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Review of Ariana Zamora’s ‘The Dreamer’

Review by Cassie Hoffman

Anjaleena, better known as Leena, is a seventeen year old young woman who has been plagued with horrible nightmares ever since she could remember. They aren’t just any nightmares, they are always the same, and almost every night she finds herself waking up the same way…terrified. Her parents have taken her to numerous doctors and therapists, and they say it is night terrors and try to put her on medicine, but she will soon find out that her nightmares have a real meaning to them. She has told her parents they have stopped, but they haven’t. The only person who knows the truth, and that she can confide in is her grandmother, Rose. Unbeknownst to Leena her grandmother has suffered from the same nightmares just like herself, but Rose will never be able to tell Leena herself, because she ends up passing away unexpectedly.

Leena and her whole family are shocked and distraught by the sudden passing of Grandma Rose. Leena soon finds out about the secret Rose was keeping. While at the funeral, Leena has a mysterious woman give her a letter from Rose and along with the letter is a key on a chain. Leena has no idea what it all means. Why would her grandmother give her such a strange thing?

The family packs up and moves to a different state for a new start. The family moves into the childhood home of Rose, which no one even knew existed. The Bennett Manor is a one hundred and fifty year old manor. Leena soon finds out there is more to the house then meets the eye. Leena meets Julian Bennett, a ghost who was the original owner of the manor when it was first built. Julian wants Leena’s help to find out how he died one hundred and fifty years ago. Leena agrees to help find out how he died. Julian has the ability to take Leena back into his time and while there he is in his human body and they are able to touch, to connect unlike when he is in his ghost form.

Julian isn’t the only ghost who resides in the Bennett Manor, Leena discovers. She finds the woman who has plagued her and her grandmothers’ dreams, haunts the manor, and is the reason her grandmother passed away. Evangeline is on her own quest, and needs Leena’s help just like Julian.

Leena has a few love interests, but she soon falls for Julian, but is her feelings for him truly hers? How could she ever have a relationship with a century and a half year old ghost? Leena will be tested; she finds her life crumbling all around her. Is she going crazy? Will she solve this century and half year old mystery? Can she get her life back, and be a normal seventeen year old girl? You’ll have to read The Dreamer to find out all the mysteries surrounding Bennett Manor.

 While reading The Dreamer you will be taken into the historical past and feel like you’re going through this journey with Leena. The Dreamer is full of mystery, and a real page turner. You’ll take sides, but then question yourself if you’re on the right one. It keeps you guessing till the very end. The Dreamer was very well written, and the characters were loveable. I give it ***** stars.

 Quotes from the Book:

“Save for one other, you’re the only living person I’ve been able to communicate with…On the other side.”-Juilian

 “Screw you! I’ll say any damn thing I want to say while you’re using my body like this. I know you and Julian had a thing in the past. I don’t know how serious it was, and I don’t care.”- Leena

 “I do not cherish the fact that I killed my own descendant, Anjaleena. But Rose had set into motion events that would have kept me from you. You are the one who will save us all, and I could not allow her to spoil a retribution that has been long overdue.”-Evangeline

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When superhero wanna-be, Carly, stands up to a bully, he turns on her, forcing her to battle cutting words, flying hooks, a doubt dragon and a suffocating closet. Her karate-trained boyfriend, Dylan’s desire to stop the harassment sets off a struggle to control his inner caveman. Meanwhile, Carly searches for inner strength and a peaceful solution. Will she find it before Dylan resorts to violence?

This heart-warming magical realism story offers real solutions for handling bullying that will inspire and empower teens and adults alike.



Carly is a spunky sixteen years old. In the face of standing up to a bully, she puts herself in his path. While standing up for herself, she is asked out by Dylan, the smart nerd. She sees him in a different light and agrees. The bully harasses her throughout the book while she tries to live with it and forgive him for how he is because she realizes he has a bad home life. She tries all sorts of different things to stop the bullying, but the more she turns the other cheek, the more he bullies her, going so far as trapping her in the woods with ill intentions. She tries to rewrite her own story the whole book, even trying mediatation and the power of love to change the bully. She also takes a look at the other kids who have been bullied their whole lives and tries to help them stand up straighter.

Using magical realism, the author takes you on a strange ride with older teenagers who seem to have overactive imaginations. The story was good, and I loved that it took a look at real life problems. Most kids have to deal with being bullied, and it can be a very painful and confidence shattering part of life. I do think that the story would have worked better if the characters were younger as I cannot imagine sixteen year old acting like the ones in the book. Regardless of that, the magical realism takes real world problems and combines them with the extraordinary to bring them from being hard to deal with, to making kids believe they can be superheroes. I would let my children read the book if they were having problems with a bully. I also enjoyed the quotes at the beginning of each chapter. They really made the book. I give this book 4 stars.

