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I am honored to be a part of the Waiting For Daybreak Blog Tour! Today I have a guest post from author Amanda McNeil. I hope y’all will make her feel very welcome and ask some questions as well as buy her book if you are interested lol. I will insert a link to buy the book from Amazon below. Amanda also generously offered an ebook of Waiting for Daybreak for giveaway. Giveaway details below.




Boston is an amazing location for an apocalypse.  I honestly don’t know why it doesn’t feature more often, although urban fantasy writers are starting to catch on to the allure.  I’ve lived in Boston for seven years now, and one of the things foreign tourists always tell me is that it is the most European city in America.  We all know nothing is spookier than old buildings and winding streets, and Boston has both.

 Most cities in America are built on the grid system, but Boston’s streets were literally originally cow paths.  I don’t know if you’ve seen the trails animals make in the wild, but they are not straight and planned.  They wind and meander.  This means that it’s a lot easier for something like, oh say a zombie, to sneak up on you.

 My zombie apocalypse, then, is set in this pseudo-European city with meandering streets, old buildings, and dark alleys.  It’s a modern, scientific apocalypse that somehow simultaneously manages to be gothic.  I thank Boston for that. 

 Frieda, the main character and thus a survivor, knows Boston very well.  She knows innately how to get from one neighborhood to the next by sense of direction alone, a talent that is not necessary in grid-style cities.  It’s one of her strengths that she doesn’t realize she has until the apocalypse forces her out of her depressed stupor and into survival mode. 

 Setting is important both in establishing the scene for the reader and developing the character.  In this instance, Frieda is more self-sufficient than she realizes purely because navigating a city that is not built on a grid takes a bit more effort.  Realizing that this is a skill she has and using it helps her to start to see her value as a person.  Her journey out of depression and into self-actualization is thus helped along by the setting of the winding streets of Boston.



What is normal?

 Frieda has never felt normal.  She feels every emotion too strongly and lashes out at herself in punishment.  But one day when she stays home from work too depressed to get out of bed, a virus breaks out turning her neighbors into flesh-eating, brain-hungry zombies.  As her survival instinct kicks in keeping her safe from the zombies, Frieda can’t help but wonder if she now counts as healthy and normal, or is she still abnormal compared to every other human being who is craving brains?



Amanda is an energetic, masters degree educated, 20-something happily living in an attic apartment in Boston with her shelter-adopted cat.  She writes scifi, horror, urban fantasy, literary fiction, and paranormal romance.  She has previously published short stories and a novella.



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I will make this giveaway super easy. There is ONE e-book of Waiting for Daybreak up for grabs. Winner has the choice of .epub or .mobi. To enter, all you have to do is ask a question about something that you read in this post. If you do not ask a question that is about something in this post, you will not be counted. So read and ask a question. Contest ends 8/3 at 8am CST with winner announced sometime afterwards. Thanks!