Random Editing Fact #3

Today we are going to talk about something that makes me…

Laugh every single time I see it. Not because I am laughing at the person who wrote it… Nope! It is because I am so guilty of shuddering when I see it, but saying it when I am talking. I blame it on being southern. Actually, I blame a lot of what comes out of my mouth on living in Alabama. Not that it is actually Alabama’s fault.

Seriously, if you could hear me talk sometimes, you might wonder why in the world you would put your manuscript in my hands. I admit it. However, talking is nothing like editing. It is not throwing your hands up in frustration and telling your kids, “You are acting like you ain’t got no sense!” (I’m so guilty of that one.) Editing is work, just like any other. Talking is just words that come out of your mouth. Sometimes you think about them, and sometimes you don’t. Regardless, I am getting off subject. 

Ok, back to the topic at hand.


I will make this easy on you with pictures and everything. 

DRAG is the present tense. It means to pull something, as well as a lot of other stuff that we don’t really care about right now. For this Random Editing Fact, to pull something is all we need to know. 


First off, this picture made me laugh out loud. 


The caveman drags the girl from the cave.

The caveman is dragging the girl from the cave.

The caveman dragged the girl from the cave. 

Always Wrong:

The caveman drug the girl from the cave.


This picture made me laugh even harder…

And that’s it, people. Always dragged and never drug. It is as easy as that. 


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  1. People actually write ‘drug’?

  2. Unless of course your character actually drugged someone.

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