Author Bio:

Hi. I’m an author, avid reader, extremely casual high school teacher & occasional mask-maker. I write urban fantasy and magical realism for adults & young adults and like to challenge readers to look more closely at the nature of their world, their mind and their perception. After creating and performing in Visual Theatre shows for 20 years, I’m now a bone-fide expatriate of the performing arts. I’ve written scripts for theatre in education, short stores for children and adults, and have a novella and novel awaiting publication. I  live in an Australian rainforest, am married with a teenage daughter and love cats, but I don’t have one because they eat native birds.

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Available online and by request at major bookstores world wide from the end of September. Fill in the form here if you would like to be sent the purchase links when they become available.

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A Review/Giveaway of Katherine Polillo’s ‘Destine’ (The Watcher’s Trilogy Book 1) *Contest Closed*


What would you do if one morning you woke up and you realized that your life would never be the same as it was the day before? Your only friend has turned against you. You have been told you’re the only person who can save humanity, that it is your destiny. The Antichrist is in your school running for student president, and you have a fallen angel as your guardian, to help you, guide you in your role to defend humanity. Well, that is what seventeen year old Michelle Cross is facing in Destine.

Michelle Cross is a seventeen year old girl who is starting her senior year of high school, in the small town of Shady Lane, NJ. Michelle doesn’t have the “normal” family. Her mother has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia since she was twelve years old and her father works as a construction worker. Michelle takes care of her family, cooking dinner, cleaning, and helping with her mentally ill mother. She isn’t like other girls her age. She isn’t popular and doesn’t care to be, she has always felt different from others, like something else was meant to be for her. She is her own person and only has one friend who she has known since Kindergarten and has been inseparable with since and that is Cami.

When Michelle enters senior year, everything changes. Cami decides she wants to do something different and wants to be on the student council. She also has eyes for Alex Chase. There is just something about him that Michelle doesn’t trust, something that is off. And soon she will find out what it is. This is when everything starts falling apart for Michelle. Losing her best friend is just the beginning. Cami is hateful to her and this isn’t like her friend that she has known almost all her life. While trying to deal with the fact that her best friend no longer wants to be a part of her life, Michelle sees the new boy, and in such a small town of Shady Lane, this is a big deal.

Gabriel Lewis is a very handsome young man, black curly hair, eyes so clear that no color could describe them. When Gabriel is near Michelle there is a feeling she gets, a strong sensation. She can’t explain why she feels like this around him, with everything falling apart all around her. Gabriel and Michelle grow closer and she soon finds out his true secret.

With all the new revelations Gabriel has told Michelle, she can’t help but think she is going crazy just like her mother. Revelations that you will have to read the book to find out!

Soon she realizes that this is all real and all on her shoulders. That the Antichrist is in her school and her ex-best friend is now dating him, there are the four horsemen of the apocalypse, which she will have to defeat, but how? Maybe her mother isn’t crazy, maybe just maybe all the talk of angels and demons her mother has always talked about are true and now she knows that.

While trying to save the world from ending, Michelle’s own little world crumbles and she has to protect her family with everything she has. She will not take this lying down. She will fight, and fight she does.

Will Michelle defeat the Antichrist and the Four Horsemen? Will she save all humanity from ending? Or will humanity as she knows it end? You will have to read and find out.

Destine is filled with proverbs at the beginning of every chapter and they go along with what happens in those pages. I enjoyed learning new stuff, which I didn’t know about; the whole book has a lot of great facts in the biblical scene. You will fall in love with Michelle, her determination to do what she needs to do. She will not stop, no matter what. She grows throughout the book, as well as the relationship between her and Gabriel. I found their relationship very sweet and enjoyed their characters. They leveled each other out. There is a lot of comedy throughout the book, it’s not all doom and gloom, which I enjoyed. There are sweet and sad moments. I found myself cursing at Alex Chase, aka the bad guy. I wanted to jump into the pages sometime and punch them and help Michelle out, lol. The book was very well written and the pace was great. It does leave you with a cliffhanger and I can’t wait to read the next book. I’m very much looking forward to it. This book gets 5 stars!

