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Review of Kiss Me (BK 2) & Giveaway of Stalk Me (BK 1) by Jillian Dodd


‘Kiss Me’ Book 2 by Jillian Dodd

This is the 2nd book in a series. The first book is up for giveaway at the bottom (USA ONLY). Be aware, this review might contain spoilers if you have not read ‘Stalk Me’.

Being stalked, almost kidnapped, leaving everything and everyone you know behind, and never knowing if you will be able to go back to that life you left, making out with some serious hotties, and clothes any girl would kill to have. Yup, this is the life of Keatyn

In ‘Kiss Me’ you pick right up where you left off in ‘Stalk Me’. Keatyn is trying to figure out where she belongs in the new boarding school she is at. Coming from her old school where she was a part of the in-crowd, she doesn’t know if that is the road she wants to take. Maybe at this school she can join some clubs, join the dance team, and who knows… maybe run for Class President.

Learning her way around, meeting new friends and some potential make out partners, she meets the “God of all Hotties” Aiden, who has the reputation of being a total player, but with that being known, Aiden still does something to her and she can’t help but feel the pull.

Making both Varsity soccer and the dance team, things are looking up and she has met a few more friends, but has gained an enemy in Whitney, the ex-girlfriend of Dawson, a total sex God. Wanting to get his ex back and take her to homecoming, Dawson asks Keatyn to help make Whitney jealous. Not needing anymore problems, she will just flirt with Dawson….If only that was the case, Keatyn and Dawson start hooking up and having a bit of fun together.

All these boys and so little time what is a girl to do???

With making her new life and self at her new school, Keatyn still has to worry about Vincent, her stalker. They can’t catch him, and he has been showing up at places he shouldn’t be. Will she ever get her old life back and will they ever be able to catch him? She starts to wonder if leaving her old life was a mistake since he is still after her.

Life at Keatyn’s new school is going great, she has a great group of friends: both guy’s and girls, and her and Dawson are getting to know each other in more way’s then one. Having fun with Dawson, still Keatyn can’t help but feel the pull towards Aiden.

Being the “God of all Hottie’s” French tutor so she can get into the school’s Social committee isn’t as easy as she thought. With his sexy mega-watt smile, the body of a God, it starts becoming a chore to tutor him. With things getting a bit serious with Dawson and Aiden constant anger towards, her sometimes she wants to call off boys all together……who is she kidding, that will never happen 🙂

Being the new girl, boy troubles, a stalker on the loose, and a black credit card what is a girl to do??

First off, this book should be named ‘Read Me’! Holy cow did I get sucked right own in and loved every second of it. Kiss Me is a book that will suck you in and will have you fanning yourself off. It’s a fun, upbeat, funny read. Keatyn grows a bit in the story and is learning how to live on her own without her parents around, finding out who she really is, and learning to be independent as well as trying to have a bit of fun too. I loved all the new characters; they keep the book going and make it even funnier. I enjoyed her interaction with her guy friends and she has a lot of them. I could feel myself slipping into the book and being Keatyn, that is just how Jillian Dodd’s writes and I LOVE that. Throw in the fashion, a LOT of hot guys, a stalker, and steamy make-out scenes and you have a killer book that you won’t be able to put down! The book ended and I wasn’t prepared for it to be done; now I’m going to be biting my nails waiting for ‘Date Me’! And for all the girls let me just say three words…AIDEN AND DAWSON! I still have no clue what team I’m on…It’s hard to choose. I’ll stay on the dividing line and say Team Hotties 🙂 I GIVE ‘KISS ME’ 5 STARS!

I think my favorite quote out of this book/series is “Life is a divine chaos.”

Yep. That’s what I’m gonna call you. A combination of cutie and Keatyn. You’re my little Keatie.”-Dawson

“You make me feel like a superhero, Keatie. In bed. I feel like I could fly, kick the Hulk’s ass, bust Superman’s chops, all before lunch.”-Dawson

“Too bad I’m not a vampire. I’d bite you. Make you mine.”-Aiden

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 Stalk me. (The Keatyn Chronicles)

Kiss Me (The Keatyn Chronicles)


Jillian is offering up one paperback (USA ONLY) of ‘Stalk Me’ the first book in The Keatyn Chronicles. To win this book, leave a comment below saying why you want to read it and give Jillian’s facebook page a like. If you have already liked it, let me know that as well. Contest ends 2/8 at 5 PM with winner announced shortly after.