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Bitch Hollywood by Robert and Jan Bryndza is a delightful read. The story starts off with the main character, Filip, moving to Hollywood from Europe, having gotten a chance at a green card to live and work in America. Filip is leaving behind everyone he knows, including his boyfriend David. They both had gotten their dream jobs, a continent away from each other. Instead of trying to work it long distance, they decide to go their seperate ways. Filip’s dream job was to be a Costume Designer for films and he makes his way alone to do just that. When he arrives in Hollywood, expecting to have a friend to help him settle in and show him around, he gets totally culture shocked, as that friend just leaves him hanging. In a strange new town, in a whole different country, Filip must try to make his way and makes his dreams come true. The first “friends” Filip meets is another gay couple, Hillary and Derek. Hillary is a show-stealer that you love to hate, seemingly manic-depressive and desperate to sell his beauty line. Filip lands his first job with Veronica, a washed up actress that is trying to get her career back. With a whole cast of quirky characters, Bitch Hollywood is a dark, gut-busting comedy about the trials of life and love in the city where dreams are supposed to come true.

Bitch Hollywood had me laughing and rooting for Filip from the get go. Filip is a memorable character whos whit and sarcastic attitude, that nobody in Hollywood seemed to get, had me whooping it up and cheering him on. Hillary was a piece of work, seeming to have loads of money but such a penny-pincher that he served chips and dips for dinner! Veronica was the straight up Bitch of Hollywood, having some moments of genuine niceness, but most of the time leading Filip around by a string. Filip admittedly got caught up in the Hollywood lifestyle, losing touch with himself and his family, but managed to bravely make it through people wiping dogs butts, manic-depressive friends, ass jet toilets, farting Frutarians, and dead dogs…not to mention crazy everyday living and jobs for Veronica. Filip finally finds himself in the end and what an ending it was! I highly recommend Bitch Hollywood to anyone who likes to laugh! I give it 5 stars for originality and the ability to make me laugh until I almost peed my pants! (LOL).

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Quotes from the Book:

“No, she was literally full of it. We had to use the high pressure pipe…”

“The ass jet water was a little cold.”

“If you are what it is to be successful in Hollywood then I’d rather fail and have a life.”

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  1. Thank you! What a super review, we are so pleased! 🙂

  2. Oh I just love that cover. And the review has me wanting more. Oh I would so love to have a signed paperback for my Halloween Book Bash. But if I can win I can read it and talk about it. And I would love to know in your spare time besides books what is your heart felt passion. Rebecca Oh I do want a signed copy

  3. Robert,
    This probably falls outside the realm of what I would normally read, but I’m open-minded and always ready for humor. Also – excellent cover!

    Liked on FB, too!
    – Bart

  4. Thank you Rebecca – we are working on a hard copy right now, hoping to have it out in the next month so will keep you posted. In my spare time I love going to the theatre – always such a treat 🙂

    Thanks also Bart, am pleased you like the cover!

  5. I loved the review, I can’t wait to read this one. I still have to read Coco, haven’t had time yet:(

  6. By the review, this sounds like the perfect “pick me up” book. In a bad mood? Pick up Bitch Hollywood and laugh so hard you could possibly pee yourself. (Lol) I could definitely use a book like this!

    Robert never lets you down with his covers! I loved the cover for Coco and, of course, I love this one too.

    My question for Robert is, both of your books are what some would consider “chick lit”, is that a genre you’re comfortable with or will you branch out into romance/fantasy etc?

    (I already “like” him on Facebook and I am a “fan” on Goodreads) 🙂

  7. Thank you Cassie 🙂 Looking to hearing what you think about both books! Morgan, you’re right it is the perfect pick me up book. I’m so pleased you liked both the covers, we have a very talented cover designer. It’s funny, when you begin a book you never think about genres and then you finish – and you have to find the genre it best fits. I’ve found Chick Lit audiences are great, so responsive and fun, and I’m very happy to be writing in this genre. I’ve just started to work on the sequel to The Not So Secret Emails Of Coco Pinchard and we’re about to adapt Bitch Hollywood into a stage play… However I have, for a long time wanted to write a thriller and one is slowly taking shape in the back of my mind. The town where I live, Nitra in Slovakia dates back to the 8th century and has an old castle and church and is a startling mixture of the modern and the old. The Catholic church has a strong presence in the town and nuns and priests mill amongst chic europeans in big sunglasses. This has inspired some ideas. The great thing about self- publishing is how an author can switch genres with ease!

  8. Robert – you’re right – it is funny that you don’t necessarily think about a book’s genre until you finish and are forced to choose. Some are easy (historical fiction, the naughty stuff) but others aren’t as confined to a category.

    I also meant to mention before that the title of your book is funny…so I’m positive the rest will be funny, as well.


  9. Thanks Bart, it would be really interesting to see an author switch dramatically from one genre to the other. Who knows, we might see JK Rowling release some Erotic fiction or E.L James introduce a new series of children’s books!

  10. Robert, you read my mind. One of the other questions I had for you, was whether or not Bitch Hollywood or Coco would have a sequel! Based on what you’ve mentioned about the scenery around where you live, the thriller sounds like it could be really good! I can’t wait until you put it to ink! 🙂

  11. Winners of the Bitch Hollywood Giveaway from Team-Bryndza Books are Bart Hopkins Author, Morgan Kleiss, and Shihtzuhappens! Congratulations! Please PM me (on facebook) or email me ( your email associated with your amazon account 🙂

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