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Quotes from the Book:

“You listen to me, Michelle. You are not just some girl, you are special; you’re about as special as people get. You’ve been chose to save humanity, but more importantly you’re special because I love you and in the hundreds of years I been alive I’ve never felt this way before.”-Gabriel

“Then you know I have Michael on my side, you may as well pack up this little charade of yours and go lick your wounds in hell.”-Michelle

“The whore of Babylon is the prophet set to spread the false praise of the Antichrist. You should be proud of your friend; she did a very good job. So willing, so easily manipulated.”-Alex

“Who say’s angels don’t have character flaws?”-Gabriel

Amazon Kindle: Destine (The Watcher’s Trilogy)

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Rachel Cherie’s ‘Treachery at Martinique Isle’ Review


Treachery at Martinique Isle (Daughter of the High Seas: Book 1) is an adventure; a treasure hunting, pirate fighting, riddle-solving read. The book follows Jacqueline Luray Taylor, who goes by Jacq, and her twin, Alexandria Luray Thorpe, who goes by Alex. The girls find out they are twins after arriving to the same inn called Midway Zebra. Each of the girls stay at the inn and is looked after by the owners, Jemima and Fred Bumbleridge. Jacq’s guardian, Captain Taylor, ended up leaving to make money, but never came back. Alex’s ends up dying at the inn from a sickness. The girls grow up and help around the inn and the Bumbleridge’s think of them both as daughters and love them just the same. Jacq and Alex both have matching golden lockets that were given to them by Jemima and Fred. Each of the girls has a unique pet. Jacq has a parrot named Big Beak Bill, and Alex has a monkey named Frankincense, Frank for short. They offer comedy throughout the book.
The inn ends up on fire, with the girls inside. They go to look for Jemima and Fred, but when they find them they will not leave. They give the girls each a bag and tell them to run. The girls can’t believe they won’t come, but finally they leave. On their way out they see a pirate who is screaming for Black Fred and Gold Jem. They run for fear of their lives. While running they find their friend Miata, who is the town thief. He helps put them up in a shelter. While there Jacq and Alex finally look through each of their bags and each have very similar letters. In the letters there are riddles that they must solve.
Miata tells them they know someone who can help with the riddles and that’s when they meet Geoffry Pierce, who is an eccentric character. He will help them but only if he can go with them. He funds the boat for the trip and they set sail for the treasure.

While on the boat they come across a Madam McLoflin, who was stuck at sea, after a pirate raided her boat and took a girl name Amy. McLoflin is Amy’s governess and is distraught about Amy being taken.  McLoflin also knows more than she wants to let on. She knows that Amy means something to the girls, something special. She also knows one more thing about the girls…they aren’t the orphans they think they are. Join them on their adventure of finding themselves, finding a family, and maybe finding a little romance along the way…

Treachery at Martinique Isle (Daughters of the High Seas: Book 1) is a very easy read. I kept hurrying so I could turn the page and find out the next mystery as well as solve the current one I was on. The story keeps you guessing, in a good way. I enjoyed the theme of the book as it was something different. I loved how the sisters stayed together throughout every problem they faced and faced it all together. You will also meet a lot of different characters that are well developed and I have a few that are my favorites. It has everything a book needs, suspense, mystery, romance and it is chalk full of comedy. It also has an underlying message of ‘go for what you believe in’. This is a must read! I give it 4 stars!

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“Do not speak so of my sister, or I shall use your own swords to silence you!”

“What is it with you? Both of you! Both of my sisters falling for thieves!”

 “You never know the end until you arrive, and then it matters not what the end shall be because you are there.

Amazon: Treachery at Martinique Isle (Daughters of the High Seas)

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Here it is Ladies and Gentlemen, the much anticipated interview with Elle Casey. She is the author of so many great books and has many more coming out this year. She is responsible for the awesomeness (I think Jason is rubbing off on me lol) of the ‘War of the Fae’ series, ‘Vampire Seasons’, ‘Desperate Measures’, ‘Apocalypsis’, and ‘Wrecked’. She is also cranking out books left and right for the rest of the year. I am so looking forward to the spin-off series of ‘The War of the Fae’, which is called ‘Clash of the Otherworlds’. I will quit being a fan girl though, and let Elle Casey speak for herself. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did. Please share it everywhere it can be shared, you can reblog it, facebook it, tweet it…whatever floats your boat. Also, please like this page at the bottom if you liked this interview. I am also sure Elle would LOVE reader comments. Lets show some support for the Indie authors we ♥


Elle, I love your books. What made you decide you wanted to write? Why YA novels?

