Ashley Robertson’s UnGuarded Review/Giveaway (CONTEST CLOSED)

(A Big Welcome to My New Reviewer: Cassie Hoffman!!!) 

Unguarded by Ashley Robertson: Review by Cassie Hoffman

As soon as you delve into UnGuarded you are launched into action right off the bat, which I enjoyed, and it keeps with that same pace throughout the whole book. It is filled with angels, demons, vampires and a few immortals. Good versus evil is what this book is all about. What would you do for the love of your life? Would you risk one person for another? Would you risk your life for that of a person you care about? Those are the questions Selene finds herself facing.

Selene is an angel guardian, whose main priority is to protect and watch over her charge, Caitlyn Harris. Caitlyn is Selene’s responsibility, to watch over and keep safe from demons. Selene was on her way to becoming an archangel, who are the most supreme beings to exist. Every angel strives to become one. Selene was close, but then she fell in love with Cole, a vampire. Angels are not supposed to be with vampires, but Selene loves Cole and that’s all that matters. She has given up being an archangel to be with Cole and some of her powers were stripped, but being punished still will not keep them apart.

Cole ends up being kidnapped by demons and taken to Charon, a realm that has been over taken by demons. Selene has a hard choice to make, to leave her charge, Caitlyn, behind unguarded and without protection, which could leave her open for attack by demons.

Selene chooses and her choice is to find Cole and save him. While trying to find Cole, Selene meets another vampire, Travis, who helps her get Cole back, along with a few other vampires and demons. While teaming up with Travis to get Cole back, there is a bit of tension between the two…don’t you want to find out what kind? (Lol, well I’m not going to tell you! Read the book!)

While Selene is gone and Caitlyn is unguarded, something horrible happens to her, and her future is uncertain. So again Selene finds herself trying to fix what happened to Caitlyn, and she will do absolutely anything to help her charge. Selene goes to Raphael, an archangel and her mentor for help, but there is nothing that can be done. Caitlyn’s future is marked in stone, with only two outcomes, and they are not ones that Selene feels she can live with. Follow Selene on her journey to see how it turns out. Will she triumph…or fail?

I have not read any previous books of Ashley Robertson’s before UnGuarded, and I’m popping my hand for not having before this. She is a great writer and takes her readers into a world that she describes so well and leaves nothing out. You could actually picture yourself being there. I have not read a book like this one before, one that is filled with angels, demons, vampires, fallen angels and some immortals. I’m so glad that I chose this book to read and do a review for, it has opened my reading horizon. I loathe books that have misspelled words, mistakes, and do not have a great flow and happily UnGuarded is not one of those books. She writes so well and I did not find one misspelled word in the whole book, nor did I find myself drifting off into space. Throughout this book you will meet so many different characters, and they are so very likeable. It is full of action, tension, drama and love. You have good versus evil, and evil actually joining forces with the good to help out. The situations Selene finds herself in could be applied to everyday life, if you take out the paranormal aspect.  I will definitely check out more books by Ashley Robertson.


Ok everyone, if Cassie has talked you into reading this book, please leave a review where you bought it. Every review helps the author! I am going to insert a link for the book below so everyone can buy it if they don’t win 😉



THE GIVEAWAY! (2 E-book copies of Unguarded)

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  1. Welcome Cassie Hoffman!! Can’t wait to read more of your reviews! Would love to read this book!!!

  2. Oh yeah and I like Ashley Robertson and of course yourself on FB!

  3. That sounds like a very cool book! Angels and vampires … has that been done before? The only vampire-related things I’ve read/seen are Buffy and Twilight. Oh, and the Mortal Instruments. When I read that the book was about an angel, and that she had a human to protect, my immediate thought was that she would *of course* fall for her human charge. But I like that this isn’t the case. Subverting the genre, and all that.

  4. First of all, a huge welcome to Cassie! Cynthia is so amazing and I’m happy you jumped on board to help with the reviews 🙂 Secondly, I really appreciate your awesome review! Selene surely had one heck of a story and I did the very best I could to get her point across—though at times I even disagreed with her. LOL. Best of luck to everyone entering the giveaway. I’ll be around the computer today, so if anyone has any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you 🙂

    • Thank you Ashley! Selene was a amazing character, I really enjoyed reading her story. Just like Michelle Proulx said, I’ve never read a book that has angel, vampires and demons all in one book, I think that was one of the reason’s I really enjoyed it, something totally different and I love different 🙂

  5. Welcome Cassie Hoffman:) You did an amzaing job and I loved your review. I keep reading it because it was so interesting and written beautifully. It sounds like an great book for me to read. I liked ASHLEY ROBERTSON BOOKS on facebook and I already did for your Facebook. Good luck to everyone!!!

  6. Nice review Cassie. The book sounds interesting, I’ll have to check it out. The fact that it starts with action is what will probably make me grab a copy as I can’t stand slow books anymore. For whatever reason, owning a kindle has me reading faster paced stuff – lots of short stories, novellas etc. It’s a weird side effect I guess.

    • I’m with you Jason. I love a good page-turner, which is what I hope UnGuarded will be for you. I’m told my writing is intense, which helps dig into your emotions. Some reviewers said they cried in a few of the scenes. And I have to admit, some of it was pretty heart-wrenching for me to write.

  7. Terri Kinckner

    I just finished Unguarded last week, and the immediate action is what got me hooked. I also liked that there was so much going on, it was almost like an entire series in one novel! The different twist of the angel/vampire relationship was done really well… so different! I will, however, admit that I yelled at Selene (out loud) more than once for making stupid decisions. Although she was an angel, she definitely had human emotions! I can’t wait to read your other books now!

  8. Terri, you rock! I had to yell at Selene too…and the many nights I had to vent to my poor hubby about her. But her ability to shift into human form at will really played a huge role with her human-like experiences. And I thought we could all relate to her better that way as well. Thank you so much for reading UnGuarded. Hopefully you wouldn’t mind adding your review to Amazon and Good Reads. It really helps so much. 🙂

  9. All 2, but I Already liked you lovely.

    Love demon based books plus Selen sounds like a pretty kick ass character. I’m sold! 🙂
    Great review Cassie ❤

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