t help herself; she goes for the bad boys with tattoos, other lost souls like herself. Seeing her father murdered right in front of her when she was younger, or the horrible act her mother did to her, may have been the reason Never is trying to fill a void by having unprotected sex with strangers she just met.

Never is seriously a lost soul, an empty vessel who sees no point in life. She cries herself to sleep at night and has no friends. She’s put herself through hell, for what? Trying to find the cure that will save her? Maybe that cure is in the form of one of those bad boys she goes for and maybe she is his cure?

While at a party Never connects with one of the bad boys she always drops her panties for, but he’s a total jerk and of course she’s a bitch. Both mad at one another because his pickup line wasn’t working and because she wouldn’t dance with him, they part ways, hoping never to see the other again.

At a convenient store, getting the three things that makes everything better for Never, sugar, beer and smokes, that beautiful tortured soul Ty shows up with Never’s gay roommate and a few others. A situation arises that makes Never look at things in a new light.

Finding out Ty was a whore who got paid to have sex with both men and woman was a revelation. Never is the exact same, but unlike Ty, Never just does it to do it, with this they have something in common. Can they save each other? Did they connect that night because they saw their self in each other’s eyes? Ty becomes Never’s only friend. Yeah a guy being a friend with Never, can that even be possible with both their backgrounds?

Never wasn’t always like this, the girl who screws unknown men, the girl who hides away from everyone, who doesn’t show her true self. Hell, who is the real Never? She has no clue! She used to be happy, loved dancing, and had a long term boyfriend who she thought she loved, but one night changed that all and made this new Never, who she can’t even stand.

Never finally lets someone in a bit and becoming closer, Ty and Never take steps to help each other. Trying to do positive things, they lean on each other for support. Maybe they do need each other; they could be each other’s saving grace.

Never doesn’t know why she does the stuff she does, why she sleeps around and feels so empty and alone, but soon the realization hits her. Maybe Never Ross just wants to be loved, that’s it. LOVED! Could that cure her of her sexual addition, and the bad boys she can’t help but attract?

Ty McCabe is who was sent to save Never from her own self and vise-versa. How do you know if they care about each other? They don’t sleep with each other, and they are able to let their secrets out and maybe heal a bit in the process. They can save each other ONLY if they can let each other in.

And maybe, just maybe, they are falling in love in the process of healing each other’s tortured souls. Can two reformed sex addicts fall in love and be with only each other? Ty is the most flawed, most tortured, most beautiful human being she’s ever met and that scares her. I think we have to wait for the second book for that one……

Tasting Never is a book that touches on a real life subject. You may know someone like Never or Ty. This book seriously gets you right from the start, it starts with a big bang and will suck you right on in and won’t let you go until it’s over, and if you’re like me you will be begging for the next book. There was so many times while reading that I wanted to jump into this book and save Never, hold her tell her it will be all okay and that she isn’t a lost cause. Also throw in there a sexy Ty who is just like Never and you have a hot and steamy book. Two lost souls trying to save each other and you have a book you can’t put down! CM is brilliant, and I give her HIGH praises for Tasting Never. I haven’t read a book like this one and I’m so glad I got to review it and add another great author to my growing list of favorites! Tasting Never flows just right, keeps you guessing and hoping for the right outcome. I give this book 5 stars!!!!

Quotes from the Book:

“Get out and leave me alone. My life is complicated enough without you around. You’re too broken for me to fix.”- Never

“There’s this vicious blending of bodies and strong wills and stubborn character and for a split second, there’s no you and no me, just us. It fades away as quickly as it came and soon we’re back to just being human.”- Never

“The best part about you is your soul. It’s a piece of tortured beauty.”-Never

“You misunderstood what I was trying to say. I said I’ve never loved anyone before, meaning before this moment, because Never, I love someone now.”- Ty