I read an article about Amanda Hocking last December and the success she had being an indie (self-published author).  It inspired me to finish the novel Wrecked, which I’d been working on for years, on and off.  I never finished it before because I’m a very impatient person by nature, and the idea of hounding agents to represent me and waiting for an agent to find a publisher just seemed like it could never happen – like winning the lottery.  I had a life, a family, work … better things to do with my time, essentially.  But when I found out I could publish the book myself, that changed the whole deal for me.  I finished the book in about 6 weeks or so, had it edited, and published it. (And the rest, as they say, is history. lol)  — I write YA simply because it’s my favorite genre to read.  I’ve written one adult novel so far and enjoyed the process, and I will write more of it, but my heart is still with YA.

What made you move to France? How is life different living in a foreign country?

I needed more adventure in my life, and France was perfect for that.  I crave what I call “controlled adventure”.  Safe but awesome stuff.  You won’t find me in the Amazonian jungle, but a country with wine that flows like water and over 4,000 cheeses?  Sign me up.  I also wanted my kids to experience another culture and become bi-lingual.  I feared that as Americans who had never lived anywhere else, they were getting a somewhat skewed view of the world.  France’s language, culture, and people have been near to my heart since I was young.  My mom majored in French in college and was always throwing French phrases around at our house.  Then I took French in high school.  As an adult I visited a few times.  I guess I could never get it out of my system.  We were originally only going to stay here for a year – but we’ve decided to stay indefinitely because we love it so much.  And now that I write for a living, it’s possible for me to live anywhere in the world that I have an internet connection.

The first book I read of yours was ‘Wrecked’. I loved the characters. It reminded me of the dynamics of high school. Do you have a hard time writing from a teenagers point of view?

No, I think I find it easy for two reasons: First, I have two of them at home; and second, because I’m very immature – practically still a teenager myself sometimes.  🙂

What do you think of sex in YA novels?

I think if an author is writing for older YA audiences (teens 15+) it’s perfectly okay.  Why?  Because that’s when most teens become sexually active (or their friends do), so it’s real; it’s a realistic world the author creates when it reflects the realities of a teen’s life.  I wouldn’t use it in Middle-Grade YA, though.  And I do have a middle-grade YA series coming out next year, so my 8-year-old can have something of mine to read.  I have one chapter done, just because I had to get it out of my head, and it has the word poop in it a lot (I did mention earlier that I’m immature, right?) —  I know some readers don’t agree that YA should ever have sex, violence, drugs, or any of the things some find “inappropriate” for teens who aren’t yet married adults.  But those people, in my opinion, want authors to create unrealistic fantasy worlds; and even in fantasy worlds, I like to keep it real, if you know what I mean.  I manage reader expectations by warning them there is foul language or sex or whatever in the books – then they can make an informed decision about whether to read it or not.  And if I forget to warn about it in the blurb, my readers mention it in reviews, so it’s not a secret what’s in my books.

Most of your books have bad language in them. I, for one, think it makes them hilarious and more realistic. Teenagers have bad mouths lol, and that is just a fact. What do you say to people that do not approve of bad language in YA books? Where do you come up with some of the stuff your characters say?

I tell anyone who doesn’t like the swearing in my books to go to H.E. double hockey sticks.  JUST KIDDING!!  Seriously.  I never say that to reader.  I adore my readers, even the ones like my Uncle Doug who think cussing is the devil’s work.  When a reader complains (which has happened twice in an email to me, and has been negatively mentioned in a handful of reviews) I tell them that I write in what I consider to be a realistic style and suggest they seek out middle-grade YA for more tame language or even traditionally published YA, because publishers tend to eliminate most cuss words from their books  — Everything my characters say comes from the voices in my head, so I guess that tells you a lot about me, doesn’t it?  🙂

I absolutely loved Jayne in the ‘War of the Fae’ series. Is her character based on anyone you know?

Hell yes.  Me.

Which do you like better: writing fantasy books like the ‘War of the Fae’ series or more realistic books such as ‘Wrecked’? I also know that you have written a chick lit book. I still need to read it! How was that different from writing YA?

I prefer fantasy and science fiction because believe it or not, it’s easier for me to write.  I don’t have the same boundaries – if I can dream it and find a way to make is seem ‘possible’, it works in the story.  Readers of realistic work (like Action/Adventure) have a problem when you portray things unrealistically; and of course, if you portray it too realistically, you get accused of writing things that are too cliché.  Makes me crazy.  I like the freedom of writing fantasy where readers are mentally prepared to play in my world, and I can build it how I want.  — Chick lit is different in that I have to move out of the teen realm and move into grown-up realm.  Everything’s different from clothes, to language, to habits, to behaviors …  I have to make a big shift mentally to go into chick lit, but since I enjoy reading in that genre too, it’s not too big a stretch for me.  Plus sometimes I actually have to act like an adult, so I know how to write it realistically, I think.

Why did you write your chick/lit book under the Kat Lee pen name, but immediately out yourself as Elle Casey?

The reason for using the different pen name was twofold: First, I am doing that project and any chick lit books I write with my mom.  We’re business partners, I guess you could say.  She’s handling the promotion for me and giving me lots of beta reading along the way as I write.  Second, it’s not young adult, and the sex is a lot more grown-up and explicit, so I didn’t want to risk a young adult reader who actually is a young adult (I have mostly adult readers, even for the YA books) to pick it up thinking it’s young adult and have their parents get all up in my grill over it (I already get enough grief over the very vanilla sex scene in Wrecked).  So a different name made it easier to say, “Hey!  This is a sexy book!  Maybe not for your fourteen-year-old!”  But, on the other hand, I wanted readers who enjoy my writing style – many of whom ask me on a regular basis when I’m going to have new stuff to read – to have access to it without having to hunt for it too hard.  The majority of my readers are adults, so I figured if they read chick lit and liked my YA stuff, maybe they’d enjoy that too.

Who is your favorite character, besides Jayne, in the ‘War of the Fae’ and why?

Tim the pixie.  He’s hilarious and has lots of secrets I’m dying to know.  Plus, I’m a sucker for a misunderstood guy.

Which book is your favorite out of all the books you wrote?

I honestly like them all.  Wrecked was my first, and I think as I continued to write, each book got better.  So if you want to know which one I think is the best from a technical standpoint, I’d say whatever the most recent one is.  I become more skilled with each attempt.  But my favorite world so far is the War of the Fae world.  And that series is my most popular with readers, too.

If you could be any type of paranormal creature/person, what would you be?

And elemental of course.  Mother Fucking Nature, baby.  [Quote from War of the Fae, people.  Don’t email me that you’re offended by my language.  It wasn’t me!  I swear!]

I just finished your new book, Apocalypsis. Where did the idea from that book come from?

I have been intrigued by the idea of kids living without parents since I was very young.  I was always dreaming up scenarios like that and read books with those themes whenever I could find them.  I even left home when I was 17, frustrated with the adults in my life.  All of my books in the YA world have an element of teens surviving without adults or living more independently.  I guess I just love the concept.  As a teen I was depressed a lot and felt very lost and misunderstood, which caused me to want to live away from the adult influences in my life. The memories of those times have never left me and I want to write for people who also might have felt that way before.  In my stories, you can escape for a little while and live that “what if” fantasy.

Do you really think that teenagers could survive without adults in a post-apocalyptic world?

Of course.  Kids can be very resourceful when left to their own devices.  Plus we’re hard-wired to survive.

What is one piece of advice you would give your kids if they were in the situation the characters of Apocalypsis are in?

Stick together, don’t give up, kick ass when you need to, and don’t forget to be kind to each other.

I also have to know because it was just a few days ago that you posted that the first draft of Apocalypsis was finished, and yet the second book comes out in a month…how do you write books so fast? What is your secret?

I’m a cyborg.  Shhh.  Don’t tell.

What is coming up for you after the Apocalypsis books?

Here’s my schedule for the rest of 2012: Apocalypsis 2 (July), Apocalypsis 3 (August), Clash of the Otherworlds [COTOW] 1 (September), COTOW 2 (October), COTOW 3 (November), Vampire Seasons 2 (November), Reckless, [sequel to Wrecked] (December), Desperate Measures 2 (December).  And in 2013:  Desperate Measures 3 (January), joint project with Jason “Dead Muskrat on His Head” Brant (February), and then, who knows?  More YA series, including a middle-grade one starring an 8-year-old girl named Goo and her 2-year-old brother Looshie. I might also take a vacation for a couple weeks at some point.

Jason Brant told me to ask you why you were such a douche and how do you deal with his awesomeness lol, but you don’t have to answer that, if you don’t want to

Well.  You can tell Jason from me that … no.  Wait.  Let me start over.  A-hem.  The reason why Jason calls me a douche is because the word douche means ‘shower’ in French (and I live in France, so he’s always being cute and using French words with me), so it’s his sneaky way of ‘showering’ me with affection.  It’s a cute little thing he does while guzzling cheap beer and huffing glue over his keyboard.  I deal with Jason’s awesomeness by writing ten times as many books as he does in a year.  BOOYAH, JASON!  Why don’t you spread that on your toast and eat it, Muskrat Head!  … wait … did I actually just write that?

Thank you so much for answering my questions! I cannot wait to read whatever is coming next from you. I am also so excited by the prospect of a Elle/Jason book. It is going to be one wild ride!


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